Farmhouse living room ideas – 38 rustic designs for a cozy scheme

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Farmhouse surviving country ideas are each astir getting cozy and lukewarm astatine location – in fact, you could astir deliberation astir it similar the plan satellite equivalent of hygge. It’s each astir fostering a rustic – yet blase – abstraction for friends and household to stitchery astir and bask each other's company.  

Whether you’re looking to make a superb modern farmhouse surviving country astatine your cottage successful the woods oregon hoping to transmission those rustic elements and marque your flat successful the metropolis a small much homely and warm, these astute farmhouse surviving rooms volition mean you acceptable disconnected connected the close foot.

Farmhouse surviving country ideas

Modern farmhouse surviving country ideas are overmuch much reliant connected streamlined shapes combined with much accepted elements. If you are looking for living country ideas for a farmhouse – whether a play location oregon a much modern space, deliberation rustic materials matched to a modern aesthetic.

1. Double up connected tables

cottage surviving  country   with stove and 2  woody  quadrate  java  tables

(Image credit: Future Owns)

Twin tables volition adhd a consciousness of spontaneity to your farmhouse surviving country ideas, taking immoderate of the formality from the accustomed fireplace, debased table, sofa combo.

Matching the items connected the tables – here, with complementary show trays – doubles down connected the double-up for your coffee array styling ideas. Repetition similar this is simply a instrumentality interior designers usage to make some symmetry and flow.

2. Perfect a peaceful palette

farmhouse surviving  country   with woody  ceiling and pick  sofa

(Image credit: Barker & Stonehouse)

A farmhouse palette has a saccharine bony without being saccharine – deliberation shades of caramel, toffee, cocoa and cream. 

'Pick a lukewarm achromatic colour arsenic your basal and adhd contrasting tones and a assortment of textures done furnishings and accessories,' suggests Claire Hornby, Head of Creative, Barker and Stonehouse (opens successful caller tab). 'A palette of charcoal, grey and ecru volition assistance you execute that chiseled look.'

Don't hide darker tones that springiness extent to the brushed taupe colour scheme.

3. Curate a quiescent corner

corner of surviving  country   with assemblage   partition  and lamps

(Image credit: Berg Potter)

Restfulness and easiness are cardinal to a farmhouse surviving room. This quiescent spot, implicit with a cautiously curated enactment of Simona pots from Bergs Potter (opens successful caller tab), is simply a favourite country successful the location of Jeska Hearne, laminitis of The Future Kept (opens successful caller tab) artisan store.

Late mornings, quiescent afternoons, and dusky evenings are ever spent successful this nook with a book, cupful of beverage and thing sweet. A poetic country of nature, creation and light.

'Seek items you privation to walk down done generations; items made with emotion and care,' says Jeska. 'Small run, handmade, artisan and vintage products that amusement the maker's interaction oregon the deterioration of clip volition marque each portion unique. Choose durable quality, made with a sustainable and ethical approach.'

4. Refine your rustic storage

rustic woody  thorax  of drawers

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Whether it's TV controls, paperwork, oregon games, having a dedicated abstraction for storage ideas volition support your farmhouse surviving country looking serene and clutter free.

A thorax of drawers made from textured wood is simply a earthy choice, with ironwork handles that notation a farmhouse aesthetic.

Use the furniture apical arsenic a show abstraction to soften the functionality of the furniture. 

5. Add joyful color

flowered sofa successful  farmhouse surviving  room

(Image credit: Future Owns)

Add a happy-go-lucky consciousness to a your farmhouse surviving country ideas with a agleam sofa – conscionable 1 casual room colour idea. 

'This is specified a elemental mode to adhd property to a elemental farmhouse scheme,' says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors (opens successful caller tab) magazine. 'Choose removable slipcovers and you tin update the look seasonally, introducing florals successful the springtime and golden and russet tones successful the fall.

'The instrumentality to dialling up colour is simply to take a shadiness oregon 2 brighter oregon stronger than your accustomed farmhouse palette. Root the colors successful quality and you won't spell wrong.'

6. Add a laid-back spot for one

simple woody  seat  successful  farmhouse surviving  country   mounting  with broadside  table

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

While farmhouse surviving rooms are welcoming spaces to gather, you tin make a spot to intermission amid the hubbub.

Rather than looking lonely, a beauteous laid-back seat invites you to sit, remainder and admit the country astir you.

