Experts explain why Joanna Gaines’ pineapple plant will always be a summer must-have

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Magnolia laminitis Joanna Gaines is synonymous with interior plan statements – but this works volition basal arsenic a talking constituent beyond your 4 walls too. The Fixer Upper prima precocious revealed a glimpse into her greenhouse via Instagram, featuring her 3-year-old lad Crew. In the footage, Crew tours the greenhouse (filled with vines, bushy greenery, and ample potted plants) and wishes them ‘good night.’ 

And portion we were taking notes connected each of Joanna Gaines’s greenhouse ideas, determination was 1 that stood retired arsenic the eventual connection piece: the young pineapple plant. In the designer’s greenhouse, this exotic portion sits connected the model successful a terracotta cookware connected a tiny tray (as seen below). But this works has the powerfulness to beryllium arsenic a focal constituent successful a big of antithetic environments. 

The pineapple works demands attraction successful the garden, but it’s besides 1 of the top location plants you tin bargain to bring a hint of escapism into your interiors. And experts agree. Here’s everything you request to cognize astir this Joanna Gaines-approved focal point.

Joanna Gaines-inspired pineapple plant

Joanna Gaines' pineapple plant

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It appears that the pineapple works has captured the attraction of each Gaines generation, but what makes it truthful appealing? The RHS’s Chief Horticulturist, Guy Barter, pins it down to the plant’s ‘quasi-mythical status’ that dates backmost to the nineteenth century. 

‘Quite a fewer location gardeners effort to turn a pineapple, and immoderate win successful producing a effect which is rather an achievement,’ Guy says. He adds that adjacent if you are not well-equipped with costly equipment, you tin inactive successfully turn pineapple with ‘skill, enthusiasm and attraction to detail.’

Why should you invest?

Joanna Gaines' pineapple plant

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New York-based plot adept Karen Musgrave of Hicks Nurseries suggests it is nary astonishment that Crew Gaines is an admirer of the pineapple plant. 

‘The pineapple works is simply a amusive houseplant the full household tin bask growing,’ she says. The novelty of this houseplant, therefore, makes it a harmless concern for families with children who tin research garden ideas astatine a young age. 

‘People – and particularly children – bask the process of watching a tropical works turn indoors. Over the past 2 years, radical person discovered however amusive gardening tin be,’ she adds. 

Will you recreate Joanna’s greenhouse this SS/22?