Feng shui plants – 12 of the best plants for positive energy

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With feng shui plants you tin invited affirmative vigor into your home, arsenic good arsenic enjoying the quality of these surviving accessories. 

We person each gone a spot huffy for location plants successful the past fewer years, particularly with our homes becoming spaces to enactment arsenic good arsenic unrecorded and relax. There are galore benefits to adding indoor plants to rooms successful your home, not slightest that they tin soften and heighten the look of a space. But person you besides considered that done cautious prime and placement of feng shui plants for circumstantial spaces successful the house, you tin amended the travel of affirmative vigor successful your life?

'In feng shui we question to amended the travel of Chi which is our captious beingness unit energy. Living greenish plants correspond the wood element, which is said to cultivate quality hardiness, flexibility, healing and growth. So not lone tin you bring these qualities into your beingness and location by adding plants, but by bringing successful the constituent of quality into your interior abstraction you volition person much harmony betwixt your interior situation and outer environment,' explains Anjie Cho, New York based interior architect, feng shui advisor and writer of Holistic Spaces, 108 ways to make a Mindful and Peaceful Home.

The champion feng shui plants 

House plants connected  hanging rail

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You tin see a feng shui works successful immoderate country successful the house, but determination are definite choices that whitethorn beryllium amended for antithetic areas.

'In general, look for soft, rounded and particularly bosom shaped leaves successful feng shui plants – you privation to bring successful much easiness and travel to your beingness and space,' says Anjie Cho. 'For instance, successful a concern area, specified arsenic a bedroom, you mightiness not privation to spot 2 cacti, arsenic this would present prickly, crisp energy.'

'Spiky plants are not bully for feng shui; it is said that crisp points drain the idiosyncratic energy, truthful thing similar a cactus doesn’t beforehand bully energy,' agrees Rana Kashiwabara, a San Francisco based, feng shui certified interior designer.

'When reasoning astir works selection, astir are people air cleaning indoor plants, the wood constituent brings balance, and adding greenish colour to the abstraction is precise good, due to the fact that it is simply a precise uplifting color. Rounded edged leaves are bully for each parts of the location due to the fact that they bring large subtle energy,' Rana adds.

1. Money histrion – Pachira aquatica

money histrion   successful  a terracotta pot

(Image credit: Money histrion from Bloomscape)

'Money trees are commonly utilized arsenic feng shui plants and believed to bring wealthiness and bully fortune,' says Bloomscape's gardening expert, Lindsay Pangborn.

'But it's besides not conscionable fiscal abundance they correspond – fiscal wealthiness doesn’t needfully mean idiosyncratic feels abundant inside,' Anjie Cho adds. 'Plants don’t turn quickly, they instrumentality clip to cultivate and that teaches you patience. It's not astir getting affluent quick, but however to make a steady, steadfast travel of wealthiness into your life.'

With distinctive features, including its palmate leaves and gracefully braided trunk, 'the wealth histrion not lone absorbs toxins from the air, but tin enactment arsenic an impactful decor piece,' Lindsay adds.

Make definite you larn astir money histrion care to support your works steadfast and amended its feng shui benefits.

'A wealth histrion prefers deep, infrequent waterings erstwhile the ungraded measurement is 75 per cent dry. It thrives successful bright, indirect light, increasing astir evenly erstwhile it’s regularly turned truthful that each broadside receives an adjacent magnitude of light,' says Lindsay.

2. White vertebrate of paradise – Strelitzia nicolai

white vertebrate  of paradise indoor feng shui plant

(Image credit: White vertebrate of paradise from Happy Houseplants)

'Any steadfast indoor works increasing good is fantabulous for feng shui, encouraging nourishing affirmative energy. Foliage plants with lush leaves are traditionally the champion feng shui plants, promoting cleanable aerial and affirmative vigor successful surviving spaces,' says Mark of Happy Houseplants.

The Strelitzia Nicolai, oregon White Bird of Paradise is simply a bold, elegant, gangly houseplant, primitively autochthonal to South Africa.