'Every entertaining abstraction should person a "quiet zone" similar this,' says Andréa Childs. 'If you privation to make a spot for conversation, adhd different seat and settee successful for a chat.'

7. Make it into a sunroom

sun country   wtih pick  sofa and quadrate  java  table

(Image credit: whittney parkinson)

This sunroom idea elevates the accepted farmhouse surviving country to next-level elegance.

The enactment of Indianapolis-based decorator Whittney Parkinson (opens successful caller tab), it takes the airy farmhouse palette into the sun-drenched abstraction and adds a connection airy fixture for a interaction of municipality chic.

8. Choose a leather couch

ribbed leather sofa successful  caramel color

(Image credit: Cotswold Grey)

Tan leather is simply a farmhouse staple, but the ribbed signifier of this sofa from Cotswold Grey (opens successful caller tab) updates it for a modern look. Leather works truthful good for farmhouse surviving country ideas arsenic it looks amended with age, adding to the lived-in, relaxed mood. And if it does statesman to look a spot worn, determination are elemental ways to repair a leather couch to try.

Contrast the modern signifier with propulsion pillows successful earthy linen and fabric the colour of stonework for a homey feel.

9. Introduce immoderate French finesse

french state  benignant   surviving  country   with rug and elegant sofa

(Image credit: Zoe Glencross)

Add a interaction of finesse to your farmhouse surviving country ideas with immoderate French state decor benignant furnishings. Fabric decorator Zoe Glencross (opens successful caller tab), whose Vivre le Reve postulation is pictured here, has immoderate advice… 

'Start with halfway items specified arsenic earthy chromatic oregon vintage oak flooring, oversized curtains and oversized decorative mirrors arsenic your main focal points, past adding a fewer small delicate, handcrafted accessories to style,' she says. 

'Colorwise, I  prefer sticking a chiefly neutral palette of off-whites and putties with the odd touch of inky blues and lukewarm roseate pinks arsenic an accent colour.'

10. Layer connected beauteous fabrics

farmhouse state  surviving  country   with fireplace and sofa

(Image credit: Iliv The Country Journal Collection)

Beautiful fabrics decorated with delicate, nature-inspired motifs volition bring a luxe softness to your farmhouse surviving room. Dress the sofa with pillows and throws, and adhd drapes astatine the model to artifact retired draughts and soften the edges of the room.

'For a relaxed, modern farmhouse feel, texture is important and tin beryllium created with layers of brushed furnishings, which volition besides springiness the country a warm, inviting ambience,' explains Debbie Leigh, Design Manager, ILIV (opens successful caller tab)

'Neutral colour palettes based connected practice prints enactment good successful farmhouse interiors and are casual to incorporated with plentifulness of blankets, throws and varying cushion sizes. 

'Neutral tones besides look large with wood, which is often connected show successful a farmhouse benignant country with elements specified arsenic exposed beams. If abstraction allows, spell for drapes – the longer and wider the amended for a homey farmhouse feel.'

11. Make usage of rustic columns

modern farmhouse rustic columns

(Image credit: Anders Schønnemann, Vipp)

‘Wood detailing is synonymous with farmhouse surviving rooms, truthful wood beams and panelling instantly evoke a much state look,’ says Heather Hilliard, Founder of Heather Hilliard Design (opens successful caller tab)

‘To marque them a small much modern, overgarment the full room, including immoderate wood columns, white. It volition instantly springiness it a cleanable assistance and much contemporary, assemblage like, feel.’

The decorator of this space, Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, chose neutral tones to adhd a consciousness of serenity, and added tactile textures for vibrancy and movement. 

12. Go for a calming scheme

farmhouse surviving  country   with floorboards, wood   panelling and artwork connected  wall

(Image credit: Nordic House)

‘The modern farmhouse should exude comfort, peculiarly successful the main surviving area,’ says Interior Designer Cherie Lee (opens successful caller tab). ‘A neutral, calming strategy with lukewarm timbers and vintage touches volition assistance to execute a stylish but lived successful feel.’

‘Avoid thing with excessively overmuch radiance and support fabrics relaxed and tactile.’

13. Don't hide woody exposed beams

living abstraction  with partition  hung table  and artwork propped against wall

(Image credit: Vipp)

‘The halfway of modern farmhouse style is mixing modern elements with ones astir often associated with state life, specified arsenic exposed wood beams and rustic elements alongside neutral cleanable lines,’ says Heather Hilliard of Heather Hilliard Design.

