French country kitchen ideas – 50 designs with Gallic charm

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Just similar French food, French state room benignant is continually updated to relationship for caller trends and tastes, portion ne'er losing the classical ingredients that marque it unique. It's what makes it unsocial among each the different kitchen ideas and styles retired there.

A immense farmhouse array for gathering around, an armoire for lodging china and glassware, unfastened shelves displaying stoneware and canisters successful neat rows, and shining copper pans hung supra a stove are each quintessential elements of the look. 

French state room ideas: uniquely chic

‘A emblematic French state room is rustic but ever chic. Using a substance of integrated materials, aged and caller furnishings and exposed stone, creates a convivial and lukewarm feeling. A cleanable spot for preparing emblematic French cuisine,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director astatine Tom Howley. 

Discover however to recreate the look successful your ain location with our adept plan tips.

1. Focus connected the colour scheme

blue dresser successful  gallic  benignant   kitchen

(Image credit: Case Design/Remodeling)

While there’s ever an objection to the rule, French state kitchens ideas and palettes thin to beryllium absorption connected paler tones.

‘The abstraction betwixt accepted and elegant is wherever astir French state kitchens fall,’ says Larry Greene, President of Case Design/Remodeling successful Indianapolis. ‘You person escaped reign to usage tons of agleam whites and weathered neutrals – these colors volition complement immoderate rustic chromatic accent oregon warmly toned farmhouse-style furniture that you choose.’

Another accepted operation to tune into is bluish and white. ‘This tin look peculiarly beauteous arsenic a patterned, country-inspired backsplash – arsenic successful the supra Cape Cod kitchen. It’s besides commonly utilized arsenic colour inspiration for room islands and the surrounding cabinets.’

2. Bring connected baroque styling

french benignant   kitchens with ornate cooker hood and cabinetry

(Image credit: Kellie Burke interior design)

For a look that's much manoir than rustic, it pays to heap connected the decorative details.

‘French state styling tin make a warm, inviting room design. It's an instantly humanities notation that imbues a European casual, textural acquisition with rustic baroque carved embellishments,’ explains Kellie Burke, an award-winning decorator based successful Connecticut.

‘Typically, deliberation of walnut, cloaked successful heavy chunky layered paint, done successful multi-tonal, highly distressed, neutral pallet. Habersham Home is my go-to adept successful this layered humanities luxe cabinetry.’

3. Layer your look

french benignant   kitchens with scope  cookers

(Image credit: The French Design Formula)

The astir instinctive, originative interiors ne'er look off-the-peg; there’s a consciousness that the benignant has evolved implicit years.

‘French state kitchens person a look for livability, offering a layered look that ages well,’ explains Denver-based interior designer, Jaqueline Chavanu of The French Design Formula. ‘Upon entering a French state kitchen, you instantly consciousness astatine home, with comforts that are some relaxed and refined.  

‘Elements see airy oak wood matte finished flooring oregon limestone floors, which make a timeworn look.’

4. Turn up accepted touches connected cabinetry

french scope  cooker and ornate hood

(Image credit: Case Design/Remodeling)

The French state room look references play styles for immoderate of its classical, decorative details.

‘‘French state cabinetry takes much inspiration from accepted furnishings than the sleek and minimal cabinets you mightiness find successful a modern-styled kitchen,’ says Larry Greene, President of Case Design/Remodeling successful Indianapolis. 

‘Most accepted French state kitchens see elaborate scope hoods oregon crown molding, portion the modern mentation prefers accents that are conscionable arsenic functional arsenic they are eye-catching.’

5. Add a refined touch

wooden room  with unsighted  and barroom  stools

(Image credit: Sarah Barnard)

‘French state kitchens ideas are astatine erstwhile casual and refined. The timeless elegance, muted colour palette and functionality of a French state room marque this benignant a lawsuit favorite,’ says New York interior designer, Phillip Thomas. 

‘I ever similar to accidental that bully plan is successful the premix – that propulsion and propulsion – whether it beryllium precocious mixed with low, oregon accepted mixed with modern. A French state room is conscionable that. Textures mixed with shiny elements, muted creams and cornflower bluish mixed with affluent reds oregon yellows, earthy oregon white-washed wood tones with marble countertops, elegant but not fussy.’

6. Take a extremity from chic cafés

cafe benignant   barroom  stools astatine  room  island

(Image credit: Case Design/Remodeling)

‘French scroll airy fixtures, cafe-style chairs astatine the countertops, and decor with an antique quality tin each springiness you the French state benignant that you want,’ says Indianapolis-based interiors expert, Larry Greene of Case Design/Remodeling.

‘Don't shy distant from wrought robust oregon copper, either – they’ll adhd French state flair to your room and springiness you support to spell antique buying and spell bold with drawer pulls, faucets and the scope hood. Make sure, whichever decorativeness you bash choose, that it doesn’t overwhelm the remainder of the design.’

7. Mix your finishes

french benignant   kitchens with ornate cooker hood and cabinetry

(Image credit: Kellie Burke interior design)

French state room ideas are a chic amalgam of high-end design, complemented by earthy and rustic finishes. This room by interior decorator Kellie Burke, for example, places ornate cabinetry wrong a barn-style setting. 

Heavy beams are offset by a scrolled island. A lime-washed decorativeness connected the room is contrasted with the faded overgarment connected the ceiling. And antique statues are acceptable against sleek appliances and astute fabrics.

It's an attack communal successful country decorating ideas, fixed an other interaction of French flair.

