Designer Profile: Irene Gunter

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Crisp, luxurious yet comfortably modern are the signature notes of interior design by Irene Gunter created for her planetary clientele. From the Gunter & Co offices successful London, she and the squad of 12 she leads connection afloat interior architecture and plan services and relish moving connected a divers scope of properties. 

Completed projects see an English state mansion, a Cote D'Azur seaside spot and a modern Villa successful Dubai, aggregate London townhouses – successful Chelsea, Belgravia and Notting Hill – arsenic good arsenic an architect-designed caller physique successful Wimbledon.

Here we see Irene’s plan sensibilities, her vocation way and the powerfulness of connection of mouth.

Style Aesthetic

Kitchen designed by Irene Gunter

Blending archetypal play features with unexpected architectural lines successful a Notting Hill flat room by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

The workplace portfolio of Gunter & Co gleams with homes that are filled with airy and are affluent with architectural detailing and textural interest. Comfort plays an important relation too. Her aesthetic mightiness beryllium champion described arsenic ‘softened modernity’, with European and mid-century influences a beardown but subliminal undercurrent.

Inspiration is derived from myriad elements: from modern creation to classical architecture to travel. Irene has a keen tendency to question beyond the time-honoured resources and expects this of her team.  

When asked if her workplace has a signature she instantly says, 'Yes, definitely! Being funny and ne'er resting connected your laurels is simply a large one.' 

She employs lone those who are 'naturally funny and look beyond a well-known tiny London marketplace for antithetic routes, sources and influences of inspiration.'

Living country   designed by Irene Gunter

Crisp and luxurious plan successful a Cote D’Azur villa by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Formative influences

Irene Gunter

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Belgian-born and educated to Masters’ Degree level earlier grooming astatine the renowned Inchbald School of Design, Irene’s upbringing undoubtedly had a formative power upon her plan sensibility. Raised successful a household of interior lovers, with a parent and sister who pursued architectural studies and a begetter who developed properties astatine the weekends, Irene was ever immersed successful the satellite of modern design.

'My inheritance and my upbringing person decidedly helped shaped however I spot the satellite and however I attack my projects but it’s not thing that has been conscious,' Irene says. 

'In Belgium – successful presumption of plan and interior plan – it is decidedly overmuch much modern (than successful the UK). There is Vincent Van Duysen; determination is Axel Vervoordt; determination are tons of names that person go large planetary designers admired crossed the satellite who are known for a  pared back, astir monasterial plan benignant that is precise calm, soothing and serene but precise contemporary. 

'My aesthetic is decidedly not astatine that grade of minimalism but I tin admit that compared to the mean British decorator the designs from Gunter & Co decidedly person a much modern instrumentality to them. Even if we’re moving successful a people II listed accepted location you’ll inactive consciousness that it has been touched with a caller perspective.'

Living country   designed by Irene Gunter

Softened modernity successful a Mayfair flat sitting country by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Journey into design

Bedroom designed by Irene Gunter

Contemporary comfortableness successful this chamber successful a Notting Hill flat by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Irene Gunter talks – and thinks – quickly, articulating thoughts warmly and precisely. Her quality to assimilate accusation astatine velocity – arsenic good arsenic her relish for grasping a situation – has been cardinal to her career. 

Upon graduation, she was straight approached for a relation arsenic the sole interior decorator astatine a London spot improvement institution but had conscionable months to get up to speed. 

'The institution interior decorator who was going connected maternity permission trained maine intensively –  I deliberation possibly for 2 months – and past it was conscionable me, the Chelsea clients, builders with tons of questions and Youtube,' Irene reveals. 'It was very, precise overmuch learning connected the job. The institution had a director, a PA, a task manager and me, truthful successful presumption of  design and knowing what I was doing, I had to marque it up arsenic I went along.' 

Four years successful that archetypal relation afforded a almighty acquisition into connected tract management, the demands of construction, and considerations of interior architecture. 'I was connected tract doubly a week with the AV guys, with the plumbers, with the electricians, figuring it each retired and I decidedly inactive consciousness the benefits from that now. As a decorator I’m precise overmuch driven by knowing however everything is built and however it works with the building,' Irene says. 

She goes connected to add: 'Having been 23 and dealing with each that work acceptable maine up for rather a bully travel successful this industry. I conjecture I’ve got this benignant of small bug wrong maine that likes a challenge; I’m up for a combat and it gives maine tons of restitution to beryllium capable to occupation solve.'

Living country   designed by Irene Gunter

Attention to architectural involvement successful a Chelsea modern townhouse by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Professional achievements

Living country   designed by Irene Gunter

A keen oculus for textural item is demonstrated successful this Chelsea modern townhouse by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Irene adjacent sought a much originative relation successful a bigger workplace which had 8 existing designers. With acquisition beyond her nonrecreational years, she recovered herself rapidly promoted to plan manager and was task managing her ain projects. The motorboat of her ain workplace was precipitated conscionable 2 years aboriginal erstwhile 2 clients (including her archetypal boss) approached her straight astir backstage work. 

She decided the clip was ripe, but knew she would person to enactment hard and smart. 'I’m not British, I didn’t turn up here, I decidedly didn’t spell to immoderate backstage schools, I don’t person that web of connections, truthful immoderate enquiry that came successful I pursued with a batch of gusto and enthusiasm. I conjecture being responsive and nonrecreational made america basal retired and brought america to wherever we are now, which is simply a presumption wherever astir 50% of our enactment is connection of rima and wherever clients accidental they are incredibly blessed with the work arsenic good arsenic the aesthetic. 

Console successful  hallway designed by Irene Gunter

The hallway of a Grosvenor Square Pied-a-Terre by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

'As an interior decorator you don’t needfully ever get recommended connected your look – determination are plentifulness of radical retired determination who are precise talented and tin bash beauteous things – it’s besides astir the transportation of that extremity effect and the travel that takes you there. That’s wherefore we absorption truthful overmuch connected a nonrecreational work and bash what we accidental and accidental what we do,' says Irene. 

When asked for her proudest nonrecreational accomplishment she reveals it is having truthful galore repetition clients. 'We spot radical we worked for 2 oregon 5 years agone and they privation to instrumentality america on connected the travel of uncovering their adjacent household home, adjacent advising what to buy, making definite that it’s got the close bones to execute what they privation to achieve. That is thing I’m precise arrogant of due to the fact that determination is nary greater testament than that.'

Bathroom designed by Irene Gunter

Classic meets modern successful this Chelsea Townhouse bath by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: / Irene Gunter)

Current projects

At the clip of penning the workplace was expanding further, with the recruitment of a caput of procurement. Projects underway see a Chalet connected Lake Tahoe, a Surrey Estate, a Surrey Country House and a Villa successful South Kensington