Easter table decor ideas – and pretty tablescapes to inspire

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These Easter array decor ideas observe the magic of the season. So, whether you are hosting an Easter repast for friends oregon conscionable celebrating an Easter luncheon arsenic a family, capable your location with scented bulbs and caller blooms, botanical bakes, floral prints, beauteous pastel accessories and elegant vintage finds to make an Easter array that's the centerpiece of the weekend.

For each our Easter decorating ideas, from makes to decorations, don't miss our dedicated guide.

Easter array decor ideas

These beauteous Easter array decor ideas scope from speedy but cute array settings you tin enactment unneurotic successful minutes to makes that instrumentality a small longer. One happening they each person successful common: they're each alluringly pretty.

1. Create a cute array centerpiece

Easter array  centerpiece

(Image credit: Future)

An Easter array volition ever beryllium best-dressed with a array centerpiece. There are truthful galore ways to make an Easter array centerpiece (we person plentifulness much below), but this is 1 of our favorites.

'I made this for Homes & Gardens with hens eggs, cautiously cracked, cleaned and placed successful a ring. A fewer drops of h2o and immoderate seasonal flowers from my plot were past each that was needed,' says stylist Sara Bird (opens successful caller tab).

2. Combine foliage with Easter array decor

Easter trade  ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

Easter trade ideas needn't beryllium kitsch – by hard boiling and coating eggs successful muted colors and dotting them astir a barroom sheet with foliage, you tin make a truly beauteous Easter array decor thought that's sustainable too.

'I loved to marque this with my kids erstwhile they were young,' says Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens Lucy Searle. 'Once I'd support the eggs reasonably chill passim the day, past the children would person amusive cracking them for ovum sandwiches successful the evening.'

3. Make spot settings with take-home floral wreaths

Wreath connected  the eating  table

(Image credit: Dominika Scheibinger)

If you person clip to walk making peculiar Easter array decor ideas for guests to instrumentality location – oregon for you to recycle for the adjacent vacation celebration, array wreath spot settings tin beryllium truly rather beautiful. 

You tin make an Easter wreath retired of outpouring flowers, of people – we person a measurement by measurement for making a DIY outpouring wreath. However, if you privation to get prepped up of the holiday, wherefore not usage dried angiosperm arrangements that you tin beryllium repurposed from Easter wreath ideas for Memorial Day decor, July 4th decor and beyond... 

4. Decorate eggs for your Easter table

Easter trade  ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

If you privation to premix Easter array decorations with crafts you tin bash alone, with friends oregon with children, Easter ovum decorating ideas are a existent crowd-pleaser. They tin scope from this plain but posh array centerpiece close done to hand-painted, decoupaged oregon stamped eggs; we person much ideas below.

5. Fashion baskets for the Easter table

painted easter eggs successful  a basket

(Image credit: Future)

We mostly subordinate Easter handbasket ideas with cute containers kids tin usage for Easter ovum hunts, but they tin beryllium for grown ups – and grown up Easter tables, too. And, they needn't beryllium time-consuming to create. A enactment of 3 to 5 (odd numbers are ever much visually pleasing) beauteous baskets holding a enactment of speckled and plain eggs (real oregon fake) makes for a fantastic Easter array decoration oregon centerpiece.

6. Layer spot settings

Easter array  decoration ideas

(Image credit: Emma Lee/Future)

‘The tablecloth is the prima of the amusement and sets the code for the full table,’ suggests Seb Bishop, CEO, Summerill & Bishop (opens successful caller tab). ‘Add a charger plate, beneath a somewhat smaller sheet and travel with the napkins, matching them with the tablecloth, and spot them implicit the plate. 

'Glassware comes adjacent with achromatic vino connected the acold near followed by reddish and water. Our past extremity is crucial, present that everything is set, don’t hide to unrecorded successful the infinitesimal to sorb it all. It’s a peculiar happening to beryllium surrounded by those you love.’

7. Decorate eggs for a beauteous spot setting

Easter array  decoration ideas

(Image credit: Future/Helen Cathcart)

For an idiosyncratic spot mounting idea, wherefore not overgarment and decorate Easter eggs? It’s an aged contented astatine Easter clip and amusive to do. To marque 1 similar this, take a leafage oregon angiosperm – this is simply a parsley leafage – and connect it onto the egg. Then utilizing h2o based oregon acrylic paints, stipple connected colour and permission to dry. Then region the leafage and you person your design. Use a elemental tag for the sanction oregon conscionable constitute consecutive onto the egg.

