Family room TV ideas – 11 tips for styling a TV in your family room

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Organizing your household country TV ideas requires a batch of thought and attraction if you privation to get the champion retired of your space. 

A multifunctional country that has a assortment of uses, the household country is often the spot household members travel unneurotic to unbend and ticker TV. Ensuring that your family country ideas incorporated the TV volition forestall the point being near down and awkwardly placed successful an country that doesn't coordinate with your household country plan scheme.

Similarly to living country TV ideas, you privation to make a household country that reflects your idiosyncratic benignant and personality, whilst thoughtfully readying the country to guarantee the TV perfectly fits successful with the plan of the space.

Family country TV ideas

There are galore options erstwhile readying your household country TV ideas. From TV partition ideas, to picking the close portion of furnishings for your TV to beryllium mounted on, you privation what’s essentially, a sleek achromatic rectangle, to effortlessly integrate into your household country and go portion of the design. 

We person enactment unneurotic our apical 12 household country TV ideas to supply you with immoderate applicable tips and stylish inspiration for your household country space. 

1. Mount the TV supra a fireplace

Bright surviving  country   painted white, chromatic  fireplace with tv   mounted connected  the partition  above, duplicate  bluish  sofas facing 1  another, cardinal  debased  leather java  table, decorated with plants, flowers and cushions

(Image credit: Liz Daly)

One of the spell to areas successful a household country oregon surviving country to presumption a TV,  placing a TV connected the chimney bosom supra a fireplace volition not lone make a cozy atmosphere, but prevention connected abstraction successful the room.  

If abstraction is constricted successful your household room, placing the TV connected the partition alternatively than connected apical of a portion of furnishings oregon integrated into a show unit, volition make a much spacious country for seating and storage. Great for fireplace ideas, positioning the TV supra volition heighten this country being a main focal constituent successful the room.

In this household room, designed by KJM Interiors, the process for the plan is described, 'our extremity was to supply generous, flexible seating, which we accomplished with a brace of customized navy sofas, a forged robust accent chair, and agelong bench'. 

The TV, positioned supra the fireplace successful this household room, allows for the engaging spot abstraction to go a cardinal constituent successful the room. The duplicate sofas look 1 different alternatively than facing the TV, creating an country for speech and engagement.

2. Build a customized retention and show unit 

Bright surviving  country   painted achromatic  with grey sofa, ample  achromatic  retention  and show  portion   that houses tv, ample  pick  geometric rug and pick  curtains, solid  pendant light

(Image credit: Ginny Macdonald Design, photography by Raquel Langworthy)

If you privation thing that is wholly unsocial to your space, gathering a customized retention and show unit with a circumstantial country for your TV, creates a central, organized abstraction successful your household country for objects and decorative items.

In this agleam household room, the sleek achromatic retention and show portion has a conception that has been created for the TV to slot successful perfectly. As the TV is acceptable backmost from the remainder of the room, it creates a streamlined, little cluttered space. Storage ideas tin besides adhd added elements to the plan to support wires, players and TV accessories hidden retired of sight.

3. Match with the plan scheme

Relaxed, boho surviving  country   space, debased  grey sideboard with partition  mounted tv   with airy  woody  edging placed above, pick  lounge seat  and earthy  rug, rounded textured tiered java  table, prima   loungers and parasol successful  extracurricular  background

(Image credit: Lucie Ayres 22 Interiors, photography by Noah Webb)

To elevate the benignant of your TV successful the household room, uncovering 1 that matches the plan and ambiance successful the abstraction volition signifier a cohesive, unified scheme. 

In this beauteous household room, designed by Lucie Ayres from 22 Interiors, the TV has a unique, airy wood frame, perfectly coordinating with the relaxed, earthy vibe successful the space. TV's tin often look harsh owed to their signifier and acheronian color, nevertheless successful this scheme, the TV has been softened by the wood effect.

Ayres states of the plan process, 'the astir important alteration was the temper and vigor of the full home. Adding softness astatine each opportunity, integrated elements similar manus made vases and the teak bench, arsenic good arsenic quality inspired tones took that modern harsh borderline disconnected successfully'.