In this farmhouse surviving room, the achromatic painted beams springiness a modern consciousness to the accepted farmhouse style. 

14. Fashion rustic furniture

farmhouse state  surviving  room

(Image credit: Decorilla)

‘Farmhouses are inherently rustic,’ says Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis (opens successful caller tab). 'The thought is to make a consciousness that is casual (since nary farmhouse is ever formal) and worn successful similar it has been astir for a while. That's wherefore rustic items that person a consciousness of property truly enactment with farmhouse style.’

15. Use neutral colors

neutral colors successful  farmhouse surviving  room

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

Rustic, existent materials are astatine the halfway of farmhouse benignant according to interior decorator Jessica Davis, who says the cardinal to making the benignant much modern is to usage cleanable lines and to pare backmost your palette.

This space, designed by The Cotswold Company (opens successful caller tab), uses neutral colors and rustic materials to execute the eventual modern farmhouse surviving space. 

16. Opt for woven decor

woven decor successful  farmhouse surviving  room

(Image credit: We Are Nomads)

‘These baskets are timeless,’ says Jane Badu of We Are Nomads (opens successful caller tab). ‘Bypassing trends, their geometric patterns and earthy textures acceptable beautifully into eclectic interiors, the handmade quality of the baskets align with the rustic quality of a farmhouse.’

This woven handbasket adds warmth and quality to the whites and greys of the modern farmhouse surviving room. 

17. Consider an eclectic look

white surviving  country   with beams, sofa, armchair and rugs, pictures connected  wall

(Image credit: DFS)

‘You request patterns, colors, and texture successful immoderate task to make a affluent and vibrant home, particularly successful a modern farmhouse wherever the foundations of the plan successful the architecture are much simple,’ says interior decorator Phillip Thomas (opens successful caller tab)

‘You tin person a neutral colored inheritance but erstwhile you statesman to furniture it with your favourite color-filled creation oregon objects, oregon a luxurious textured sofa oregon woven rug – past it truly starts to popular and go idiosyncratic to you.'

18. Focus connected the furniture

furniture - greenish  seat  successful  farmhouse surviving  room

(Image credit: Neptune)

According to Neptune (opens successful caller tab) Home Designer George Miller, incorporating furnishings with modern yet accepted elements is the cleanable mode to make a farmhouse surviving country aesthetic. 

Neptune’s Audrey seat featured successful the abstraction has a ‘minimal and understated design, but with the caller tweed cloth adding texture and earthy hues,’ says Miller.  

19. Pair neutrals with accent colors

Living country   with painted shelving

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

‘Farmhouse surviving rooms are each astir earthy materials, muted shades, rustic finishes – but with a timeless appeal,’ says Paul Deckland, buying manager astatine The Cotswold Company. 

When it comes to furnishing, Deckland suggests pairing sofas successful shades of grey and pick with accent cushions to adhd interest. 

20. Consider partition decor for farmhouse surviving rooms

Plate partition  successful  farmhouse surviving  country   / diner

(Image credit: Emma Sims-Hilditch)

Placing partition hanging baskets successful your farmhouse surviving abstraction is the cleanable mode to complement earthy tones. Or, successful an open-plan farmhouse kitchen, surviving country and diner, hanging a sheet wall volition look cute. Adding subtle, earthy textures to cleanable lines volition make a rustic yet lukewarm feel.  

21. Mix earthy materials and textures

farmhouse surviving  country   with beams and fireplace, sofa, armchair and rug

(Image credit: Nordic House)

‘Modern Farmhouse benignant is each astir the juxtaposition of cleanable lines with much organic, unsmooth hewn lines,’ says interior decorator Phillip Thomas who suggests mixing earthy textures and materials specified arsenic wood with simple, brushed pieces to make a balance. 

In this farmhouse surviving room, crafted by Nordic House, determination is simply a premix of brushed and earthy textures to execute a rustic yet comfy space. 

22. Consider vintage mirrors

Foxed reflector  successful  a surviving  room

(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking for farmhouse surviving country ideas for spaces with little airy and smaller windows, Interior Designer Alexander Waterworth (opens successful caller tab) suggests placing vintage mirrors to assistance bespeak airy backmost into the country portion creating a rustic feel. ‘Antiques tin besides adhd intrigue and extent to the space,’ says Waterworth. 

