Designer Profile: Jake Arnold

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Known for his tactile, atmospheric interiors, British-born, Los Angeles-located Jake Arnold has forged a dynamic beingness successful the adjacent procreation of interior designers. 

In 2020, aged 30, helium launched his eponymous plan studio, having already built a stellar personage lawsuit base, and helium has offered his adept interior plan tips to H&G for immoderate time. 

Jake Arnold& Leo Seigal

Jake Arnold and Leo Seigal 

(Image credit: Jake Arnold & Leo Seigal)

In 2021 helium co-founded The Expert (opens successful caller tab) with integer entrepreneur and person Leo Seigal (above, right). The industry-first level creates connections for one-to-one online consultations with implicit 130 respected interior designers successful the US and UK arsenic good arsenic Copenhagen, Stockholm, Australia, and Canada. 

Pink velvet curved limb  sofa, woody  broadside  and java  table

Jake Arnold's collaboration with Parachute

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

In April 2022, Jake designed his archetypal collaborative location postulation with Parachute (opens successful caller tab) (see above), and successful June helium launched The Expert Vintage (opens successful caller tab) (see below) – an e-commerce limb to the website, featuring Jake’s handpicked capsule postulation of lighting and Mid-century vintage furniture, refurbished and reupholstered by trusted LA-based craftspeople.

With a squad of 11, Jake Arnold (opens successful caller tab)’s workplace works connected some residential and commercialized projects and these person included properties from Florida to New York City and Los Angeles.

Here we see his benignant aesthetic, his travel into plan and his aboriginal aspirations.

Pink fluffy chair, woody  cabinet

Pieces from The Expert Vintage range

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

Immersion successful comfort

Black U-shaped sofa, exposed woody  beams and shelves

(Image credit: Michael Clifford/Jake Arnold)

Working successful a chiefly neutral palette, Jake’s attack to interiors marries ambience and sensuality with lukewarm yet pared backmost decor. His rooms springiness textures halfway signifier to make immersive spaces that cosset those who unrecorded successful them. You tin spot a fantastic illustration of his enactment successful this Spanish revival location we precocious featured.

'My doctrine has ever been to marque spaces that amended and heighten beingness for anyone who starts and ends their time successful them. When you are immersed successful a abstraction it indispensable beryllium determination that allows you to consciousness good, to consciousness well,' Jake says.

'Every task is to beryllium started from zero and contextually thought done successful presumption of the architecture and what the lawsuit wants, but the done enactment for each of them is that doctrine of comfort. What that means successful tangible signifier is utilizing materials that person that rich, deep, layered consciousness but that besides contradict each other, truthful I’ll enactment thing that’s precise earthy and astir unrefined – similar a reclaimed limestone level adjacent to a super-plush, luxurious mohair fabric.'

Brown curved sofa, greenish  chair, circular  java  table

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

Contrast and contradiction

Long acheronian  eating  table, histrion   scenery  wallpaper, golden  framed mirror

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

'Playing up and down those moments and mixing materials that don’t typically spell unneurotic underscores everything we do,' Jake continues. 'I’ve said this galore times but it’s similar wearing bluish jeans with a silk oregon velvet shirt. The 2 things don’t emote the aforesaid effect but unneurotic they conscionable enactment due to the fact that determination is an effortlessness successful pairing thing ace refined with thing that is precise casual. 

'I’ll ne'er spell excessively acold successful either absorption – a country volition ne'er beryllium excessively rustic but it volition besides ne'er beryllium excessively polished; it’s astir uncovering that balance. This starts with the worldly choices for each of the finishes. For maine truthful overmuch is astir the foundational pieces: flooring, walls, ceiling, lighting, drapery. These acceptable the signifier for a palmy space; furnishings tin truly lone bash truthful much.'

Black walls and fireplace, brownish  velvet armchair

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

An experiential approach

Black shelves, greenish  armchairs, orangish  lamo

(Image credit: Michael Clifford/Jake Arnold)

When asked if determination is thing successful his accomplishment acceptable that magnifies this approach, Jake says 'I’m a precise large representation person. I don’t get wrapped up successful the weeds of things. Even though the item is successful the design, of course, it’s besides being capable to instrumentality a measurement backmost each the clip and work the country arsenic a whole; truthful I’m ever reasoning successful presumption of composition, the mode you are entering the space, and – astir important to maine – however you are really experiencing, successful a layered format, moving done that space.'

Journey into design

Curved woody  bench, potted tree

(Image credit: Michael Clifford/Jake Arnold)

This matrimony of contradictions and an astir spiritual attack to interior style, successful galore ways reflector Jake Arnold’s ain plan journey. To person achieved truthful overmuch successful small much than a decennary helium has had to gully connected concern acumen and originative flair; hustle and self-belief. 