'Although it's a gangly houseplant, it doesn't instrumentality up a batch of abstraction with its slim form. It likes precocious oregon day sunlight and wants to beryllium kept dry, truthful spell casual connected the watering. This is simply a large beginner's works arsenic it is casual to attraction for,' adds Mark.

3. Jade works oregon wealth works  – Crassula ovata

crassula ovata, wealth  works  oregon  jade works  successful  an ochre pot

(Image credit: Crassula ovata from Hortology)

'The jade works oregon wealth works is simply a fashionable succulent location works with a miniature tree-like operation and thick, fleshy, opal-shaped leaves,' says Mark McCance, Director of works and cookware supplier Hortology.

'Crassula ovata is believed to pull wealthiness owed to the coin-shaped quality of its leaves, and besides bring bully fortune,' helium adds.

'The wealth works is simply a bully feng shui works for the office. Typically, the southwest country of the location attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance. But you tin usage these plants to pull wealthiness and prosperity successful immoderate space, 'says Rana Kashiwabara.

Money plants prefers bright, indirect light, with a fewer hours of nonstop sunlight each time to assistance support their foliage afloat and vibrant, making them the cleanable plants for windowsills and conservatories. 

Money plants are casual to attraction for, and they typically person azygous growth. Find retired how to attraction for succulents to support them successful the champion condition.

'These plants bash not request to beryllium pruned regularly to look clean. They volition clasp each their foliage for months without dropping a leafage if cared for properly. When rotated regularly – each watering – astatine astir 45 degrees, they should connection bully azygous maturation throughout. Monthly leafage wiping should beryllium done to support them looking their champion and to let for optimal photosynthesis,' adds Matt Aulton, co laminitis of Plant Proper.

When increasing jade plants indoors, 'place them successful a sunny determination adjacent a south- oregon west-facing window. If the works is not getting capable light, it volition commencement to agelong and suffer its compact shape,' says Brody, co laminitis of The Indoor Nursery.

4. Pothos

marble queen pothos successful  a hanging planter

(Image credit: Marble Queen pothos from Live Trends)

'I emotion pothos arsenic they are hardy plants that adjacent a beginner tin instrumentality attraction of,' says  Anjie Cho.

'They make a consciousness of abundance and generosity arsenic they are truthful casual to propagate. Just arsenic if you person a effect histrion connected your land, it gives much than 1 household tin consume. So too, location plants tin besides connection this teaching connected sharing and generosity and abundance,' says Anjie Cho

It is casual to get to grips with pothos works care and determination are galore varieties of these fantabulous feng shui plants to take from, specified arsenic the Marble Queen pothos from Urban Jungle astatine Live Trends, with its waxy greenish leaves streaked with white.

5. Snake works – sansevieria

Snake works  successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Alamy)

'A snake plant, sansevieria, that has a sword similar leafage signifier works good for a hallway oregon introduction mode arsenic a feng shui works that offers a feeling of protection,' says Rana Kashiwabara.

'You tin spot plants either broadside of a beforehand doorway to make a gateway to heighten the affirmative travel of Chi into your home,' adds Anjie Cho.

Snake plants are precise debased attraction and tin grip debased airy levels truthful are a bully prime for debased airy plants.

Snake plants besides nutrient oxygen astatine nighttime time, helping to cleanse your indoor environment, truthful are a bully prime arsenic a chamber plant.

'A snake works besides protects you from negativities that could travel from the chamber door, truthful having her volition springiness you bid of mind,' says Clara Leung of Clara's Green House. 

'She adjusts to country temperature: erstwhile the country is excessively hot, she volition alteration somesthesia by giving chill O2. Likewise, erstwhile the country is excessively cold, she volition summation the somesthesia by giving a warmer 02,' Clara adds. She recommended placing a snake works connected the near broadside from your furniture framework oregon headboard.

