Farmhouse bathroom ideas – 34 ways to combine rustic with chic

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A well-done farmhouse bath is the epitome of luxury erstwhile it comes to straddling the enactment betwixt cozy and chic. Not lone is it rustic and charming, but it besides offers a blase oasis for you to unwind astatine the extremity of the day, oregon get a jump-start connected a caller one.

If you’re looking for immoderate bathroom ideas that are some cozy and rustic-inspired, these superb farmhouse bath ideas are definite to assistance you make a sumptuous plan that is some liveable and aesthetically-pleasing. 

1. Go for muted wood flooring

How to reconstruct  hardwood floors bathroom

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

'In farmhouse bathrooms muted wood and chromatic flooring enactment well, offering a chic yet rustic look,' says David Snazel of Carpetright (opens successful caller tab). 'Consider a wood pattern, specified arsenic chevron, peculiarly erstwhile paired with units with a elemental design, to make an oculus catching floor.'

'To make a timeless look, take colors, patterns and materials crossed each surfaces, beryllium that flooring, walls oregon furniture, that enactment successful harmony together.'

In this space, reclaimed wood flooring and accepted fittings marque for stylish farmhouse decor ideas.

2. Add a splash of colour to elevate rustic elements

Splash of colour

(Image credit: The Residency Bureau)

'Minimalist colour strategy similar creams, whites and brushed browns are champion to execute the farmhouse bath benignant but don’t beryllium acrophobic to experimentation with affluent greens and blues, which tin adhd quality to kitchens and bathrooms,' says Richard Petrie, interiors adept astatine Thomas Sanderson (opens successful caller tab)

Adding a bold tile plan is simply a cleanable mode to heighten rustic elements and fuse modern and accepted styles. 

3. Add warmth with a rustic cabinet 

rustic cabinet

(Image credit: The Residency Bureau )

'Modern farmhouse bathrooms are each astir the earthy elements and chunky furniture, seamlessly blended with modern fixings and fixtures to make the cleanable balance,' says Connor Prestwood, interior decorator astatine Dowsing & Reynolds (opens successful caller tab).

'Source a beauteous rustic woody broadside furniture from a foundation store oregon reclamation gait and harvester with a worktop basin and modern mixer pat to make the eventual statement.'

4. Stay accepted with woody beams 

traditional woody  beams

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth )

'A main diagnostic of the farmhouse bath is the fusion of aged and new,' says Richard Petrie who suggests pairing classical features specified arsenic woody beams to springiness a vintage charm with much modern elements. 

In this space, crafted by Alexander Waterworth (opens successful caller tab), the neutral colour strategy and woody beams make a accepted benignant which is complemented by a modern freestanding bath. 'Standalone baths are becoming an indispensable look to the farmhouse approach,' says Waterworth. 

5. Go for the rustic look

neptune bath  retention  and basin

(Image credit: Neptune)

Introduce rustic fittings and furnishings to get accepted farmhouse bath ideas successful the mix. The rustic elements volition adhd warmth which perfectly complements the modern achromatic tones and cleanable lines. 

Connor Prestwood recommends styling worn woody shelving with ornaments to make a homely feel. 

6. Incorporate pops of colour for a modern look

pink cabinet

(Image credit: Kate Lester)

Light and agleam colors are casual farmhouse bath ideas. 

In this space, crafted by Kate Lester (opens successful caller tab), the pinkish furniture and patterned flooring enhances the cleanable lines and challenges the accepted neutral palette. 

7. Go for a cleanable achromatic and achromatic finish 

clean lines

(Image credit: Kate Lester)

'I deliberation the conception of farmhouse bath ideas is each astir taking the accepted farmhouse vibe and making it your own,' says Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors.  

'To me, it means lukewarm agleam whites, pops of black, and infusions of accepted conifer oregon elm woods. I deliberation it’s truly important to propulsion the boundaries and present juxtaposition with textiles, patterns and artwork that whitethorn not consciousness traditionally farmhouse-inspired.’ 

8. Go for brass bath taps for a modern look

brass taps

(Image credit: The Residency Bureau)

'I find that I thin towards chrome and brushed brass erstwhile moving connected farmhouse bath ideas,' says Amala Raj Swenson of Amala Raj Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'Both these finishes adhd a bully “jewelry ” connection to the space.'

The space, crafted by The Residency Bureau (opens successful caller tab), combines rustic and woody elements with modern features specified arsenic the brass taps which creates a lukewarm feel. 

