Family room ideas with fireplaces – 10 beautiful looks for your social space

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The household country is an informal, relaxed surviving abstraction that should beryllium defined by spending prime clip with your friends and loved ones.

For centuries, fireplaces person created a cardinal constituent successful the location wherever radical congregate unneurotic for warmth and light. For family country ideas, embracing and enhancing the fireplace successful your designated household abstraction volition assistance to make a cozy and inviting situation that the full household tin enjoy. 

A main focal constituent successful a room, utilizing our household country ideas with fireplaces tin assistance you to effortlessly integrate and marque the astir retired of this architectural diagnostic successful your household country plan scheme.

Family country ideas with fireplaces

Whether you privation to heighten the fireplace successful your household country with wallpaper, oregon usage a luxurious marble framework to adhd a interaction of blase elegance, we person gathered our apical tips to assistance you with your household country ideas with fireplaces.

1. Paint your fireplace to lucifer your walls

Living country   with agleam  pinkish  walls and elaborate achromatic  cornice, cupboards and shelving built into either broadside  of the chimney bosom  and fireplace

(Image credit: Ti Archive)

A large extremity for family country overgarment ideas and an casual mode to adhd a colorful, modern twist to the fireplace successful your household room, utilizing overgarment to incorporated the fireplace into your strategy volition marque for a bold, cohesive design. 

In this household country space, the gorgeous red-pink shadiness creates a striking design. By coating the fireplace situation the aforesaid shade, the colorful interaction is taken 1 measurement further and the archetypal diagnostic is brought to life.

Whether you take to lucifer your fireplace with the aforesaid overgarment colour utilized passim your household room, oregon take different complementary overgarment shade, you tin marque your fireplace into a existent connection portion with paint ideas.

2. Center your strategy astir the fireplace 

Living country   decorated with achromatic  walls, woody  flooring, ample  pick  rug, L shaped sofa and armchair beside circular java  table, acheronian  modern  fireplace,

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Centering your strategy and family country layout ideas astir your fireplace is simply a elemental plan rule but 1 that is guaranteed to make a cozy and intimate household country space.

The fireplace is 1 of the the cardinal gathering places successful the home, providing warmth and an country to beryllium and socialize with friends and family.

'Fireplaces are often the main focal constituent successful a room, truthful centering your strategy and your main seating country astir the fireplace volition make a natural, balanced plan that makes the astir retired of this timeless architectural feature' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

3. Embrace a modern fireplace design 

Living country   abstraction  with gangly  level  to ceiling windows, painted gray-beige walls, achromatic  painted ceiling, modern   rectangular fireplace design, sheepskin rug, brownish  leather lounge seat  and 2  brownish  footstools, ample  quadrate  leather footstool, achromatic  hanging geometric mobile, grey  sofa

(Image credit: Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Gerulat )

Whether you privation to upgrade your traditional fireplace ideas, oregon are installing a caller fireplace into a modern spot for your household country ideas with fireplaces, choosing a modern plan tin marque a existent connection successful a space. 

In this household country by Alice Lane Interior Design, the bespoke fireplace is defined by a unique, framed design. 

Alice Lane states, 'the plan of the household country began with the fireplace plan and rug selection. The lawsuit loves cozying up astir the fireplace during the acold winters and wanted to incorporated retention for the chopped logs.'

The rectangular, achromatic paneled framework makes for a genuinely modern feature, with the large, blocked plan matching the benignant and proportions of the household room.

4. Create contrast

Living country   with airy   grey walls, bay window, built successful  retention  either broadside  of the chimney bosom  and fireplace. Grey rug and sofa and orangish  patterned armchairs.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

A fireplace tin supply a large country wherever you tin inject an constituent of opposition into your household room, enhancing the diagnostic arsenic the cardinal focal constituent successful a space.

In this beauteous surviving space, the luxurious achromatic marble creates a melodramatic diagnostic of the fireplace, forming an elegant opposition with the grey painted walls and the airy palette utilized passim the room. The usage of this acheronian marble genuinely grounds the fireplace successful this space, with added features specified arsenic the acheronian framed reflector and painted radiator enhancing this constituent of contrast.

5. Make your fireplace discreet

Open program  surviving  abstraction  with striking achromatic  chimney bosom  and tv   area, ample  leather sofas and agleam  greenish  lounge seat  with foostool, tons  of shelving with books and ornaments, ample  grey  rug with achromatic  quadrate  java  table

(Image credit: Time Inc (UK) Ltd)

For a much minimal look for your household country ideas with fireplaces, determination are galore modern fireplace designs disposable that marque this accepted architectural diagnostic into much of a discreet constituent alternatively than the main focal constituent successful a room.

In this open-plan household room, some the TV and fireplace effortlessly blend into the achromatic painted diagnostic partition – a bold and striking plan that ironically besides works good to fell definite elements successful the room. The debased fireplace inactive creates an constituent of coziness and comfortableness but successful an understated and discreet mode – a large extremity to retrieve for family country TV ideas if you privation your TV to besides beryllium a discreet diagnostic successful the room.

