Dreo Macro Pro Air Purifier review: clean air at a fast rate with the push of a button

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We should beryllium capable to respire easy – figuratively and virtually – successful our ain homes. But however tin we bash that erstwhile determination are seemingly invisible things successful the aerial that aren’t beneficial to our health? The answer: aerial purifiers. These machines tin cleanable our spaces of dust, pollen, favored hair, and adjacent VOCs and viruses.

An aerial purifier has been connected my ‘to-buy list’ for the past fewer years. I don’t person pets, but I bash unrecorded successful a 102-year-old home, and it’s dusty! The particulate and the excessive magnitude of pollen successful the outpouring and autumn mean I usually request to vacuum doubly a week. Although I can’t corroborate this, I'm beauteous assured that my location is astir apt packed afloat of VOCs and different harmful pollutants. There weren’t galore regulations surrounding these toxins erstwhile the location was built.

All of these aspects made maine deliberation an aerial purifier would beryllium a bully thought – and since investigating the Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier, that seems to beryllium true. Read connected to spot what I discovered astir the Dreo and the bid of caput it brought to maine successful my ain home.

Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA

(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

Dreo Macro Pro: Key specs 

Size: 9.84 x 9.84 x 15.2 inches

Air intake: 360 degrees

Filtration capability: 0.3 μm

Noise: 20-54dB

Filtering efficiency: 99.97%

Air alteration per hr (based connected a 283 sq ft room): 4.8 aerial changes per hour

CFM (airflow of cubic feet per minute): 176 ft3/min

CADR: 300 m3/hour

Dreo Macro Pro: Set-up 

It takes minutes to acceptable up the Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier. Once I took the aerial purifier retired of the box, I unscrewed the bottommost fractional and pulled retired the filter. I removed the integrative covering the filter, earlier putting the filter backmost into the aerial purifier and screwing the bottommost on. After that, I plugged successful the aerial purifier and pressed the powerfulness fastener on.

Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA

(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

Dreo Macro Pro: Performance

Turning the aerial purifier connected is arsenic elemental arsenic pressing the powerfulness button. From there, I chose betwixt the 3 antithetic airflow settings. They’re each portion of a azygous fastener that’s located supra the powerfulness button. Push it erstwhile for the lowest aerial setting, doubly for a mid-range aerial flow, and 3 times for a precocious airflow setting. The settings appeared accurate, and the sound wasn’t bothersome connected immoderate of the 3 modes.

There’s besides a Turbo button, which is the highest aerial powerfulness setting. I utilized this erstwhile I wanted to cleanable the aerial successful a country much rapidly than normal. The Turbo mode is noisy, though according to my research, not louder than the maximum mounting of different aerial purifiers. If you privation the aerial purifier to enactment softly successful the background, you should usage 1 of the main airflow settings.  

Upon choosing an aerial travel setting, a airy connected the beforehand of the purifier lit up. It cycled done 4 antithetic colors yet settling connected one. Blue indicates that the country has been purified. Green means the aerial is “good,” orangish indicates “moderate,” and reddish means the aerial is “poor.”

For the astir part, the rooms successful my location started astatine greenish oregon orangish and changed to bluish wrong 5 to 10 minutes. On average, the aerial was purified successful astir 5 to 7 minutes. If you privation to cognize more, cheque retired the Dreo graph beneath that shows however rapidly the aerial purifier tin cleanable differently-sized rooms.

When acceptable connected Auto Mode, the aerial purifier adjusted the instrumentality velocity – higher oregon little – based connected what was needed to purify the aerial successful that room. This is simply a precise adjuvant diagnostic if you inquire me. If you privation to acceptable the aerial purifier connected a timer, you can. I tested the two, four, and eight-hour timers and they worked wonderfully. I similar the thought of being capable to acceptable the timer earlier heading retired for a afloat time connected the municipality and returning location to a purified house.

There are a fewer much buttons connected the Dreo Macro Pro that I tested out, including the Sleep mode. The lone mode that I knew the Sleep mode was connected aft I pushed the fastener was due to the fact that the aerial prime lights changed colors. On Sleep mode, you truly can’t perceive the machine. The frogs and crickets successful the backyard were acold noisier than the aerial purifier connected Sleep mode.