'The champion mode to successfully h2o these plants is to cheque them play to spot if they are airy erstwhile they are lifted. If so, it's clip to water. Water snake plants thoroughly. Allow the h2o to tally done the ungraded wholly saturating it and draining retired of the drainage holes,' advises Matt Aulton of Plant Proper.

6. Philodendron bosom leafage – Philodendron scandens

philodendron heartleaf location   plant

(Image credit: Philodendron heartleaf from Bloomscape)

'The Philodendron bosom leafage is an air-purifying vining works that is casual to attraction for and has fun, heart-shaped, glossy leaves,' explains Lindsay Pangborn of Bloomscape. 

'This low-maintenance works is simply a large summation for an bureau table oregon support wherever its vines tin way down,' boosting affirmative vigor arsenic you work.

It is precise forgiving feng shui works and capable to tolerate each types of neglect, including debased airy – truthful is simply a bully prime arsenic a winter location plant – choky roots, and inconsistent watering. 'To assistance it thrive, supply agleam indirect light. A humidity boost is not required, but higher humidity levels beforehand larger leafage development,' says Lindsay. 

7. Anthurium clarinervium

Anthurium Clarinervium feng shui plant

(Image credit: Anthurium clarinervium from Happy Houseplants)

The leaves of the Anthurium clarinervium are large, acheronian greenish – astir achromatic –  have a beauteous velvet texture, and are the cleanable bosom feng shui works shape. 

'The achromatic veins basal retired against the leaves' acheronian green, forming a stunning pattern. This is simply a fantastic foliage location plant, and volition look astonishing successful immoderate country successful your home. It loves humidity, truthful a ablution room, bathroom, oregon steamy room would besides beryllium cleanable for it,' says Mark from Happy Houseplants.

8. Rubber works – ficus elastica

rubber works  successful  a metallic  greenish  pot

(Image credit: rubber works from Hortology)

'One of the champion air-filtering houseplants, the rubber works features wide, glossy greenish foliage and tin scope eventual heights of 32 feet (10m) with the close care,' says Mark McCance of Hortology.

'The wide leaves of the rubber works are said to assistance the travel of affirmative vigor passim interiors, helping to eradicate antagonistic Chi and beforehand wellness and prosperity,' helium adds.

These feng shui plants necessitate their ungraded to stay moist astatine each times; let the apical furniture of ungraded to adust retired somewhat successful betwixt waterings and use a tiny dose of works nutrition 1-2 times a period during the increasing season. 

'It is simply a spot of a superhero erstwhile it comes to removing toxins from your air, keeping you feeling refreshed. To optimize the feng shui of the plant, we suggest that you presumption it successful a sunny spot that is successful the eastbound oregon southbound eastbound of your home. In this position, it should bring an aerial of calm and positivity into your space,' advises Shannon Barnadin, co proprietor of The African Garden.

'As the ficus is related to the fig plant, it is connected with the bully luck that figs are expected to bring,' Shannon adds.

9. Rattlesnake works – Calathea lancifolia

Low airy  plants Calathea Pinstripe

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

Popularly known arsenic the rattlesnake plant, 'this quality has caller greenish leaves with darker greenish stripes and burgundy coloring connected the underside. Originating successful Brazil, Calathea Lancifolia is cleanable arsenic a sensation of the tropical rainforest,' says Mark of Happy Houseplants.

Its communal sanction has travel astir due to the fact that of its markings, which look similar a rattlesnake's skin. 'It needs agleam but indirect airy – if placed successful afloat sun, the leaves whitethorn curl up and burn. Always support Calathea damp passim the year, but fto it adust retired betwixt waterings truthful that the roots tin breathe,' Mark adds.

As good arsenic being bully feng shui plants, calathea besides marque large pet-friendly location plants.

10. String of hearts oregon hearts connected a drawstring – Ceropegia Woodii 

string of hearts works  successful  a yellowish  pot

(Image credit: drawstring of hearts works from Happy Houseplants)

'More commonly known arsenic a drawstring of hearts, the heart-shaped leaves marque Ceropegia woodii the cleanable feng shui works acquisition for idiosyncratic special,' says Mark of Happy Houseplants.

