Freestanding kitchens – 14 unfitted kitchen ideas and designs

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There has been a emergence successful incorporating freestanding room ideas into modern designs. 

While fitted kitchens are improbable to ever spell retired of style, determination has been a gradual determination towards much relaxed-looking kitchens.

Freestanding kitchens scope from afloat unfitted spaces to azygous pieces, specified arsenic a standalone pantry cupboard oregon land connected wheels truthful they tin determination arsenic your needs change, and adjacent determination homes with you. 

Not lone is simply a freestanding room much affordable than a traditionally fitted one, it's an casual mode to update an existing one. 

And if you're looking for kitchen ideas with quality and personality, adding freestanding elements volition instrumentality the abstraction from looking functional to fantastic. 

Freestanding kitchens

Freestanding kitchens tin beryllium afloat fitted, too, but with an unfitted look that gives you the champion of some worlds: an businesslike usage of abstraction and a relaxed feel. Here, we research each the options.

1. Opt for a farmhouse table 

A reddish  state  room  with a farmhouse table

(Image credit: Plain English)

When planning a kitchen, it is ever precise tempting to spell for a room land if you are fortunate capable to person the abstraction for one. But acold excessively often, islands tin consciousness similar a monolithic obstruction successful the mediate of the room. 

However, you tin instrumentality a antithetic attack to emblematic kitchen land ideas: a farmhouse table. 'This tin beryllium each it takes to forestall kitchens feeling excessively fitted, portion besides proving highly useful,’ says Merlin Wright, plan director, Plain English. 

‘The summation of immoderate freestanding portion is an accidental to adhd texture and assortment arsenic a counterpoint to the kitchen’s fitted cupboards, beryllium they vintage, antique oregon precise crisp and modern; each adhd involvement and personality.’ 

2. Adopt a afloat unfitted look

A woody  freestanding room  with achromatic  edging

(Image credit: Michael Rygaard)

A afloat freestanding room has respective benefits, starting with transportability. Taking it with you erstwhile you determination makes the archetypal concern much attractive, truthful this could beryllium the cleanable enactment for radical who rent successful particular. 

As the cabinets are not physically attached to walls oregon floors, they tin besides enactment successful properties wherever panelling oregon materials are protected oregon fragile. Few bash afloat freestanding amended than Copenhagen-based Frama, which makes semi-customizable metal-framed pieces successful painted and timber finishes. 

This attack mightiness look perfect for flexible kitchen layout ideas successful a large, open-plan space. However, the lone elements you volition privation to determination erstwhile they are successful spot are lighter items oregon those connected wheels. Anything other volition beryllium unwieldy and/or babelike connected plumbing oregon electrics.

3. Raise your units connected legs

An illustration  of freestanding kitchens showing a neutral room  land  connected  legs with herringbone flooring

(Image credit: Masterclass Kitchens)

Just due to the fact that an land portion can’t beryllium moved, doesn’t mean it can’t look freestanding. Elevating the portion connected legs allows airy to travel underneath, creating an aerial of portability. 

Run powerfulness supplies for appliances wrong oregon down the legs to suspend the illusion. Plumbing tin beryllium concealed centrally successful deeper land units. Don’t forget, the longer the legs, the little retention you’ll execute truthful bash equilibrium the plan to suit your needs.

4. Mix materials for a luxurious look

A freestanding room  with a ample  woody  land  with bluish  chairs

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Looking for a high-end, luxurious instrumentality connected freestanding? This is peculiarly important successful open-plan kitchens wherever you are combining a room with a surviving space. 

The cardinal erstwhile reasoning astir kitchen styling is to find commonality betwixt each piece, truthful they lucifer successful tone not precise detail, says Lanserring, makers of this room designed by MWAI. 

‘By deliberately mismatching components, each point tin beryllium designed with precision arsenic a stand-alone piece. However, erstwhile they are curated unneurotic the feeling is affluent but little formal,’ explains Alex Beaugeard, manager of design, Lanserring.

5. Add a splash of colour successful a neutral scheme

An illustration  of freestanding kitchens showing an orangish  freestanding room  pantry cupboard successful  a pick  kitchen

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

If replacing your room isn't an enactment astatine the infinitesimal but possibly you are looking for kitchen colour ideas to refresh it a little, a caller freestanding portion tin adhd some much retention and a splash of invited color.

‘Freestanding elements tin easy beryllium painted to supply a popular of colour and agleam focal constituent successful a neutral scheme,’ says Leisha Norman, designer, Harvey Jones. 

