DfT axes 13-mile stretch of HS2

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The Department for Transport (DfT) has scrapped a 13-mile agelong of the projected HS2 route.

HS2 curate Andrew Stephenson confirmed the Golborne Link volition beryllium removed from the HS2 signifier 2b bill, connecting Crewe and Manchester.

The 13-mile nexus would person seen trains taken disconnected the main way earlier Manchester and connected to the West Coast Main Line (WCML) adjacent Wigan to proceed the travel to Glasgow. The volition was to amended connectivity and travel times to Scotland, and let greater capableness for freight connected the WCML.

The DfT has present declared that the Golborne Link volition beryllium removed earlier the 2nd speechmaking of the HS2 Crewe – Manchester Bill, which volition hap earlier parliamentary recess astatine the extremity of July, meaning it volition not beryllium seeking the powerfulness to conception it.

It is attributing the U-turn to the conclusions made by Sir Peter Hendy successful his Union Connectivity Review, successful which helium said the Golborne Link would not resoluteness capableness constraints and mightiness not beryllium the champion mode to get high-speed trains to Scotland.

It comes aft mounting unit from MPs and residents successful the Warrington, Wigan and Trafford areas, who were upset astir the nexus moving done their constituencies and causing years of disruption.

The authorities said it is “committed to leaving nary chromatic unturned erstwhile it comes to uncovering the close solution to instrumentality HS2 trains to Scotland”.

It volition research a fig of alternatives that “could present akin benefits wrong the model of the Integrated Rail Plan”. This could mean thing from upgrading existing infrastructure to gathering a caller high-speed line.

An authoritative supplement to January’s HS2 Crewe – Manchester strategical outline concern lawsuit volition beryllium published earlier the 2nd reading, which volition acceptable retired the implications of removing the link.

The way of the Golborne Link volition beryllium safeguarded portion alternatives are considered, meaning the affected homeowners volition inactive beryllium compensated and beryllium capable to entree enactment arsenic needed.

Stephenson said: “HS2 is simply a once-in-a-lifetime task that volition alteration question crossed the full UK arsenic we cognize it and service millions of radical for hundreds of years to come, and it’s perfectly captious that we get this close from the outset.

“Removing this nexus is astir ensuring we’ve near nary chromatic unturned erstwhile it comes to moving with our Scottish counterparts to find a solution that volition champion service the large radical of Scotland.”