9. Go for earthy wood cabinets 

farmhouse bath  with exposed chromatic  partition  and woody  washstand

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

'For cabinetry, I emotion utilizing earthy wood tones,' says Amala Raj Swenson. 'I deliberation galore radical instrumentality with achromatic but by incorporating much color, your abstraction has an other vibrancy to it.

'The wood tones besides adhd to that cleanable modern farmhouse consciousness without being excessively dense of a look.' 

10. Mix cleanable lines with earthy textures

farmhouse ablution  with grey cabinets and slate floor

(Image credit: Trish Estill/Bevan & Company)

'When creating farmhouse bath ideas, premix cleanable lines with earthy textures, high-contrast finishes, similar acheronian bronze hardware and achromatic grout connected achromatic tile,' says Bevan Talbott of Bevan & Co. (opens successful caller tab) 'Farmhouse bathrooms are each the carnal comforts of home, a disposable artist’s hand, mixed with the cleanable lines of modern furniture.'

11. Opt for acheronian tones for a rustic feel

dark tones

(Image credit: Fortune Brands)

'Textures, earthy materials specified arsenic woody panelling oregon exposed brick, and earthy tones exudes a farmhouse feel,' says Emma Joyce, marque manager astatine Fortune Brands.

'Darker tones including black, navy and burgundy assistance to physique a cosy, farmhouse look successful the bathroom.'

12.  Consider adding a banal vessel bathtub

bathroom with chandelier and freestanding bath

(Image credit: Future)

In lieu of a shower, a claw tub oregon a banal vessel are options that blend beautifully with modern farmhouse ideas. Laura Mooney, Owner and Head of Creative astatine The Mohicans Treehouse edifice suggests choosing a achromatic formed robust tub for a much classical approach, oregon spell with a copper sitting tub oregon repurposed banal vessel arsenic alternatives for a bolder scheme.

13.  Bring outdoor elements inside

Zig zag tiles successful  farmhouse bathroom

(Image credit: @artistresidence)

‘Anytime you bring successful a earthy constituent similar wood it bonds your tone with the outdoors,’ says interior decorator Channa Alvarez.  ‘When I deliberation of farmhouse bath ideas, I thin towards amusive modern touches similar a achromatic crisp walls with state inspiration.’

Alvarez suggests starting by making everything somewhat monotone, past adding backmost your favourite pieces, keeping things elemental and not cluttered. ‘It’s a cleaner look with tints of whimsy state touches.’

14.  Add sliding barn doors

Farmhouse bath  with achromatic  tub, woven ceiling lamps and barn doorway  entrance

(Image credit: The Expert/Leanne Ford Interiors)

If you are combining farmhouse chamber ideas with farmhouse bath ideas, it makes consciousness to abstracted the areas with a accepted door.

‘If you are gutting a country – as would beryllium expected with a dated bath – one should beryllium thoughtful with their prime of materials arsenic to not disrupt the travel of the vintage aesthetic,’ shares Mooney. ‘Everybody wants a modern bath and determination is simply a mode of accomplishing this without compromising continuity – like utilizing aged barn doors arsenic the main farmhouse feature.’

15. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to premix modern and rustic

Farmhouse bath  with acheronian  brownish  panelled walls, airy  woody  units and marble counter

(Image credit: The Expert/Cortney Bishop Design)

Mooney besides suggests juxtaposing modern countertop materials by utilizing elements similar soap chromatic – which adds a natural, earthy constituent – alongside much rustic woods for a modern farmhouse attack that isn’t overly kitschy. 

16.  Add warmth with linens

Farmhouse bath  with wooden-beamed ceiling, grey tiled floor, and ladder feature

(Image credit: The Expert/Amber Interiors)

Consider adding warmth to the abstraction by adding a textured linen – whether that’s a cloth ablution curtain, a spectacular model treatment, oregon a vintage Turkish rug. According to Mooney, the added texture volition bring a homey consciousness to the space.

17.  Consider a farmhouse-inspired sink

Farmhouse bath  with marble splashback and sink, with acheronian  woody  fittings

(Image credit: The Expert/Joy Moyler Interiors)

‘We emotion to incorporated farmhouse-style sinks, which are a signature statement,’ says Erin Coren, Co-Founder of Curated Nest (opens successful caller tab). Coren often opts for a brass apron descend oregon woody fixture to truly popular against much classical cabinets.

18. Go for minimal clutter

Luxury bath  with lighting, grey walls and mirrors

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

‘For me, farmhouse benignant truly is astir a manner – cozy, comfortable, casual fabrics, airy and airy,’ says interior decorator Karen B. Wolf (opens successful caller tab). ‘The thought is for the interior to bespeak a welcoming cognition that is relaxed, affable and uncluttered.’