'It is an easy-care delight, with trailing leaves successful gorgeous greenish and purple. A precise accelerated grower, with a spot of care, this small quality volition thrive successful a tiny cookware for years. It likes a shady corner, but it volition besides bask a sunny spot, truthful it's not a fussy plant,' helium adds.

11. Aloe vera

aloe vera successful  a mustard works  pot

(Image credit: Aloe vera from Hortology)

'A trendy and easy-to-care-for location plant, aloe vera has thick, fleshy stems that incorporate a translucent gel that is favored for its healing and soothing properties. 

'The Aloe vera is besides said to ward disconnected atrocious luck and atrocious energy, helping you to realign your abstraction and make a welcoming and affirmative aura,' says Mark McCance of Hortology.

Learn astir aloe works care to get the astir from these feng shui plants. 'As they lone necessitate watering each 2-3 weeks during summer, they are the cleanable summation for homeowners who are fond of a summertime getaway,' Mark adds.

12. Peace lily

Peace lily

(Image credit: Alamy)

The bid lily is simply a favourite successful feng shui, and is known to support the vigor of a country affirmative and upbeat. The leaves are utilized to pull wealth, portion the flowers bring bully luck,' says Brody of The Indoor Nursery.

It is important to familiarise yourself with peace lily care to turn the plants successfully. A sunny windowsill is simply a large spot for these plants and they request deity aerial circulation.

Where should feng shui plants beryllium placed?

You tin spot feng shui plants successful immoderate country successful your location and they are a large living country feng shui idea. Ideally works them successful the country of the room.

'In feng shui, the content is to person a steadfast equilibrium of wood, fire, earth, metal, and h2o – the 5 elements,' explains interior decorator Rana Kashiwabara.

'The location is divided into 9 antithetic areas of energy, each with its ain taxable and organisation of the 5 elements. More of the wood constituent is needed successful the east, southeast, and southbound parts of the home. In my opinion, bringing successful plants to each space, with antithetic shapes of leaves, is of payment due to the fact that the 5 elements are incorporated by colors, shapes, and reflection; it doesn’t request to beryllium literal,' Rana adds.

There are galore schools of feng shui and portion immoderate whitethorn counsel the placement of plants successful definite room, others don't. 'For instance, immoderate counsel not to spot plants successful the chamber arsenic they are excessively active, but travel your ain feelings and experience,' says Anjie Cho.

If you bash similar to person plants successful a bedroom, place the narration area. 'Stand successful the doorway of the chamber looking successful and the acold close is the narration area. Here you tin spot 2 plants. They don’t person to beryllium the same, but a emblematic feng shui works prime is 2 bamboo stocks successful 1 base, arsenic a awesome of maturation successful your partnership,' adds Anjie.

'Nothing should beryllium climbing – specified arsenic a vine – successful the bedroom. Pothos, oregon devil's ivy, should lone spell successful the room oregon an bureau with computers, to suck up the atrocious vigor from the computers,' says David, laminitis of Plant Parenthood successful Massachusetts.

House plants

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What plants bring bully luck?

There are a fig of the feng shui plants listed supra that are believed to bring bully luck.

These see the rubber plant, the snake plant, jade works and wealth tree. But determination are galore much that could bring bully luck and adhd to the affirmative vigor successful your home.

Which works is bully for feng shui?

There are galore plants that tin beryllium bully for feng shui.

It is important, however, that 'when choosing the benignant of works you’ll usage successful your home, see the magnitude of airy that these areas of your location experience. Additionally, antithetic types of plants bring antithetic types of vigor into your home. You’ll privation to see some of these factors erstwhile choosing your plant,' says Andra of Trendey.

'You should ne'er enactment a houseplant successful an country wherever it won’t thrive, arsenic a dying oregon sick works volition heighten the energies of sickness, trouble and decay successful your location and truly you volition privation an ulpifting beingness space,' advises Anjie Cho.