4. Use a relaxing TV screensaver

bright surviving  country   successful  a achromatic  and earthy  colour  palette, 4  textured pendant lights, ample  pick  sofa and acheronian  wood   sofa, pick  rug and lounge chair

(Image credit: Kimberley Harrison)

A precise elemental thought that tin wholly alteration the mode your TV appears successful the household room, choosing a screensaver oregon changing inheritance effect volition marque the instrumentality look similar an immersive portion of art.

To soften the acheronian quality of the TV, utilizing a relaxing screensaver, whether that beryllium a painting, photograph oregon simply a calming ocular effect, tin marque the country consciousness much idiosyncratic and ignite speech erstwhile radical participate the space. 

5. Keep wires retired of show and retired of reach

bright achromatic  surviving  country   with ample  achromatic  and achromatic  fireplace, grey sofas and lounge chair, duplicate  patterned navy footstools, acheronian  wood   java  table, built successful  achromatic  shelving unit, partition  mounted tv   supra  fireplace

(Image credit: Elizabeth Cooper, photography by Tom Grimes)

Unsightly wires and TV accessories are not truly what you privation to beryllium reasoning astir erstwhile readying your household country ideas, however, successful bid to make a stylish and applicable scheme, creating clever solutions to conceal these items volition marque a quality successful the space. 

Positioning your TV and having wires and sockets up precocious and retired of scope from children is not lone practical, but creates a tidy and neat look.  

If your TV is not connected the partition and positioned little connected a sideboard oregon wrong a retention unit, you tin make hidden organizers and insets to store and conceal your wires retired oregon scope and retired of show instead.

6. Surround your TV with decorative items

Inviting achromatic  surviving  country   with acheronian  wood   accents, ample  retention  and show  portion   with tv, leather chair, bluish  textured java  array  and pick  sofa

(Image credit: Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat)

In this relaxed household room, the sleek TV has been beautifully framed by a postulation of accessories and objects. 

Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design states, 'the archetypal media furniture was acheronian and dense and didn’t let for a ample TV. We designed an disconnected achromatic furniture that layered the T V implicit the built-ins and allowed for flexibility to power retired the electronics easy successful the future'.

For household country and living country shelving ideas, a ample shelving and retention portion similar this creates an inviting level wherever you tin show your favourite decorative pieces. By positioning your TV successful this country you tin make a unsocial media portion that embodies quality and personality, and makes watching TV with your friends and household some a relaxing and absorbing experience.

7. Place the TV successful the country of the room

open program  surviving  and eating  room, woody  flooring with marble fireplace, bluish  sofa with 2  duplicate  leather footstools, alcove seating, sideboard with partition  mounted tv   above, grey patterned rug

(Image credit: Margaret Ash Design, photography by Julia Sperling)

Placing the TV successful the country of the household country is simply a bully enactment erstwhile abstraction is limited, and besides allows for different pieces of furnishings oregon architectural features to instrumentality halfway stage. 

In this household room, the inviting sofa is placed centrally successful the space, facing some the country TV and the beauteous fireplace and artwork. Here the TV does not overpower oregon bid the room, alternatively the opposite, it subtly fits successful the country and coordinates perfectly with the achromatic and achromatic furniture positioned below. 

8. Be clever with overgarment ideas

Sitting country   with achromatic  leather furnishings  sofa and armchairs, a greenish  armchair, achromatic  java  array  and a achromatic  occurrence  situation   with solid  walls either side

(Image credit: Future)

In this spacious household room, the striking, achromatic painted diagnostic partition cleverly disguises the TV. A bold plan constituent that besides houses a fireplace beneath the TV, the wide plan works to large effect successful this modern space.

Whether you privation to usage paint ideas to make a basal retired diagnostic partition oregon to marque your TV blend into the background, determination are a scope of options to take from for your household room.

9. Use a sliding screen

Large modern   achromatic  surviving  country   with achromatic  washed floorboards, purple sofa, windows with shutters, plasma TV surface  hidden by a canvas screen, woody  java  table

(Image credit: Andrew Wood)

To support things ultra discreet, wherefore not instal an innovative sliding surface successful your household country to wholly conceal the TV erstwhile not successful use. 

In the each achromatic surviving country above, the surface creates an added constituent of relaxation and calm, large for enhancing a minimalist look. 

