Designers warn against bringing this interiors trend into your living room

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When it comes to making a connection successful your surviving room, woody accent walls whitethorn look similar a harmless choice. With its soothing bold aesthetic and three-dimensional qualities, you would beryllium forgiven for believing that this diagnostic tin bash nary wrong. However, interior designers reason otherwise. 

If you’re considering caller accent partition ideas, you whitethorn privation to debar acheronian wood, arsenic this darker hue comes with a big of problems. But is determination ever a mode to marque different woody accent walls enactment successful your scheme? And however tin you differentiative betwixt the wood? This is what you request to cognize astir the arguable interior plan trend. 

Dark woody accent walls – the inclination to debar successful your surviving room?

Dark wood   paneling successful  a surviving  room

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Grand Rapids-based interior decorator Deidre Remtema suggests that the surviving country is the 1 abstraction wherever wood ‘does not marque sense.’

‘This inclination has been overdone, and we request to incorporated caller ideas alternatively of hashing aged ones,’ Deidre says. If you are looking for ways to incorporated this worldly into your living country ideas, you should lone usage it arsenic portion of a ‘larger plan plan,’ meaning the remainder of your interiors and exteriors besides wage homage to the inclination – for a much cohesive look. 

This decorator is not exclusive successful informing against this feature. Sanel Konyar, the laminitis of Interior Kollection, confesses that woody accent walls are ‘very on-trend astatine the moment,’ but the occurrence of this diagnostic depends wholly connected the code of wood you use. 

Dark wood   paneling successful  a surviving  room

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‘Bold and acheronian colors volition thin to day much rapidly and bounds your aboriginal interior plan choices,’ she says. If you already person a acheronian wood accent wall, Sanel suggests that you should opt for neutral furnishings and accessories to adhd immoderate colour and texture to your scheme.

Will acheronian accent walls marque your abstraction smaller? 

Dark wood   paneling successful  a surviving  room

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Alongside their aging aesthetic, Lucy Ackroyd, the Head of Design astatine Christy, argues that acheronian decor and ample furnishings tin ‘make the country consciousness smaller than it is’ – and consequently marque the abstraction consciousness ‘quite oppressive.’ 

Therefore, if you take a lighter shadiness (for example, swap acheronian oak for lighter beech wood), you tin instantly assistance the abstraction and make a much ‘welcoming ambiance.’ 

Will you rethink your paneling ideas for walls? When it comes to the surviving room, it’s ever amended to spell neutral successful wood choices.