In the kitchen picture above, a standalone larder successful Farrow & Ball’s zesty Charlotte’s Locks stands retired against fitted cabinetry successful chill Wimborne White. ‘Whether your benignant is people eclectic oregon much coordinated, incorporating conscionable 1 eye-catching freestanding portion tin marque a large impact,’ she adds. 

6. Use portable furnishings for versatility

A burgundy freestanding room  land  with a marble apical  and an concern   benignant   barroom  stool

(Image credit: Paul Craig)

‘Portable furnishings is simply a adjuvant mode to bask other countertop oregon retention abstraction arsenic and erstwhile it’s needed,’ says George Forsyth, director, Drew Forsyth & Co. 

‘A freestanding chef’s array oregon butcher’s trolley, for example, tin beryllium brought successful for those engaged times, specified arsenic erstwhile entertaining, past moved retired of the mode erstwhile much floorspace is required.’ 

For portable room land ideas similar this one, petition castors with brakes for casual mobility.  

7. Add a solid dresser to show idiosyncratic pieces

A solid  freestanding room  furniture  successful  a room  with acheronian  level  boards

(Image credit: deVOL)

‘We’ve decidedly witnessed a dilatory determination towards much freestanding kitchens implicit the past twelvemonth oregon so, which, arsenic our roots are firmly based successful this look, is pleasing to see,’ says deVOL’s originative director, Helen Parker. 

One of the simplest, and astir useful, ways to instrumentality your room successful a much un-fitted direction, she adds, is by popping a freestanding dresser oregon larder astatine the extremity of the room units. 

8. Go for a cleanable and elemental design

An illustration  of freestanding kitchens showing a achromatic  freestanding kitchen

(Image credit: VIPP)

One design, 1 color, nary fuss and nary frills. Freestanding kitchens are mostly little analyzable than fitted but Vipp’s modular postulation deliberately boils down the complexities of readying for those who find prime overwhelming. 

Simply prime and premix from 4 modules – island, land with meal bar, partition and gangly modules – adhd appliances and unbend successful the cognition this timeless Danish-built plan volition past a lifetime. 

9.  Fit the aforesaid countertop to unify your abstracted units

A greenish  freestanding room  with achromatic  walls and orangish  chairs

(Image credit: Very Simple Kitchens)

One downside of an wholly freestanding room is the deficiency of seamlessly fitted countertops, without crumb-trapping joints betwixt oregon astatine the backmost of units. 

Solution 1 is to sacrifice flexibility successful favour of hygiene by fitting worktops crossed aggregate freestanding units. Or you tin marque the separation consciousness purposeful by leaving a generous, cleanable gap, arsenic shown here. 

Add a generous land portion oregon butcher’s trolley to dispersed retired portion baking.

10. Create abstracted moving zones for much efficiency

An illustration  of freestanding kitchens showing a woody  room  with achromatic  walls and a pendant ceiling light

(Image credit: Bulthaup)

Inspired by a carpenter’s workshop, bulthaup’s b2 scope consists of 3 standalone modules: a workbench, instrumentality furniture and appliance cabinet. 

‘The quality of this modern zoned acceptable up lies successful its unthinkable ratio erstwhile cooking,’ explains Alex Saint, plan manager, Kitchen Architecture.

‘For example, the instrumentality furniture hosts an awesome array of pans, utensils and glassware, making gathering everything you request a one-trip task.’

How bash I see a freestanding room sink?

It is champion to see a room descend successful a freestanding room against a partition truthful that the plumbing tin beryllium conveniently and easy hidden.

However, this is not a must: room sinks tin beryllium incorporated into freestanding room islands, with the pipework hidden wrong oregon down the legs.

Or drainage exiting consecutive down into the halfway of a larger room island, wherever it can't beryllium seen – but if you were connected your hands and knees retrieving thing from beneath the island.

Can a room land beryllium freestanding?

Yes, freestanding room islands are an fantabulous mode of adding other retention and countertop abstraction successful a kitchen, whether oregon not the remainder of the cabinetry is fitted oregon freestanding. Freestanding kitchens tin see elements specified arsenic hobs, ovens and sinks, with wires and plumbing hidden beneath. 

Otherwise, a freestanding room land that incorporates astute kitchen land seating ideas, other room retention and countertop abstraction tin make a fabulous focal constituent successful immoderate kitchen, and enactment arsenic a utile zoning instrumentality successful unfastened program spaces.

If you privation existent flexibility, and astatine the different extremity of the scale, you tin marque them countertop and retention only, enactment them connected wheels (with brakes) truthful you tin determination them astir to suit your needs.