Easter egg decorating ideas – from easy to elevated

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Easter ovum decorating ideas scope from casual to downright eggs-travagent. 

Your ambition apt depends connected whether your eggs volition beryllium Easter decorations oregon you're simply looking for an Easter trade idea for the kids. Either way, determination are plentifulness of decorating ideas that let each ages and accomplishment levels to get progressive successful this beloved Easter tradition. 

From decoupage to antagonistic printing, these Easter ovum ideas volition animate you to get creative.

Easter ovum decorating ideas

If you're utilizing existent eggs, marque definite you're up-to-date connected how to decorate Easter eggs, otherwise, foam oregon integrative eggs volition enactment with galore of these ideas. 

1. Wrap Easter eggs successful fabric

easter ovum  decorating ideas painted

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Fabric scraps and spray adhesive oregon schoolhouse glue are each you request to recreate this abstract idea. Cut colorful portion of scrap cloth into 1"-2" strips. Then spray the ovum with adhesive (or brushwood connected glue) and furniture the strips until the ovum is covered. This method works connected hardboiled, Styrofoam oregon integrative eggs.

If you don't person scrap fabric, get originative with what you person connected hand, 'I emotion to screen craft eggs with scraps of ditsy floral fabric, but vintage lace tin look effectual too,' suggests Pippa Blenkinsop, Homes & Gardens' benignant editor.

2. Decoupage Easter eggs with floral stamps

floral easter ovum  decorating ideas

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'For a beauteous Easter display, overgarment trade eggs successful pastel colors and decorate them with vintage floral stamps,' says Blenkinsop. For a much imperishable solution, usage a decoupage mean (like Modge Podge) to seal the stamps. If you don't person stamps connected hand, stickers oregon floral cutouts enactment well, too. 

3. Tattoo your Easter eggs

easter eggs with butterflies

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Love the look of hand-painted Easter eggs but aren't precisely brimming with creator talent? This thought mimics the look of a hand-painted Easter ovum and it couldn't beryllium easier. Instead of paint, stitchery impermanent tattoos successful outpouring themes, and use them successful the aforesaid mode you would to your skin: laic the tattoo onto the egg, plan side-down. Then, property with a damp insubstantial towel for 30 seconds, and mildly peel up the insubstantial backing.

4. Recreate this herb-printed Easter ovum decorating idea

herb printed easter eggs

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The concealed to achieving a negative-printed look with your Easter eggs: sheer cloth oregon a brace of pantyhose. Simply laic a caller herb (leafy varieties similar cilantro and parsley enactment well) connected apical of your egg, and wrapper the cloth oregon pantyhose astir it. Tie disconnected the top, and submerge the ovum into your dye.

No herbs connected hand? Try tiny flowers, leaves, oregon clover. 

5. Use a felt-tip pen for modern Easter eggs

felt extremity   pen easter eggs

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Prefer neutrals to pastels? There's nary request to dye your eggs astatine all. Instead, usage a achromatic felt-tip pen, imperishable marker, oregon tiny paintbrush to gully linear shapes and abstract patterns connected your Easter eggs. 

6. Tie eggs with twine

Easter ovum  connected  a plate

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Make usage of your Easter eggs by utilizing them to designate spot settings during Easter dinner. We printed guests' names connected elemental tags made from cardstock, punched a spread astatine the end, and tied them astir the eggs with twine.

7. Hand-paint speckled Easter eggs

easter eggs wrong  a cloche

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Elevate the look of a simple, dyed Easter ovum with a speckled design. This nature-inspired look is casual to recreate. Once you eggs are painted oregon dyed (and dried!), usage a bony brushwood and brownish overgarment to stamp a speckled signifier connected your eggs. 

8. Dress up integrative Easter eggs

plastic easter eggs

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This adjacent Easter ovum decorating thought is some beauteous and purposeful. Once you capable integrative eggs, usage decorative washi portion to unafraid them closed portion adding a popular of pattern. Your eggs volition look much festive, and you won't person to interest astir them spilling open. 

9. Fill hollowed Easter eggs

hollowed easter eggs with flowers

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Hollowed retired eggs marque a lovely, integrated vas for wildflowers. 'This is 1 of my favourite ways to decorate for Easter,' says Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens' editor-in-chief. 'I show eggshell vases successful a postulation of ovum cups and scatter them down the halfway of my table.'

To marque eggshell vases, pat the bottommost of the ovum connected a counter, and cautiously propulsion disconnected the apical portion. Then, determination retired the contents of the egg, and rinse. Fill it with h2o and adhd your flowers. 

10. Personalize your Easter eggs

personalized easter eggs

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Use monogrammed Easter eggs to substitute for spot cards during vacation meals. To marque these oh-so-simple ones, simply adhd a bedazzled missive sticker to each egg. Or, for other credit, gully each guest's archetypal first connected an ovum with glue, and spot sequins connected apical with tweezers. 

What tin I usage to decorate Easter eggs?

What you usage to decorate your Easter eggs depends connected the look you want, and the clip you're consenting to dedicate to the process.

Most commonly, Easter eggs are decorated with elemental dyes, similar nutrient coloring, oregon colour tabs dissolved successful vinegar. If you person nutrient coloring connected hand, simply compression a fewer drops (at slightest 10) successful a fractional cupful of blistery water, and adhd a tablespoonful of vinegar, which enhances the color. The much nutrient coloring you add, the richer your colors volition be, and antithetic colors and shades tin beryllium made by mixing nutrient colorings.

You tin besides marque dye from earthy sources similar beets, cabbage, and onion. To bash so, boil the rootlike successful water, and fto it steep for a fewer hours. Strain retired the liquid and premix with 1 tsp. vinegar per fractional cupful of liquid. Tumeric and colored Jell-O pulverization tin besides beryllium mixed straight into boiling h2o with a splash of vinegar to make dyes.

Dyeing isn't a requisite for decorating Easter eggs. Instead, you tin usage washi tap, cloth scraps and glue, insubstantial decals and decoupage medium, glitter, oregon ribbon to decorate your Easter eggs.