Feng Shui front door colors – 10 ways to use its principles when choosing a color scheme

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Contemplating Feng Shui beforehand doorway colour ideas to guarantee your location makes the close impression? From timeless favorites to much modern shades, there’s a wealthiness of hues to see that usage the principles of Feng Shui. 

Complementing the façade of the location is important, but so, too, is the enactment the colour volition strike, beryllium it cheerful and welcoming oregon much ceremonial and classic. The principles of Feng Shui mightiness besides power colour enactment of your front doorway ideas and the attraction needs of a peculiar prime volition apt travel into play, too. 

Here, we’ve gathered a big of beauteous Feng Shui beforehand doorway colors, some classical and modern successful their effect for inspiration and asked the experts to stock their proposal arsenic well.

Feng Shui beforehand doorway colors 

Feng Shui is an past practice, but 1 that has go fashionable successful occidental interior plan implicit the past respective decades, and thing we should surely instrumentality enactment of erstwhile take deciding upon the champion front doorway colour ideas for our home.

In Feng Shui, your front doorway design is 1 of the astir important areas of your property. This diagnostic besides represents the look you amusement to the world, and should beryllium chosen with conscionable arsenic overmuch attraction and information arsenic you would the remainder of your location décor ideas.

1. Attract affirmative vigor with black

Spring structure  with hard   landscaping and lawn

(Image credit: Emily Kates / Vivian Johnson Photography)

A astute prime for north-facing properties, achromatic beforehand doorway ideas instil affirmative vigor and a renewed transportation to nature. It’s intertwined with the h2o element, which represents wisdom, maturity and healing. Water is besides connected to your societal connections, truthful achromatic tin beryllium a supportive colour for gathering relationships and fostering communication.

For classical bully looks, achromatic is simply a winning prime for a beforehand doorway color. ‘A heavy achromatic beforehand doorway is ever successful style,’ says certified colour adept and certified interior decorator Pattie Kelly of Inspired Home Interiors. Black tin beryllium a earthy spouse to much accepted homes, and it’s a shadiness that volition standout, making the beforehand doorway a focal point. 

2. Use bluish to envisage caller beginnings 

spring structure  with symmetrical topiary

(Image credit: Tim D Coy / Margaret Ash Design & Home)

Another large enactment for north-facing homes is blue. Blue beforehand doorway ideas – from entity bluish done water bluish and connected to cobalt – bring serenity and tranquillity to immoderate location due to the fact that they are connected the cooler extremity of the spectrum, and look beauteous for some metropolis and cottage beforehand doors.

The colour bluish besides represents the wood element, which supports growth, cognition and caller beginnings. What's more, a acheronian bluish has been noted to enactment mindfulness. Shades similar this bluish is simply a cleanable spouse to accepted homes, too, ensuring the beforehand doorway is attention-grabbing but sympathetic to the architecture. 

'I don’t deliberation determination are immoderate hard and accelerated rules astir blue,' says Samantha Todhunter, laminitis of Samantha Todhunter Design. 'Some consciousness it has a froideur astir it. I disagree, it is astir the colors you enactment successful with it that volition marque the difference. Working with bluish is endlessly absorbing and playing with tones and textures tin alteration it from a vibrant jewel container to subtle and serene.'

3. Go with greenish for maturation and renewal

Front structure  ideas

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Green beforehand doors committedness to renew your transportation to quality and is said to evoke feelings of balance, vibrancy and bully fortune. The principles of Feng Shui urge that you overgarment with greenish if your location faces east.

Green is successful wide a calming, relaxing color. Being the colour that represents nature, it’s 1 that makes america consciousness bully and positive. 'The writer and philosopher Goethe utilized to picture greenish arsenic a utile color, a bully colour to person around,' says Francesca Wezel, laminitis of Francesca’s Paints.

Linked to the wood element, a greenish beforehand doorway volition invitation caller opportunities into your beingness and beforehand growth, enlargement and kindness. What's more, this verdant and uplifting color trend volition blend beautifully with foliage placed alongside the beforehand doorway oregon successful adjacent borders for a harmonious look.

4. Paint with grey if your spot faces west

Small beforehand   structure  ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Decorating with grey has go de rigueur successful interior design. Undeniably the caller but enduring neutral, this chill colour volition adhd a modern edge, elegance and a refinement to a beforehand door, and is simply a go-to for anyone who wants an easy-to-live with tone. 

The champion prime for a west-facing beforehand door, grey besides represents the metallic element, truthful it is colour strategy associated with determination, self-reliance and sophistication. In addition, it’s the colour associated with question and help.

5. Instil purity and cleanliness with white

Front structure  lighting ideas

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Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside assurance and sophistication, achromatic is simply a wonderfully versatile colour for the some the interior and exterior of your home. Connected to the metallic constituent successful Feng Shui, achromatic besides represents precision, connection and happiness. The west-facing absorption is besides tied to this element.

For a astute but subtle entrance, travel this home’s pb with the doorway painted to lucifer the façade. Bear successful caput that cleaning a beforehand door is simply a much regular task the lighter the beforehand doorway overgarment color.

6. Warm up with red

An arched beforehand   treble  beforehand   door, painted reddish  with solid  windows

(Image credit: Erika Bonnell Interiors/Stacy Zarin Goldberg)

Contemplating reddish beforehand doorway ideas? While the colour mightiness dependable similar a melodramatic choice, it’s really a hue that’s casual to unrecorded with, and decidedly worthy your consideration.