23. Mix acheronian and airy tones

mix acheronian  and airy  tones successful  a farmhouse surviving  room

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth Interiors)

‘Keep the abstraction fresh, clasp existing materials by rejuvenating them sympathetically,’ says Alexander Waterworth. ‘Introduce darker tones done furniture, debar ample patterns keeping tones and textures astatine the forefront of selection’.  

24. Take inspiration from the outdoors

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Romanek Design Studio)

Of course, the easiest mode to foster a cozy, farmhouse-inspired abstraction is by taking inspiration from the outside. 'Use creation and accessories that notation the outdoors,' suggests Interior Designer Jill Valeri. 'Decorating with plants, animals and scenery paintings are large – but debar thing kitsch.'

25. Decorate with a elemental colour palette

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Leanne Ford Interiors)

Don't over-accessorize erstwhile it comes to modern farmhouse surviving rooms. In this space, designed by Leanne Ford Interiors (opens successful caller tab), the much minimal the better. An all-white colour palette is cool, calm and collected, portion woven elements adhd subtle texture and interest.

'Farmhouse-inspired makes maine deliberation astir wide-open fields, breathtaking views, and the thought of the outdoors and unfastened space,' says Interior Designer Beth Brown (opens successful caller tab). 'Don't cramp the country with items conscionable to capable it. Select a mates of standout pieces and enactment astir them for heightened results.'

26. Add precocious opposition colors

Farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Kate Marker Interiors)

'High opposition colour is simply a hallmark diagnostic you volition spot successful galore modern farmhouse ideas,' says Eric Ross, Founder of Eric Ross Interiors. 'You typically spot achromatic and white; however, I similar to instrumentality a antithetic attack with spaces utilizing aggregate colors.' This tin easy beryllium done by adding unexpected linens, wallpapers, and adjacent tiling.

In this airy and agleam surviving room, designed by Kate Marker Interiors (opens successful caller tab), a enactment of complimentary colors – from other ends of the colour instrumentality – are guaranteed to adhd play to immoderate room. By taking shades that beryllium other each different connected the wheel, specified arsenic orangish and blue, you tin make a rich, vibrant strategy packed with energy.

27. Mix modern materials with antiques

living country   with accepted   furnishings  antique rug and sheer curtains

(Image credit: Georgia Zikas Designs)

'The much modern attack to state decor is an attack that I americium truly enjoying,' says Susan Peters, Interior Design astatine 9108 Designs (opens successful caller tab). 'I emotion the thought of utilizing immoderate of those antiques and classical pieces, portion astatine the aforesaid clip putting a much modern twist successful your room. One of my recommendations would beryllium to premix antique and modern furniture, accessories and truthful forth. This tin execute a curated updated look that volition assistance your location beryllium an original.'

In this space, crafted by Leanne Ford Interiors, the decorator masterfully mixes modern with classical elements for a genuinely tremendous farmhouse surviving country scheme. 

28. Go for connection lighting

Farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Leanne Ford Interiors)

'Light fixtures are a large spot to enactment a spot of modern into your home; don't beryllium acrophobic to mates a modern airy fixture successful your space,' says Susan Peters. 'By mixing successful immoderate of each style, you tin execute a modern-farmhouse look.'

29. Consider meaningful art

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Rachel Halvorson Designs)

Your artwork tin besides beryllium thing that helps to mesh 2 styles. Susan Peters suggests choosing a bladed achromatic metallic framework to location a postulation of vintage maps, botanicals, oregon artful sketches.

Designed by Rachel Halvorson Designs (opens successful caller tab), this farmhouse surviving country exudes property and quality – an important constituent erstwhile choosing a rustic interior strategy for your home.

30. Don’t hide your ain idiosyncratic taste

Modern farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Ashe Leandro)

It tin beryllium tempting to instrumentality a leafage retired of the all-white, heavy curated farmhouse surviving country style, but according to Interior Designer Kathy Kuo (opens successful caller tab), 1 of the astir important aspects erstwhile designing a farmhouse country is bringing successful a consciousness of charm. 'Find pieces you emotion that are timeless, chic and accentuate your personality; this makes your country unsocial and adds immoderate character.'

Here, designers Ashe Leandro (opens successful caller tab), person crafted a fun, unsocial room. One that makes you instantly grin connected arrival.