However, a sliding surface tin besides enactment arsenic a large canvas for a unsocial plan feature. In the gorgeous pinkish surviving country below, the surface is painted with an intricate decorative mural, enhancing the surface plan by making into a portion of art.

Dark pinkish  painted surviving  room, with bespoke sliding surface  with mural, brownish  beanbag and integrated partition  shelving with decorative accessories

(Image credit: Laura Butler-Madden, photography by Paul Raeside)

10. Keep the TV discreet

Living country   with woody  flooring, bluish  and pick  rug and sofas, acheronian  wood   and orangish  show  shelves and gallic  doors onto the balcony

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

If you don't privation to wholly fell distant your TV but besides don't privation it to beryllium the cardinal absorption successful a room, positioning it successful an country surrounded by different decorative objects and show pieces volition instrumentality the attraction distant from the item.

In this agleam and colorful household room, the partition to ceiling retention and show portion is simply a basal retired diagnostic successful the space. Painted successful agleam colors and filled with an eclectic premix of objects and plan pieces, the smaller TV is simply portion of this beauteous postulation of items, alternatively than being the cardinal focus.

11. Mount the TV connected oregon supra a buffet

open program  surviving  room, premix  of tiled and woody  flooring, ample  rug with duplicate  lounge chairs, debased  sideboard with tv   mounted onto wall

(Image credit: J. Patryce Design, photography by Christian Harder)

One of the astir fashionable places to presumption a TV successful a household room, placing it connected oregon supra a buffet creates some a applicable and stylish media portion successful the home.  

With galore sized buffet disposable to cater to the size of your country and TV, they supply a multifunctional retention and show area, arsenic good arsenic hiding wires and TV accessories retired of sight, perfect for a household country that gets a batch of use. 

In this unfastened program household room, designed by Joan Enger from J. Patryce Design, she states, 'as the level program is open, we treated each abstraction individually and collaboratively astatine the aforesaid time. It was particularly important for determination to beryllium a cohesive ocular thread throughout. The surviving country is blase yet relaxed since this serves arsenic their main living/TV area'.

The sleek TV placed supra the buffet amplifies the feeling of abstraction successful this open-plan design, the country feels cleanable and uncluttered and the sideboard creates a designated country for media storage.

How bash you marque a household TV country consciousness cozy?

One of the astir important factors erstwhile considering household country TV ideas is that you privation to the country to consciousness cozy and inviting. 

Watching TV with friends and household tin assistance america a unbend and unwind, and ensuring that your household country remains a calming abstraction should beryllium a apical priority. 

In this household country (below), Genna Margolis from Shapeside plan states, 'we really weren’t definite what to bash with it astatine first, it was truthful acheronian and got precise small light. Which led america to the thought to thin into the acheronian and bash a dark navy country that would beryllium utilized for media'.

The acheronian painted walls and matching curtains and sofa marque the abstraction consciousness astir similar a cinema. A large thought for a household oregon TV room, the plan is past complemented by soft, pick accessories and aggregate level lanterns. 

Whether you take furnishings pieces wherever the full household tin beryllium together, oregon usage definite overgarment ideas to make an oasis of calm, ensuring that your household country has a cozy ambiance volition make an inviting abstraction for each to enjoy.

Black painted surviving  country   with achromatic  curtains and sofa, acheronian  wood   flooring with lantern benignant   achromatic  level  lamps, pick  rug, cushions and footstool

(Image credit: Shapeside by Genna Margolis, photography by Amy Bartlam)

Where should a TV beryllium placed successful a household room?

Choosing wherever the TV should beryllium placed successful a household country tin beryllium rather a tricky decision. 

Working retired wherever your larger pieces of furnishings are going to beryllium placed is simply a large mode to start, arsenic this volition past constrictive down your options. For example, if you privation your sofa to look the TV, erstwhile you person this successful presumption you tin past take a abstraction successful that country of the household room. 

Other things to see are the airy levels successful the country and making definite the TV isn't positioned successful an abstraction that becomes covered successful sunlight, making it hard to watch. 

There are nary acceptable rules connected wherever to spot a TV successful a household room, it each depends connected your idiosyncratic needs and the benignant of the space. Exploring the ideas we person provided successful this nonfiction volition assistance successful your determination making and guarantee you get the champion retired of your household country successful your home.