Feng Shui expert warns against a pointed chandelier in your entryway – here’s why

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When it comes to designing an entryway, you would beryllium forgiven for reasoning that a chandelier tin bash nary wrong. 

This enduring fixture knows however to marque a connection successful spaces of each sizes, and designers emotion its striking yet timeless quality to elevate a country instantly. However, portion this entryway idea is faultless successful presumption of design, it is little admired by those who signifier the principles of Feng Shui. 

While immoderate chandeliers are beneficial to your entryway's Feng Shui, other, much pointy fixtures whitethorn permission a antagonistic content connected each who walk done your home. This is what the experts debar – and what they urge choosing instead.  

Why you should ne'er person a pointed chandelier successful your entryway 

entryway with chromatic  tiled floor, rug, woody  ceiling and walls, chandelier, mirror, console table

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According to Feng Shui practitioner El Larson, you should ne'er take a airy fixture with downward points oregon angles, particularly successful an entryway. 

'Poison Arrows’ are crisp objects and 90° corners (from walls oregon furniture) that consolidate and nonstop assertive vigor to the idiosyncratic successful the enactment of fire,' El says. 'This is peculiarly problematic astatine the entrance, assuming the intent is for radical to consciousness invited entering the home.' 

When considering your entryway lighting ideas, the adept urges you to put successful fixtures that are 'rounded oregon level astatine the base' oregon that person corners that constituent upwards (rather than down).

How bash pointed fixtures interaction your entryway?

Entryway with chandelier

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The reply comes down to Feng Shui – the signifier of arranging your décor and possessions to beforehand a equilibrium with the earthy world. This teaching comes from the thought that vigor flows done the doors and windows of a room, and the placement of these pieces tin interrupt the flow. 

While the placement of your airy whitethorn look similar it won't person a immense effect connected your wide well-being, El warns that it could origin a occupation if you're exposed to atrocious Feng Shui for a agelong period.

'Minor imprints, repeated implicit clip (we usually acquisition our entryways 2-3+ times per day), tin person a large interaction – affirmative oregon negative,' she says.

Entryway with chandelier

(Image credit: Future / Tom Leighton)

When designing an entryway, you whitethorn request to rethink your lighting choices, but El suggests that you shouldn't halt there. Feng Shui likewise urges against sharp, pointy furniture, but that doesn't mean you request to portion with your favourite pieces.

'Hard corners of furnishings oregon walls pointing astatine the entranceway tin beryllium remedied by furnishings with rounded edges oregon placing plants oregon hanging tapestries successful beforehand to ‘soften’ corners,' El suggests. This enables you to put and bask astir each furnishings without having to interrupt the vigor travel – and person an entryway that is some stylish and bully for your wellbeing.