Development partner sought for £145m scheme near Stamford Bridge

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A improvement spouse is being sought to beforehand designs for a £145m mixed-used strategy successful the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

After engaging with funny parties for the strategy successful March, Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council has present officially fired the starting weapon for procurement.

The strategy volition see 65 extra-care societal rented homes; 23 wide needs societal rented homes; and 13 homes for cardinal workers oregon intermediate tenure. Dubbed Lots Roads South, the improvement is located adjacent the King’s Road and Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

It volition besides diagnostic successful the portion of 5,000 quadrate metres of employment abstraction that is earmarked for originative companies, nutrient outlets, aesculapian work providers, galleries and shops.

In a anterior accusation notice, released past month, the strategy was said to beryllium worthy £160m, though its worth has been reduced by £15m pursuing further development.

The improvement spouse volition oversee design, readying and backing of the following:

Demolition, tract mentation and clearance work Building-construction work Flats-construction work Construction enactment for commercialized buildings Retirement-home operation work Development of residential existent estate Development of non-residential existent estate

The works are expected to commence successful 2023.

A assembly spokesperson said: “The assembly person a broad program incorporating the taxable site, looking to alteration the section country to marque it some a spot for residents to unrecorded and to work.

“With the continued maturation of the borough, the assembly realise that further enlargement of the country is indispensable to conscionable the needs of its residents, successful summation to recognising the request for regeneration of existing assets.

“Having sought the views of section residents, options person been developed that would supply caller homes, 50 per cent of which would beryllium societal rent and key-worker homes, including extra-care homes, enhancement of the employment portion and proviso of assemblage facilities alongside landscaping and greenish space.”

A draught plan usher for the Lots Road strategy says the site, betwixt Chelsea Harbour and the King’s Road, is presently occupied by a conveyance lb and 2 warehouse buildings.

The £500m Chelsea Waterfront redevelopment of Lots Road Power Station (pictured), backed by a developer squad of Hutchison Property Group and Hong Kong’s CK Asset Holdings, is good underway adjacent and scheduled for completion successful 2024. Ardmore secured a £170m deal for the strategy successful 2016.

Meanwhile, Chelsea FC’s program to redevelop its stadium astatine Stamford Bridge, conscionable northbound of the King’s Road, was put connected crystal successful 2018. The immense outgo of the improvement has been reported as an obstacle to the speedy merchantability of the nine by Russian proprietor Roman Abramovich.