Enter the Period Living Home & Garden of the Year awards

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Homes & Gardens' sister mag Period Living is inviting readers to participate their completed location improvements, garden, oregon interior decoration projects successful the Home & Garden of the Year awards 2022. We can’t hold to spot the schemes you’ve travel up with for each kinds of play properties, ample and small, and to perceive their unsocial stories. 

Enter the Home & Garden of the Year awards contiguous for a accidental to triumph a currency prize of up to £1,000. 

If you’re not rather acceptable to participate your ain home, past possibly a person oregon household subordinate has a stylish location oregon plot that’s worthy shouting about. Why not promote them to participate our awards? Or possibly you’d similar to accidental convey you to a craftsperson oregon tradesperson who helped you with your renovation oregon garden? Mention them successful your introduction and we’ll marque definite they get the plaudits they merit if your location is selected arsenic 1 of our winners.

Our erstwhile award-winning play homes person travel successful each shapes and sizes: thatched state cottages and farmhouses, neat Victorian terraces, ample manor houses, astute apartments, seaside boltholes, and townhouses – gangly and small. Our winning gardens person been conscionable arsenic varied, from cottage plot classics to landscaped vistas and walled room gardens. If you’re arrogant of your location oregon garden, we’re definite to emotion it too. 

We privation to see… Elegant townhouses and semis Cosy cottages and terraces Fabulous farmhouses Intriguing listed buildings Characterful conversions - barns, schools, chapels, pubs, windmills Extended homes First-time and DIY projects And gorgeous gardens, ample and small How to enter

Enter utilizing the signifier present and travel the instructions connected the introduction form. You volition request to person the pursuing accusation acceptable to implicit your application: 

Tell america successful up to 500 words wherefore you deliberation your location should win, giving america details of however it looked earlier you renovated, what you’ve achieved and however you’ve gone astir it. Please besides archer america what play oregon archetypal features you’ve managed to reconstruct oregon reinstate. Include the names of immoderate stand-out craftspeople oregon tradespeople who you consciousness merit a notation for their enactment connected your project. 

Make definite you see photos of each the main rooms successful the house, oregon main areas of the plot for a plot introduction – speedy snaps volition do. 

Don’t hide to see a photograph of the exterior of the property, too, and immoderate features of the location oregon plot that you are peculiarly arrogant of. 

The Period Living Home & Garden of the Year awards are unfastened to residents of Great Britain only. Full presumption and conditions tin beryllium recovered here. The closing day for each entries is 5pm connected Monday 6 June 2022. 

The prizes

The winners volition beryllium announced successful Period Living's November 2022 contented and each prizewinning entries volition beryllium featured successful aboriginal issues of the magazine. 

The victor of Home of the Year volition scoop a fabulous £1,000 currency prize, our Garden of the Year volition triumph £500 successful currency and 3 class winners – Best Project, Best Listed Home and Best Vintage Style volition each person a £500 currency prize. Winners volition besides person a year’s escaped subscription to Period Living magazine, worthy implicit £50. For much details of the categories, spot below. 

Enter contiguous for your accidental to win

The winning entries volition beryllium announced successful Period Living's November 2022 issue, and winning homes and gardens volition beryllium featured successful afloat successful aboriginal issues. Fill successful the introduction signifier here.