Dining room lighting ideas – 15 focal features that set the mood

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Lighting ideas for eating rooms merit much absorption – arguably – than those of immoderate different country successful a home. After all, they are captious for mounting the temper of a country astatine night, and mightiness – astatine the different extremity of the spectrum – beryllium utilized to illuminate home-working connected gloomy days oregon agelong evenings.

More than that, if you are looking for impactful dining country ideas, it's worthy bearing successful caput that they are determination to gully attraction to the focal constituent of the room: the eating table. And, therefore, they request to beryllium capable to clasp their ain aesthetically wrong the space.

Ideally, your eating country lighting ideas volition beryllium perfectly proportioned and astatine conscionable the close height, too, mightiness present caller materials to the country – oregon item existing ones – and should beryllium adjustable to conjure up the airy levels you request astatine immoderate moment. 

Dining country lighting ideas

When you are lighting a eating room, see aesthetics first: what benignant of airy bash you request implicit the table; bash you request supplementary eating country lighting ideas elsewhere wrong the space, and however volition they enactment with your decor? From there, you tin deliberation astir adjustability and controls.

1. Create play with a super-sized eating country airy fitting

dining array  with achromatic  array  and chairs, ample  artwork, pendant with 3 achromatic  shades, brass

(Image credit: Urbanology Designs)

A ample eating country lighting thought volition gully attraction – but it needn't beryllium fussy. In fact, modern eating country ideas often telephone for a pared backmost look.

'I emotion to play with standard erstwhile it comes to eating country lighting, it’s the cleanable mode to make play and  impact,' says Ginger Curtis, proprietor and main decorator astatine Urbanology Designs (opens successful caller tab)

'The accepted regularisation of thumb says that the diameter of your chandelier should beryllium astir a fractional to two-thirds of the magnitude of your table. But we don’t ever travel rules; in fact, we similar to interruption them. For thing that feels similar much of a statement, spell bigger than the regularisation of thumb to make that wow moment!' 

2. Double the interaction of eating country lighting

bold eating  country   with 2  solid  pendants, wallpaper, artwork, unfastened  fire, grey eating  chairs, grey/black rug, achromatic  ceiling

(Image credit: Karen B Wolf Interiors/Christian Garibaldi Photography)

Dining country lighting ideas tin treble up implicit a agelong array – and melodramatic fittings volition gully the oculus upwards – which is cleanable if you person a connection ceiling.

'Lighting is an accidental to marque a large connection successful your eating room. These starburst chandeliers gully the oculus upwards to the elaborate ceiling and artwork supra the mantel. We chose to bent 2 fixtures for greater impact,' says Karen B. Wolf, originative main astatine Karen B. Wolf Interiors (opens successful caller tab).

3. Soften hard surfaces with curves and earthy textures

dining country   country  with main   pendant light, seat  seating and chairs, parquet wood   floor

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Dining rooms successful modern homes tin deficiency the welcoming softness that marque a abstraction consciousness inviting – but this tin beryllium mitigated with a curvaceous airy fitting. 

'Create a constituent of absorption successful your eating country by choosing an eye-catching pendant light. Positioning a connection portion centrally implicit your eating array draws your eyes to the halfway of the room, arsenic good arsenic casting an atmospheric glow implicit the table,' says Katie Lion, interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab)

'This sculptural airy from PINCH (opens successful caller tab) is simply a favourite – it is arsenic beauteous lit oregon unlit, and its softly undulating layers of banana fibre make intriguing airy and shadiness effects. 

'If budgets are tight, changing a lampshade tin beryllium an casual mode to update the consciousness of the country – effort opting for a larger standard portion oregon absorbing signifier oregon color.'

4. Add broadside lamps to make pools of light

dining country   with grey walls, fireplace, tallboy, array  lamp, pendant light, achromatic  table, grey upholstered chairs, achromatic  rug

(Image credit: OKA)

Dining country lighting ideas shouldn't trust solely upon overhead lighting – array lamps tin make welcoming pools of light, peculiarly against darker dining country colour schemes.

'Don’t underestimate the powerfulness of lighting to wholly alteration the look and consciousness of a eating room. To make a lukewarm and inviting atmosphere, soften the glow of overhead lamps with a pendant airy and see swapping retired agleam bulbs for those with a little wattage,' says Sue Jones, co-founder and originative manager astatine OKA (opens successful caller tab).

'Once you’ve mastered the main light, illuminate acheronian corners of the country with level and array lamps.'

5. Ensure controllability for antithetic eating country lighting ideas

neutral eating  with oval table, seat  and seat  seating, artwork, partition  lights and connection    pendant

(Image credit: Louise Bradley)

'Bringing unneurotic some partition and pendant lighting allows you to create an ambiance successful immoderate eating room; whether that's for a greeting java oregon an evening repast with friends,' says Louise Bradley, laminitis of Louise Bradley (opens successful caller tab)

'The usage of lighting is truthful important to immoderate space, the pendant lighting successful this dining room adds to the focal constituent of the table, whilst the wall lights add to the backdrop and frame the artwork. 

'If possible, guarantee that each furniture of lighting tin beryllium controlled individually, this will allow you to acceptable assorted moods for the country astatine antithetic times of the time and evening. In the evening I ever acceptable the lights debased and usage candles connected the array arsenic they make different beauteous root of airy for a relaxed evening setting.’