And though helium was ever innately drawn to design, helium is not formally trained. Jake explains that successful his youth, 'I saw truthful overmuch stigma astir plan and thought this is not a vocation that is seen arsenic a superior job. So I went to survey concern and economics.' 

He enrolled connected an Honors grade successful Management studies astatine Nottingham University successful Britain, but aft the state of a spread year, felt suffocated by his surroundings. 'I suffered from truly atrocious depression; it was not wherever I wanted to be.' 

Green and achromatic  marble room  land  antagonistic  top, woody  precocious   chairs

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

The acquisition sparked a important displacement successful perspective, and whilst visualizing the beingness helium wanted to prosecute helium felt a benignant of 'spiritual awakening'. 'It had specified clarity for maine and gave maine this consciousness of state from fearfulness that I felt I could bash anything,' says Jake. 'It was an astonishing play of clip that I’ll ne'er hide and someway gave maine the foresight oregon quality to judge that determination were different things retired determination for me.'

He secured an internship with interior plan concern Woodson & Rumerfield’s House of Design (opens successful caller tab) in LA during the summertime of his 2nd twelvemonth astatine university. This proved to beryllium some a spur and an epiphany. In LA helium recovered optimism, a consciousness of accidental and enactment from similar minds. Once his grade was complete, helium moved crossed the Atlantic successful 2012 and began to physique his vocation with a bid of roles including enactment with Estee Stanley (opens successful caller tab) and 4C Design Group (opens successful caller tab).

Exposed woody  beams, greenish  sofa, bluish  and achromatic  marble triangle java  tables

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

'I learnt perfectly everything connected the job; it’s been a large travel and I’ve learnt the hard mode but being thrown into the heavy extremity astatine the commencement of my vocation decidedly made maine recognize that you don’t request a ceremonial education: it requires passion, dedication and the curiosity to ever learn: you tin "study" plan but you either person it successful you oregon you don’t.' 

He goes connected to say: 'I deliberation you tin beryllium taught layout, practicality and palette but the styling and the past 10% of a task is specified a proceedings and mistake and it is that which takes a country from thing that is bully to great. It’s a interaction that is purely instinctive.'

Wooden ceilings, fluffy greenish  armchairs, achromatic  woody  java  table

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

North Star Mission

Brick fireplace, woody  balcony

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

Jake readily describes himself arsenic a businessman and a ‘service provider’ but successful our interrogation it is his sensitivity of quality and a request for a bigger intent that travel to the fore. 'I americium a concern proprietor archetypal earlier I americium a designer. Business comes archetypal due to the fact that the originative tin get swooped into anything,' helium says. 'But for me, there’s a bigger intent and extremity attached to doing what I bash each day. I’ve lone had that privilege successful the past twelvemonth to adjacent deliberation astir what that is.'

His ngo – which helium describes arsenic his North Star – is, successful the broadest consciousness to 'empower radical to make their homes arsenic a deeper portion of their beingness experiences',  and to democratize design. 

Red walls, and velvet barstool covers, marble antagonistic  top, metallic  shelves

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

'I’ve realised my enactment doesn’t person to person conscionable 1 linear path. It tin cater for a tiny assemblage of high-end clients with genuinely customized projects but I tin besides springiness a portion of myself to a democratization of plan and propulsion the manufacture person to a much inclusive direction.'

Further to this aim,  helium has precocious enjoyed guiding aspiring creatives. 'I’ve had astonishing opportunities successful the past twelvemonth to beryllium a mentor and motivational talker –  if you volition – some done The Expert and in-person acceptable ups and, honestly, utilizing my acquisition and cognition to assistance others to travel their dreams fulfils maine the astir of everything I do.'

Future aspirations

Brown and achromatic  chromatic  floor, fluffy armchairs and stools, plants

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

Plans are afoot for the motorboat aboriginal this twelvemonth of the adjacent iteration of The Expert which volition present a conception called ‘Showroom’ which volition showcase and merchantability buys recommended by nonrecreational designers, including from ‘trade only’ sources. The volition is to democratize accessibility beyond the accepted backstage lawsuit base.

'My biggest imagination is to bash a edifice successful a metropolis – 1 that has an unthinkable spa and edifice – due to the fact that I truly would emotion to make a nationalist abstraction that tin beryllium enjoyed by anyone and marque it astir a destination. 

'I person this phantasy of creating thing that becomes much of an instauration – taking my London upbringing arsenic inspiration for the instauration of things that past but with the playful, whimsical mode of surviving that comes from California.' 

He goes connected to say: 'It would beryllium truthful overmuch amusive to springiness radical an accidental to acquisition what we make successful backstage homes connected a smaller scale. And it would besides beryllium astir creating a level for different people; creating a community-style concern that is affluent successful relationships betwixt radical who each elevate each other, due to the fact that that is however I’ve been capable to get wherever I am, by gathering astonishing radical on the way.'