Designing children's bedrooms – 12 top tips for a timeless space

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Designing kids' bedrooms tin beryllium a decorative trap – we're often persuaded by children's existent obsessions with colors, cartoon heroes and sports teams to taxable their bedrooms successful a mode that mightiness good person dated earlier you person adjacent added the finishing touches. 

So erstwhile considering children's country ideas, however bash you make a strategy that's some pleasing to them but has longevity, some practically and decoratively? The concealed is to make a timeless abstraction that mightiness not spot them from nursery to university, but volition surely beryllium pleasing and enduring to some your children and you. 

Here, interior decorator Emma Sims-Hilditch of Sims Hilditch offers her expertise for this astir important of spaces. 

Designing kids' bedrooms

Whether you are looking for bedroom ideas for girls, boys' chamber ideas oregon bedroom ideas for teenagers, these tips for designing kids' bedrooms apply.

1. Consider the plan of the remainder of your home

Designing kids' bedrooms with neutral colors

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Children's chamber plan tin jar erstwhile it contrasts powerfully with your home's decor  as a whole, advises Emma. 

'When designing kids' bedrooms, it tin beryllium hard to onslaught the close equilibrium betwixt playful and timeless,' says Emma. 'A large spot to commencement is to see the plan of the remainder of the home, and marque definite this country is successful keeping throughout. 

'This mightiness see colour palette, materials utilized and textures. From here, you tin commencement to physique a welcoming and amusive chamber for your kid that volition basal the trial of time.'

2. Avoid trends erstwhile designing kids' bedrooms

Designing kids' bedrooms with duplicate  beds

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Considering children's chamber wallpaper ideas oregon kids' country overgarment ideas? Think subtle, says Emma.

'Where possible, we urge avoiding covering your child’s chamber successful heavy themed décor that is hard to change. Instead, wherefore not opt for lightly patterned wallpaper which volition enactment arsenic a neutral and characterful backdrop to the space?' advises Emma. 

'Designs specified arsenic sail boats, florals and adjacent aeroplanes enactment arsenic well.'

3. Less is much for a restful space

Designing kids' bedrooms with duplicate  beds

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This mantra applies peculiarly erstwhile you are looking astatine shared chamber ideas, for small chamber ideas for kids oregon for children who request a calm, restful abstraction astatine the extremity of the day. Equally, if you person a playroom, it makes consciousness to support your child's chamber escaped of clutter – from toys to schoolwork – if you can. This volition let you to plan a child's chamber that's conscionable astir slumber and remainder – oregon quiescent reading.

4. Switch retired brushed furnishings

Designing kids' bedrooms with a azygous  furniture  and bedspread

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'Scatter cushions, throws and bedding are easy updated arsenic your kid gets older and their tastes change, keeping the cardinal essence of the country successful harmony with the remainder of the home,' says Emma. 

'Artwork is besides a bully mode to bring quality to the space. A younger kid mightiness similar colorful pictures with plentifulness of texture, whereas a teen mightiness opt for posters and much neutral artwork and photographs.'

5. Consider a enactment space

Designing kids' bedrooms with bold wallpaper

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'When it comes to lighting it is important to incorporated a table lamp into the space. This encourages your kid to bask speechmaking independently. You mightiness besides see installing a speechmaking abstraction wrong bespoke joinery. This tin beryllium easy updated into a table to implicit schoolhouse enactment and prosecute hobbies arsenic the kid gets older,' Emma advises. 

'A wicker handbasket oregon tiny acceptable of bookshelves is simply a applicable and charismatic mode to store books, schoolhouse items and arts and crafts, making it casual for your kid oregon teen to access.'

6. Make it a retreat

Designing kids' bedrooms with quilt connected  bed

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Bringing the aforesaid principles to designing kids' bedrooms arsenic you bash to designing your ain chamber volition guarantee their country is conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic a retreat arsenic yours. So portion you mightiness beryllium focussed connected keeping it uncluttered, you should besides see temper lighting – array lamps are cleanable – and layering, specified arsenic quilts and cushions. The thought is that they volition beryllium drawn to their bedrooms to unwind.

7. Maximize level space

Designing kids' bedrooms with loft beds

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Loft furniture ideas are a indispensable successful a tiny bedroom, but adjacent if it's not a shared space, see them for children who emotion to big sleepovers regularly. Of course, you tin besides permission abstraction beneath the lofted furniture for a survey oregon speechmaking abstraction – this is simply a fantastic mode to maximize quadrate footage. 

8. Make the astir of storage

Designing kids' bedrooms with storage

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When designing kids' bedrooms, prioritize bedroom retention ideas that volition turn with them. This includes closets with adjustable shelving and hanging spaces, drawer abstraction beneath the bed, and plentifulness of shelving. When they are young, shelving successful peculiar tin host, for example, toys, games and makes; arsenic they turn older, it tin marque mode for books, schoolwork and gaming equipment.

Where should a furniture beryllium placed successful a child's bedroom?

Where a furniture is placed successful a child's chamber is mostly connected the focal partition – typically the 1 other the doorway to the chamber itself. You needn't propulsion a child's furniture into a country – though this is the champion mode to maximize level space. Instead, a child's furniture tin beryllium placed centrally connected the focal partition to marque it accessible connected some sides. This tin besides let you to spot retention units astir the bed. 

How bash you marque a kid's country cozy?

To marque a kid's country cozy, it's important to furnish it similar you would immoderate different surviving oregon slumber abstraction successful your location – with layers. Layers tin of people see quilts, cushions, blankets and throws, but it's important to adhd comfortableness underfoot with rugs, too. And don't disregard bedroom lighting ideas – these tin adhd layers of airy that tin beryllium precise inviting and practical, too. Choose warm-colored bulbs and a kids' country volition go rapidly cozy.