Red is the astir prosperous colour successful Feng Shui, arsenic good arsenic a compelling and ascendant colour prime for the translation of antagonistic energy. Red is besides connected to the occurrence element, which represents passion, aspiration and warmth.

As with immoderate colour utilized successful decorating, determination are galore variations of reddish to take from, and it’s a bully thought to deliberation astir which mode your country faces erstwhile selecting. The principles associated with Feng Shui suggest that this colour would beryllium champion suited to south-facing door. It is besides a fantastic colour prime for those surviving successful colder climates.

7. Perk up with pink

Front structure  ideas

(Image credit: Walls and Floors)

Pink beforehand doorway ideas truly bash work, particularly if you ain a south-facing home. This arguable hue tin really signifier a reliable doorway colour that channels thing from a modern to a classical country-house spirit, arsenic agelong arsenic you find the close code the exterior of your home. Not everyone would hazard utilizing pinkish for their beforehand doorway colour strategy but usage the close shadiness and it volition marque immoderate country look fresh, modern and precise grown-up. 

Color conjures up antithetic reactions successful everyone, adds decorator and decorator Sarah Fortescue. 'To me, pinkish warms my heart, it cushions my full assemblage and I consciousness its warmth and comfort. There is an infinite spectrum of pinks, however, depending connected the benignant of beforehand doorway you are decorating, the past of the house, its standard and function, pinks tin alteration hugely.'

You'll beryllium pleased too; the decorator Nicky Haslam is simply a semipermanent believer successful pinkish being the astir flattering colour for doors and walls. It is surely worthy considering the colors you usage alongside pink. Pink tin besides look fantastic alongside black. The cardinal is equilibrium – but neutrals adjacent to pinkish volition ever marque it look elegant.

8. Ground your abstraction with brown

Small beforehand   structure  ideas

(Image credit: Taylor Lombardo Architects)

The instrumentality of the seventies has been influencing exterior and interior trends for 2022; with a palette of either a lukewarm taupe oregon tan brownish that volition brace beautifully with the surrounding nature. This play sees a instrumentality to simple, restrained colour palettes – and being adjacent to quality has moved from greens of the wood to a soft, neutral palette of fossil tones and earthy elements.

In Feng Shui, brownish and different grounding neutral colors are connected to the world constituent and utilized to balance, stabilize, and nurture the inhabitants successful the home.

When it comes to beforehand doorway colour ideas, brownish is astir apt not connected your decorating agenda, but it's clip to rethink this erstwhile detested shade, arsenic the colour is suitable for conscionable astir immoderate beforehand doorway style.

9. Inspire with yellow

Feng Shui beforehand   doorway  colors yellowish  door

(Image credit: SondraP / Getty Images)

At the lighter, bolder extremity of the spectrum, yellowish is simply a colour of optimism 'The usage of yellowish tin make a mellow and uplifting exterior each astatine the aforesaid time. It transports america backmost to agelong lazy sun-drenched days successful the Mediterranean and it tin brighten america up connected gloomy days. 

Representing stability, harmony and rootedness, yellowish is connected to the world element. But yellowish tin beryllium a tricky colour to master, says Mike Fisher, originative manager and laminitis of Studio Indigo. 'In peculiar agleam superior yellowish arsenic it tin beryllium rather harsh and childlike contempt its sunny and affirmative connotations.' He likes to usage darker yet richer autumn mentation of yellows successful an ochre oregon saffron hue which enactment peculiarly good connected the beforehand door.

10. Create a lasting content with purple

Feng Shui beforehand   doorway  colors purple door

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From the deepest aubergine shades and striking royal purples, done to lavender, mauves and brushed lilac, purple is simply a versatile Feng Shui beforehand doorway colour which tin beryllium utilized to connected south-facing beforehand doors to make a bold and beauteous aesthetic. Reminiscent of countryside vistas, brushed lavenders tin besides person a beautifully therapeutic consciousness to exteriors.

While bold, violets and royal purples specified arsenic Pantone's Very Peri tin beryllium seen arsenic a daring choice, they tin enactment brilliantly for the exterior of your home, explains Paula Taylor, inclination specializer astatine Graham & Brown.

‘Last twelvemonth we predicted the striking blue-purple to beryllium a large subordinate connected the overgarment country – a bold splash creating that vibrancy that we are truthful successful request of during these uncertain times.'

What colour is bully luck for a beforehand door?

Within the principles of Feng Shui, the colour reddish is considered to beryllium bully luck for a beforehand door. Red represents bully fortune, protection, and symbolizes occurrence energy. It is besides a colour of powerfulness and authorization – an exceptional prime for those of america who privation to marque bold statement.

How bash I Feng Shui my beforehand door?

The principles of choosing the champion Feng Shui beforehand foor colors are arsenic follows:

North-facing door

Feng Shui element: Water

Choose: Blue, black, white, and gray

Avoid: Green, brownish yellow, red, purple and pink

South-facing door

Feng Shui element: Fire

Choose: Red, yellow, pinkish and purple

Avoid: Black, bluish and brown

East-facing door

Feng Shui element: Wood

Choose: Green, brownish and neutrals

Avoid: White, gray, yellow, pink, and purple

West-facing door

Feng Shui element: Metal

Choose: White, gray, yellowish and airy brown 

Avoid: Black, blue, red, purple, agleam yellowish and pink