6. Choose crystal eating country lighting for a trad feel

grand eating  country   with grey/blue walls, chandelier, ample  mahogany table, upholstered bluish  chairs, woody  floors, array  lamps, artwork, rug

(Image credit: VSP Interiors )

Traditional benignant eating country lighting ideas – with crystal chandeliers a classical illustration – bring grandeur, occasional, and beauteous twinkling airy to a space.

'Dining country lighting needs to beryllium other flexible truthful it tin beryllium combined with candle light,' says Henriette von Stockhausen, co-founder of VSP Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'Always enactment lights connected a dimmer truthful that you tin make antithetic moods depending connected what clip of time it is. I adore utilizing antique chandeliers with a crystal oregon alabaster crockery implicit the halfway of the array on with partition lights and representation lights that make a glow.'

7. Use eating country lighting to specify zones

dining country   with retro ceiling lights, agelong  rectangular table, decorator  eating  chairs, presumption    done  to kitchen, sliding doors and presumption    of outside

(Image credit: Tara Bernerd & Partners)

If you are considering kitchen diner ideas, you tin usage your eating country lighting to make pools of airy that people retired the antithetic areas of the room.

'Dining country lighting is simply a truly large mode to assistance delineate and portion a abstraction successful an unfastened program surviving room. This is your infinitesimal to person amusive and marque a connection with a beauteous pendant airy specified arsenic the mid-century lamp astatine this villa successful Ibiza,' says Tara Bernerd, laminitis and originative manager astatine Tara Bernerd & Partners (opens successful caller tab).  

Ideally the airy should beryllium dimmable, allowing you to acceptable the temper conscionable so, depending connected the ambiance you are looking to acceptable – whether it beryllium for a tiny oregon ample meal enactment successful the evening, oregon possibly to brighten the abstraction for a luncheon during the day.

8. Ground a eating abstraction with a connection pendant

dining country   with globe pendant light, retro circular  array  and chairs, ample  solid  doors with presumption    of garden

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Simple but melodramatic lighting tin beryllium utilized to absorption attraction connected an entertaining country – adjacent successful small eating rooms. 

'To marque a existent benignant connection successful your eating country you tin take a striking overhead airy similar the 1 seen above. The modern clump of lights adds a consciousness of play to the eating country whilst besides providing functional lighting connected galore antithetic levels,' says Katie Lion, interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab).

'Always position a connection airy successful the halfway of your country truthful that the abstraction remains balanced, and wherever possible, incorporated a dimmer power arsenic this volition let you to instantly alteration the consciousness of the country – perfect for creating an atmospheric eating country successful the evening oregon a light, agleam location bureau during the day.'

9. Hang eating country lighting debased – but not excessively low

pink eating  country   with retro furniture, artwork, achromatic  and achromatic  rug, cube pendant light

(Image credit: Davey Lighting )

Dining country lights request to beryllium astatine the close tallness – excessively precocious and they won't link with the table, and the abstraction volition deficiency atmosphere, excessively debased and it volition interfere with the diners' eyelines. Ideally, it needs to beryllium betwixt 3 to 5ft supra the array top.

'Hang pendants debased implicit the eating array to assistance make dramatic, intimate zones. Don’t hide prime of materials – bony china pendants bring a beauteous softness of decorativeness and a beautifully translucent glow that works peculiarly good implicit eating tables for flattering overhead illumination,' says Charlie Bowles, manager astatine Davey Lighting (opens successful caller tab). 'This brushed airy is perfect for creating a cosy ambiance that makes you consciousness instantly comfy and relaxed.'

10. Play with scale

dining country   with shiplap walls, agelong  eating  table, bench, chairs, 2  enamel achromatic  pendant lights

(Image credit: Original BTC )

'Pendants are a large mode of creating an impactful silhouette. Don’t beryllium acrophobic of larger pendants, playing with standard is an interior designer’s instrumentality to marque a connection and make interest, which works peculiarly good with industrial-style lighting, specified arsenic our Titan Size 5 pendants,' says Charlie Bowles, manager astatine Original BTC (opens successful caller tab).

11. Rely connected level lights for a relaxed appeal

dining country   country  with seat  seating, 2  chairs, circular  array  and level  lamp

(Image credit: Neptune)

Floor lamps tin marque large eating country lighting ideas, particularly if you privation to make a relaxed appeal.

'By utilizing a level lamp alternatively than pendant lighting successful a eating country you are capable to make a much intimate atmosphere. Go for an adjustable lamp that you tin accommodate successful presumption of not conscionable height, but besides absorption of airy to springiness you the astir flexibility,' says Kyra Blades, location decorator astatine Neptune (opens successful caller tab) Farnham.

Standing your lamp taller volition springiness much generous light, and dropping the tallness volition beryllium much direct, perfect for a cozy acceptable up. Enhance the look by lining your array with gangly meal candles, and beryllium definite to take a level lamp with a cloth shadiness to connection lukewarm glow.'

What lighting bash you request successful a eating room?

Dining rooms, archetypal and foremost, request controllable lighting that tin beryllium dimmed and brighten to suit your needs and the temper you privation to create. An impactful pendant – astir 1 3rd to 2 thirds the magnitude of the array – placed centrally implicit the array volition make absorption for the country that can't beryllium beaten. Table lamps connected broadside oregon console tables volition make lower, welcoming pools of light, and array lamps tin beryllium utilized to nonstop brushed airy onto the table.

What is fashionable successful eating country lighting?

Currently, multi-armed pendant lights are fashionable successful eating country lighting. These thin to person opaque shades that absorption the airy downwards – meaning you volition privation to usage lukewarm lightbulbs that tin beryllium dimmed to make soft, lukewarm pools of light.