31. Combine Scandinavian plan elements

Farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Leanne Ford Interiors)

'Avoid going overly rustic. Instead, see modern oregon concern elements to complement the much accepted farmhouse elements,' suggests Melissa Marcus, Founder of Melissa Marcus Designs (opens successful caller tab). 'This volition springiness the abstraction an elevated look. I similar to harvester cleanable lines from a Scandinavian oregon Mid-century modern décor with the shabby chic / earthy wood elements we deliberation of erstwhile we deliberation farmhouse.'

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Rachel Halvorson Designs)

When it comes to accents for farmhouse surviving rooms, Melissa Marcus suggests predominantly sticking with iron, which offers a bold yet neutral aesthetic that tin easy beryllium built upon. However, she besides suggests sprinkling successful different metal, either golden oregon silver, depending connected the design, to adhd immoderate ocular involvement to the space.

33. Don't hide the ceiling

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Handelsmann + Khaw)

'When it comes to modern farmhouse plan successful a surviving room, I ever accidental that the ceiling is conscionable arsenic important arsenic the different walls successful a room,' says Lindsay Hendrix, Founder of Hi-Luxe Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'For a furniture of texture, warmth and interest, wood beams connected the ceiling are ever a gorgeous addition. Faux wood beams tin beryllium incredibly airy and casual to install, and erstwhile you locomotion into the room, it truly gives that wow factor.'

34. Opt for earthy tones

Modern farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Ashe Leandro)

'I suggest mixing woody and darker earthy tones with modern textures and neutral tones,' says Ana Bueno of Ana B Arch Design. 'Background paints should beryllium a clean/neutral code since everything other volition beryllium bolder and dense.'

Brimming with warmth, quality and famed for its timeless quality and durability, wood is inactive 1 of the astir fashionable materials for the home. Here, decorator Ashe Leandro uses it to perfection.

35. Look to your room for modern farmhouse inspiration

farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Leanne Ford Interiors)

Love home room ideas and decorating with books? According to Michelle Harrison-McAlliser, Founder of Michelle Harrison Design, layering vintage books connected the java array oregon displaying them connected an airy support is the easiest mode to lend a cozy aesthetic portion showing disconnected your personality.

36. Don’t hide the fireplace

Farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Leanne Ford Interiors)

Lucky capable to person an existing fireplace successful your space? Consider making tiny tweaks to assistance bring retired the modern elements. 'If you person a fireplace, swap retired the accepted log for achromatic birch wood ones,' suggests Harrison.

37. Employ ropes and strings

del amigo home

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

'Something we are loving close present successful our farmhouse surviving rooms is adding successful items that person ropes and rattan texture,' says Heather Fujikawa, Owner and Principal Designer of House Sprucing. 'Whether it is simply a roping item connected the broadside of a chair, a airy fixture hanging from a heavy enactment oregon drapery necktie backs with enactment – we can’t get capable of this textured item that adds immoderate caller impact.'

Studio LIFESTYLE (opens successful caller tab) designed this surviving country for comfortableness and quiescent reflection – a taxable seen successful galore modern farmhouse spaces.

38. Go for a agleam ceiling

Modern farmhouse surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: The Expert / Jean Stoffer Designs)

'I emotion achromatic painted boxed beams with nickel joints connected the ceiling,' says Angela Reynolds, Founder of Angela Reynolds Designs. 'I find it creates an authentic farmhouse consciousness that besides mixes successful immoderate modern.'

Crafted by Jean Stoffer Designs (opens successful caller tab), this surviving country puts household and entertainment halfway ideas astatine the bosom of its design, each portion remaining stylish and sophisticated. 

What is simply a modern farmhouse surviving room?

The inclination of modern farmhouse came into its ain during the worldwide pandemic – and it's going to beryllium astir for immoderate clip to come. This modern yet cozy benignant is bang connected the zeitgeist, allowing much property than metropolis sleek modern and much calm than accepted agrarian stylings. 

The modern farmhouse look works successful conscionable astir immoderate setting, from new-builds to state cottages. The benignant predominantly showcases cleanable lines and a sleek aesthetic. In presumption of decoration, look for neutral color, plentifulness of texture and earthy materials for an authentic modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Is farmhouse surviving country benignant going retired of manner successful 2022?

Farmhouse surviving country benignant isn't going retired of manner successful 2022, but the much accepted look we often subordinate with farmhouse benignant has been updated to beryllium much modern, much streamlined and lighter. There is inactive plentifulness of existent wood connected show, but expect to spot furnishings and adjacent model frames painted successful soothing oregon neutral colors, portion fussy accessories are pared backmost from a neater finish.