To execute this, peculiarly successful a tiny oregon compromised space, you whitethorn request bathroom retention ideas made for purpose.

19. Skip shiplap

Farmhouse bath  with achromatic  and achromatic  floral wallpaper and woody  units

(Image credit: The Expert/The Fox Group)

While it tin beryllium tempting to spell for shiplap, according to Jill Valeri, proprietor of The Welcome Home: Interior Design Solutions (opens successful caller tab), precise fewer parts of the United States really utilized shiplap successful their aboriginal operation techniques. ‘Shiplap is simply not due successful each home,’ she says. ‘Instead, adhd the warmth of earthy wood oregon outdoor-inspired wallpaper.’

20. Go for a earthy colour palette

Farmhouse bath  with sage walls, marble descend  and brass mirror

(Image credit: The Expert/Stephanie Sabbe)

You don’t person to instrumentality to an all-white colour palette to execute the coveted airy and airy farmhouse look – instead, Valeri suggests incorporating colors that subordinate to nature. ‘Greens, blues, and creamy whites volition each enactment well,’ she says.

21. Repurpose existing items

Farmhouse bath  with pick  shiplap walls, monochrome tiled level  and connection    acheronian  wood   sink

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

‘One happening I ever deliberation astir whenever I locomotion into a farmhouse-inspired abstraction is that the decor feels lived-in, but inactive inspired and tasteful,' explains interior decorator Beth Brown (opens successful caller tab). 'Buying each caller decor items volition marque it consciousness much similar you walked into a showroom alternatively than a cautiously designed country-inspired space.’

22. Mix and lucifer furniture

Farmhouse bath  with standalone achromatic  tub and achromatic  matte faucets, alongside modern   furniture

(Image credit: The Expert/Jake Arnold)

Likewise, each caller furnishings volition hardly execute the desired rustic farmhouse aesthetic. If you perfectly indispensable acquisition each caller furniture, Valeri suggests combining wooden, antique, and mismatching furnishings for a collected feeling.

23. Consider reclaimed partition art

Farmhouse bath  descend  with sage shiplap walls and vintage gold-framed mirror

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

‘For partition decor, effort a quilt, framed representation oregon poem, oregon reclaimed wood shelves adorned with towels, and other toilet paper,’ suggests interior decorator Liz Walton (opens successful caller tab). ‘An antique brass oregon wood reflector supra the descend volition assistance the abstraction consciousness larger and much cozy.’

24. Go for aesthetically-pleasing storage

Farmhouse bath  with grey and achromatic  mosaic-tiled floor

(Image credit: The Expert/Jean Stoffer Design)

Michelle Harrison-McAllister, Founder of Michelle Harrison Design (opens successful caller tab), suggests adding a vintage handbasket to store bath towels that are either rolled and tucked neatly oregon placed successful a holding spot to beryllium washed – this allows for a laissez-faire benignant that’s casual to support and really looks good.

  25. Opt for playful tile patterns

Marble farmhouse bath  descend  backed with reflective greenish  tiles and ample  brass mirror

(Image credit: The Expert/DISC Interiors)

Bathroom tile ideas are a large mode to adhd involvement to a farmhouse bathroom.

‘What we are seeing a batch of for bathrooms is adding textures successful caller ways by mixing textures and colors successful tile,’ shares Heather Fujikawa, Owner and Principal Designer of House Sprucing (opens successful caller tab). ‘This offers an intentional farmhouse look that feels aged and caller each astatine the aforesaid time.’

26. Consider adding a astonishing popular of partition color

Farmhouse bath  with navy bluish  walls and units, with marble descend  apical  and brass fittings

(Image credit: The Expert/Stephanie Sabbe)

‘I support the basal successful farmhouse bathrooms precise cleanable and white. By keeping it light, simple, and neutral, you tin get distant with a stronger palette wallpaper to adhd a popular of color,’ explains Angela Reynolds, Owner of Angela Reynolds Design (opens successful caller tab)

What makes a farmhouse bathroom?

What makes a farmhouse bath tin beryllium architectural elements, fittings and – oregon – accessories. For architectural elements successful a farmhouse bathroom, deliberation woody floors, chromatic oregon ceramic walls connected show, woody ceiling beams exposed oregon shiplap panelling connected walls. For fittings, curvaceous, traditional-style faucets successful aged brass oregon copper tin make an atmospheric farmhouse bath style. Plus you tin adhd farmhouse bath ideas specified arsenic traditional-style bath towels with trim oregon detailing that hints astatine the rustic, oregon adjacent chromatic vases connected display.

Thanks to The Expert (opens successful caller tab) for providing imagery for this feature.