I don’t request a kid fastener due to the fact that I don’t person children, but I tin attest that the kid fastener does work. Unfortunately, I wasn’t capable to spot if the filter notification fastener works oregon not. I’d person to trial the aerial purifier for astatine slightest six to 8 months for the 'change filter' notification to spell off. 

According to the instructions, erstwhile the filter needs to beryllium changed, the alteration filter fastener volition flash continuously. When you’re acceptable to regenerate it, you crook disconnected the aerial purifier, unscrew the bottom, and alteration retired the filter. Then you’ll person to reset the alteration filter fastener by holding it down for 5 seconds.

All successful all, I had a affirmative acquisition investigating this aerial purifier and ne'er erstwhile had immoderate issue.

Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA

(Image credit: Dreo)

Dreo Macro Pro: Purifying capabilities

I deliberation the biggest interest for maine arsenic a user is knowing whether oregon not a merchandise is doing what it says it tin do. This tin get a small tricky with an aerial purifier. I’m not a idiosyncratic (and astir of you aren’t either) truthful I can’t trial to spot if the Dreo Macro Pro is really purifying my aerial oregon not. That said, I deliberation it’s important to stock with you the air-purifying capabilities of the Dreo Macro Pro according to the company.

The Dreo Macro Pro has a three-stage filtration strategy that is 99.7% efficient. More importantly, it tin filter airborne particles that are tiny arsenic .3 microns. That fig doesn’t marque consciousness until you cognize that quality hairsbreadth is 75 microns successful diameter. E. Coli is 1.5 microns and salmonella is 1.1 microns. Pollen is 30 microns and favored dander is 7.5 microns. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are among the smallest particles astatine .6 microns. This means that the Dreo purifier has the capableness to filter retired each of these particles and adjacent those that are tinier!

Dreo advertises that it has a 99.99% removal complaint of H1N1, E. Coli, Salmonella, S. aureus, and Candida albicans. But what astir COVID-19? Although droplets containing the COVID-19 microorganism are bigger than .3 microns, the institution does not assertion to beryllium capable to filter retired this virus.

Now we mightiness not beryllium capable to trial the aerial purifier ourselves, but Dreo has been tested by 3rd parties you tin trust. They’ve received certificates and/or person been reviewed by the likes of the California Air Resources Board, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, ETL, and ECARF.

Dreo Macro Pro

(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

Dreo Macro Pro: Design 

This aerial purifier is simply a sleek, achromatic cylinder that’s a small implicit a ft tall. Although my location colors are much earthy successful tone, it’s not arsenic if the Dreo is gaudy oregon looks retired of place. It remains a stylish portion that fades into the inheritance astir of the clip – which is ideally what you privation successful an aerial purifier. 

With a 9-inch diameter and astatine 7 lbs., the Dreo is neither that ample nor that heavy. You tin easy determination it from country to country – though it would beryllium a batch easier to bash with handles (which it lacks). Store it distant successful a closet, furniture without shelves, corner, oregon nether the furniture erstwhile not successful use.

Dreo Macro Pro: Sustainability & Longevity 

The Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier is an Energy Star Appliance, truthful if it runs for a afloat week non-stop, it’d lone outgo 30 cents successful vigor bills. That’s $15 per year. Filters request to beryllium replaced each six to 8 months. Dreo sells filters for $30, which means you’ll walk $45-$75 each twelvemonth connected vigor and filter costs. That’s not excessively shabby for an aerial filter.

To support the filter and the prime of the machine, you’ll request to bash attraction each fewer weeks. This involves cleaning the extracurricular and wrong of the aerial purifier with a cleaning cloth. Using a particulate vacuum to cleanable the AQ sensor and the wrong of the aerial purifier – with the filter removed – is advised. The filter tin past longer if you usage a brushed brushwood to cleanable the extracurricular of the filter each 2 to 4 weeks.

Dreo Macro

(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

Dreo Macro Pro: How does it compare?

Compared to brands similar Levoit and Medify, Dreo exceeds successful the areas that substance most. 