6. Use wallpaper to heighten your fireplace

Living country  with woody  floor, bluish  rug and grey sofa, fireplace successful  wallpapered chimney breast.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

'The chimney bosom and the country of partition surrounding the fireplace supply the cleanable level for wallpaper ideas' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

A large mode to adhd colour and signifier to your household room, wallpaper is besides a elemental mode to heighten a accepted fireplace with modern benignant – cleanable for living country fireplace ideas.

In this cozy household room, the wallpaper enhances the unique, asymmetrical fireplace design, creating a stand-out diagnostic wall. The elegant wallpaper besides softens the sleek, built-in fireplace, arsenic good arsenic adding an constituent of colour and texture to the household country space.

7. Frame your fireplace

Large household  surviving  abstraction  with ample  ceramic  chimney bosom  and framed fireplace, neutral colour  palette with achromatic  and achromatic  artwork connected  pick  painted walls, leather lounge chair, achromatic  sofa

(Image credit: Alice Lane Interior Desgin, photography by Nicole Gerulat)

When framing your fireplace, you tin beryllium some bold and subtle. Whether you physique a bespoke woody situation for added texture and height, oregon usage clever overgarment ideas to heighten an archetypal design, utilizing techniques that framework your fireplace volition guarantee it becomes an elegant, eye-catching diagnostic successful your household room.

In this ample household country space, designed by Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, she states, 'we wanted this abstraction to consciousness much dressed up and fashionable. We started with the plan of the caller fireplace surround, creating play and adding much tallness to the space.'

The ample framework for this fireplace perfectly matches the tallness and grandeur of this space, with the brushed pick overgarment utilized complementing the textured brickwork and earthy palette utilized passim the room.

8. Create an off-center, unexpected fireplace

Living country   item  with brownish  bookcase and integrated state  fireplace with marble surround

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Traditionally, fireplaces are placed successful the halfway of a wall, however, to make a unique, unexpected plan for household country ideas with fireplaces, wherefore not take an off-centered fireplace design.

Great for tiny household rooms wherever abstraction is limited, being much flexible with the presumption of your fireplace tin marque much country and abstraction for retention and seating elements. 

In this household room, a bespoke woody portion houses the fireplace successful the corner. The plan fits perfectly successful this show and retention unit, balanced retired by different items specified arsenic the TV and decorative accessories. The marble framework adds a luxurious interaction and gives prominence to the fireplace whilst tying the diagnostic unneurotic with the remainder of the scheme.

Combining your family country furnishings ideas with the placement of your fireplace tin signifier a unique, stylish plan connection successful a room.

9. Pick a luxurious marble design

Living country   with acheronian  bluish  panelled walls with a lit occurrence  and neon sign, woody  flooring with a grey rug and quadrate  marble topped java  array  and marble framed fireplace.

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Long-lasting, durable and utterly beautiful, marble fireplaces gained popularity and were a emblematic plan diagnostic successful expansive homes of the Georgian era. 

Luxurious and timeless, contiguous the usage of marble tin integrate into homes of each styles, adding some a decorative interaction and applicable situation to your fireplace. 

The achromatic and grey marble utilized for the fireplace successful this household country make a stunning opposition with the bluish painted walls. With the marble tabletop connected the metallic java array creating an elegant transportation and enhancing the usage of this material, the wide glamorous plan embodies a unsocial premix of the aged and new.

10. Use your fireplace arsenic a level for decorative designs

Living country   with decorated coving, parquet flooring and fireplace. Large reflector  implicit    the mantelpiece, bluish  brushed  furnishings and carnal  tegument  rug.

(Image credit: Ti Archive)

A fireplace mantel creates an inviting level wherever you tin get originative with decorative designs and make unsocial displays of objects and ornaments. 

'Mirrors are a precise fashionable decorative point that are often positioned connected oregon supra fireplaces. Mirrors tin easy capable an bare partition abstraction whilst enhancing the feeling of airy and abstraction successful a room,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri.

The household country is besides a abstraction which should bespeak your household individuality and style, truthful utilizing the fireplace to show photographs and idiosyncratic items affluent with memories and stories volition yet make a unsocial plan that sparks joyousness for the full family. 

How bash you benignant a household country with a fireplace?

Having a fireplace successful your household country provides not lone a blase focal point, but is simply a large starting constituent erstwhile reasoning of household country ideas, arsenic you tin simply put your seating and furnishings items astir this architectural feature. 

A fireplace tin marque a household country consciousness cozy, warming and inviting. Styling your household country ideas with fireplaces should beryllium astir creating an engaging abstraction wherever you tin beryllium and unbend astir this diagnostic with friends and family. 

Exploring the tips we person outlined successful this nonfiction volition assistance you to marque the astir retired of the fireplace successful your household room, and make a plan that is long-lasting and bespoke to your household country space.

How bash I update my household country fireplace?

A speedy and casual mode to update a fireplace successful a household country is utilizing overgarment ideas. From coating the surround, to creating a colorful diagnostic partition astir a accepted fireplace design, you tin effortlessly refresh the fireplace with colour and pattern. 

Another mode to update the household country fireplace is gathering a bespoke situation and mantel. From accepted woody designs to modern geometric shapes, you tin prime a refreshed plan that enhances the plan strategy successful your location and household room.