8. Tie a spot mounting posy

Easter array  decoration ideas

(Image credit: Kitten Grayson Flowers)

‘Choose a fistful of seasonal flowers and foliage, preferably those which are semi flat-sided truthful that they remainder connected the napkin with their faces looking up,’ says florist Kitten Grayson. 

‘Here I utilized Ammi Black Night Sweet Peas and Wiltshire Ripple Diablo foliage. If you are utilizing caller flowers, marque definite to person a small bud vase placed adjacent to popular them into erstwhile the repast begins. Alternatively, dried flowers are a beauteous enactment arsenic they enactment arsenic a peculiar keepsake beyond the meal.’

Kitten Grayson's Easter angiosperm arrangement measurement by measurement volition amusement you however to make a array afloat of Easter blooms.

9. Make beauteous Easter spot cards

Easter array  decorations

(Image credit: Future/James Merrell)

Easter array spot cards are specified an casual thought and beauteous to marque to complement your Easter recipes. This 1 complements the vintage tablecloth and china perfectly. Using bladed card, chopped the shape, 10 x 10cm is simply a bully size, past fold successful half.  

Then either usage a angiosperm stamp, oregon if you privation to, hand-draw the plan from the tablecloth, constitute the sanction on, past punch a tiny spread connected 1 broadside and cautiously propulsion a tiny flowerhead oregon 2 through. 

10. Make a elemental Easter centerpiece

Easter array  decorations

(Image credit: Future/Helen Cathcart)

Pleasingly simple, but with fantastic impact, this floral centerpiece has been created utilizing a deep, circular serving bowl. Fill the vas with flowers taken consecutive from their pots – we utilized achromatic narcissi, but tiny tulips oregon a premix of outpouring blooms would person adjacent appeal. 

Disguise the ungraded with airy sphagnum moss (from florists), and your focal constituent is complete.

11. Layer up china successful beauteous pastels

Easter array  decorations

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

When creating Easter spot settings it’s ever champion to furniture patterned plates with plain to assistance marque each plan shine. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to laic beauteous pieces connected concern tables – it each contributes to an eclectic look. 

Pastel pinkish and airy duck ovum bluish supply the cardinal colour accents for this delightful array setting.

On array from apical left: Ice Green Poole Pottery plate, find akin astatine Etsy (opens successful caller tab)

12. Have an Easter day tea

Easter array  decoration ideas

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

Lift spirits by serving a vintage-inspired day tea. For a beauteous yet rustic spread, laic a painted array with potted bulbs and premix and lucifer vintage plates and teacups. Add a floral flourish by decorating bakes with edible flowers, piling them up connected a beauteous handcrafted pedestal barroom stand, and service with vintage barroom forks and block-printed napkins.

13. Pile up painted eggs for a array centerpiece

Easter array  decoration ideas

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

Decorate eggs successful antithetic ways and show grouped connected a platter oregon usage them to benignant spot settings. Using blown oregon trade eggs, overgarment with PVA past screen with glitter and cloth scraps, oregon overgarment and connect pressed flowers, lace oregon floral stamps. Alternatively bargain beauteous hand-decorated eggs from Betty & Violet (opens successful caller tab)

14. Create a floral display

Easter decorating ideas Period Living

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

A beauteous carrot barroom topped with orangish pick food frosting and dried edible roseate petals, baked by Spring Bake (opens successful caller tab), makes a beauteous showpiece acceptable connected a handmade stand. 

Add instant cheer by pinning up seasonal artworks, specified arsenic Unity Coombes (opens successful caller tab)’ mini duck and rabbit paintings and vintage-inspired floral scented sachets from The Blueberry Patch (opens successful caller tab).

15. Dress up an Easter meal table

Easter decorating ideas Period Living

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer / Styling Pippa Blenkinsop)

Lay a beauteous array for Easter greeting by mixing and matching vintage and floral china, playing with standard of pattern. Juxtaposing polka dots and stripes with chintz floral patterns, the modern ceramics of Virginia Graham (opens successful caller tab) bring a playful modern twist. 

Additional photography/Helen Cathcart

Styling/Ali Brown and Sara Bird