The Levoit P350 and the Medify MA-18 are comparable to the Dreo Macro Pro successful that each 3 person H13 True HEPA filters and 360-degree intake capabilities. Also – determination truly isn’t overmuch quality successful the features they connection similar Sleep mode, timers, filter notifications, and airspeed.

Here is wherever they differ: the Dreo Macro Pro purifies a larger magnitude of aerial astatine a faster complaint than the Levoit and the Medify. You tin archer this by the CFM and CADR standing (which is measured arsenic CMH). The higher the CFM and CADR rating, the much aerial the instrumentality purifies astatine a faster rate. Here is simply a small examination below:

·        Dreo Macro Pro: 176 CFM, 300 CMH

·        Levoit: 141 CFM, 240 CMH

·        Medify, 88 CFM, 150 CMH

 Again – the larger the number, the amended and quicker the instrumentality purifies. So, successful this case, the Dreo Macro Pro wins. Not lone this, but the Dreo Macro Pro tin purify a larger country astatine a faster gait than the different 2 aerial purifies. The champion portion is that you cognize erstwhile a country has cleanable aerial based connected Dreo’s color-coded aerial prime monitor. Neither Levoit nor Medify tin archer you erstwhile the aerial is clean.

The replacement filter for the Medify aerial purifier needs to beryllium replaced each 4 months and costs $50 which is much costly and little businesslike than the Dreo filter. The Levoit filter is lone $22 and lasts six months.

The Dreo Purifier is the costliest of the 3 purifiers. However, it’s lone $10 much than the Levoit (the Dreo volition occasionally spell connected merchantability connected sites similar Amazon). When you interruption it down, you’ll extremity up spending much yearly connected the up-keep of the Medify MA-18 than you would with a Dreo. The Levoit P350 whitethorn beryllium somewhat cheaper, but it doesn't cleanable the aerial arsenic rapidly arsenic the Dreo, and it lacks the color-coded aerial prime notification system. 


(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

Dreo Macro Pro: Our verdict 

If you’re going to bargain an aerial purifier, I highly urge going with the Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier. With a 360-degree intake, this aerial purifier cleans your location rapidly and efficiently of pollen, dust, favored hair, VOCs, and immoderate airborne pathogens. It tin adjacent archer you erstwhile the aerial is cleanable and axenic acknowledgment to aerial prime colour lights. You don’t find that successful astir aerial purifiers! The plan is sleek, and the sound is minimal (unless you usage the Turbo mode for a ace speedy cleaning), particularly erstwhile the Sleep Mode is on. This energy-efficient appliance lone needs the filter replaced erstwhile oregon doubly a twelvemonth -- which means you're not spending a batch of wealth to support cleanable aerial successful your home. 

So again – is the Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier a bully buy? Absolutely. Let it amended your prime of life, similar it did mine.

About this review, and the reviewer 

Alex Temblador is simply a Dallas-based award-winning writer and freelance writer that has covered home, design, architecture, and creation successful publications like Real Homes, Gardeningetc, Home & Gardens, Dwell, Architectural Digest, Artsy, Neighborhoods.com, Culture Trip, among galore others. She precocious bought her archetypal home, a greenish Sears & Roebuck location that's implicit 100 years old, sits connected fractional an acre of onshore and features a stunning wraparound porch, archetypal hardwood floors, pouch doors, and a butler pantry. Alex loves to trial products for Gardeningetc, Real Homes, and Homes & Gardens buying guides and reviews which has helped to grow the richness of her first-time homeowner life. The Mixed Latinx writer tin usually beryllium recovered moving oregon relaxing successful her outdoor spaces. 

As with each our reviews, the Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier was tested first-hand successful assorted rooms successful Alex’s home, utilizing it conscionable arsenic you would truthful you know exactly what you are buying. This was her archetypal clip investigating an aerial purifier. The products are fixed to america escaped of complaint and we trial them for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable earlier sending them backmost to the marque unless we are capable to support them. This means that we tin proceed to usage the merchandise which gives america the accidental to instrumentality to our reviews for updating, truthful you tin support up-to-date with however it's fared implicit a play of time.