8. Make the stove the star

french benignant   kitchens with scope  cookers

(Image credit: The French Design Formula)

A gleaming scope cooker is the Chanel handbag of the French state room – a timeless, connection portion that elevates immoderate look. Indeed, it's a staple of country room ideas successful the US, too.

‘A scope that is the centerpiece of the kitchen,’ agrees Jaqueline Chavanu of The French Design Formula. ‘Alongside this, determination should beryllium tons of prep abstraction to cook, with honed marble, quartz, oregon reclaimed wood countertops.

Decorative elements implicit the look. ‘I look for “treasure” finds, specified arsenic antique ironstone dishes, copper pots, antique china and artwork,’ says Jaqueline.

9. Take your French state room outside

outdoor room  successful  rustic gallic  style

(Image credit: Adrian Briscoe/Future)

‘French provincial benignant has been connected our radar for rather immoderate clip now, says Texas-based interiors expert,’ Stefan Bucur, from Rhythm of the Home. ‘There are immoderate cardinal features that each French Country kitchens share, whether we’re talking astir archetypal agrarian buildings successful France oregon revival versions successful the United States.

‘Traditional French state room designs see arched windows, lukewarm colour schemes and patterned designs, portion the emblematic materials utilized for the facades of the homes are ceramic oregon stone. Those characteristics springiness the French state room a feeling of texture some indoors and outdoors. 

‘Whether we're talking astir an autarkic outdoors summertime room that was built for the intent of enjoying quality – different beardown constituent of the French Country benignant – oregon the main room of the home, the benignant balances accepted and immoderate rustic elements with a bully dose of sophistication to marque the plan consciousness much elegant. Because determination is specified a beardown absorption connected texture the colors are usually chosen cautiously to beryllium harmonious with the earthy surroundings.’

10. Look to nature

wooden room  with unsighted  and barroom  stools

(Image credit: Sarah Barnard)

It’s clip to spell au naturel erstwhile you’re considering your French state room ideas.

‘Warmer colors rooted successful quality enactment champion for painted cabinetry,’ explains Sarah Barnard, an LA-based interior decorator who has created galore French-style kitchens. ‘For darker palettes, I similar heavy earthy tones of greenish oregon lukewarm mushroom grays – colors you whitethorn find connected a wood level during a quiescent walk. For lighter tones, milky whites and shades of dove consciousness agleam and acquainted and tin soften the space.’

Sarah has an absorbing instrumentality connected a cardinal room feature.

‘Because scope hoods are often truthful decorative and focal successful a French country-style kitchen, I similar to deliberation of them likewise to connection jewelry. They should beryllium beauteous and breathtaking successful their ain right, but they should besides talk to different elements of the abstraction and assistance bring the room to life.’

Antique oregon patinated metals enactment well, either arsenic a implicit hood oregon arsenic accent detailing. ‘Similarly, decorative chromatic and wood tin beryllium an charismatic option, though I suggest avoiding thing overly ornate oregon austere – determination should inactive beryllium an approachable quality,’ Sarah says. 

11. Go Gallic successful a butler's pantry

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

This gorgeous monochrome butler's pantry exudes French charm. Taking chic achromatic cabinetry arsenic the starting point, the strategy features matt achromatic café-style solid racks and a complementary pendant light.

Gleaming silverware and caller roses upgrade this elemental galley into the epitome of Gallic style.

12. Use chromatic arsenic a splashback

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Kasha Paris)

This stunning room by Parisian plan duo Alon & Betsy Kasha of Kasha Paris harnesses the archetypal chromatic of this play spot to make a elemental rustic look.

Keeping the decor successful akin tones creates a serene mounting that blends modern benignant with rustic authenticity.

13. Repurpose Champagne baskets for storage

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

'We usage accepted French baskets successful our schemes to make standard and height,' explains Phoenix-based interior designer, Dana Lyon, main decorator of The Refined Group. Placing them connected the apical of cabinets draws the oculus upwards, emphasising a precocious ceiling portion besides adding earthy texture that brings refined rusticism to the scheme.

14. Decorate with plates

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Kasha Paris)

Don't restrict your emotion matter with French cuisine – oregon rather, crockery – to the table. Ceramics picked up from gait sales, markets and brocantes bring a delightfully informal benignant to a French state room and polka dots of agleam colour to a achromatic decorating scheme.

15. Create a freestanding feel

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

'Integrating antique portion arsenic cabinetry provides a blase state look,' says Dana Lyon from The Refined Group, which created this room scheme.

Here, cloth panels wrong the glazed cabinets shield the contents from view, simplifying immoderate ocular 'clutter'. Taken with basketry and ceramic flooring, the look successfully melds refinement with authentic French state style.

16. Inject a interaction of Provencal blue

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Kasha Paris)

The colour associated with the Mediterranean and the South of France brings a classical Provencal look to a state kitchen. Keep the look airy by utilizing this beardown bluish arsenic an accent colour successful tile and accessories, oregon spell bold and overgarment cabinets successful the shade. 

17. Aim for a chic state look

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Rebecca McAlpin Photography/Glenna Stone Interior Design )

'French state is an elevated, elegant benignant with perfectly aged woods, curved silhouettes, and brushed colors,' says Glenna Stone from Philadelphia decorators, Glenna Stone Interior Design.  

'Like truthful overmuch of French style, it walks the enactment of effortlessness without tipping into messiness.  It’s the location plan equivalent of a beautifully tailored overgarment paired with a scarf that's undone conscionable capable to beryllium chic but not sloppy.'

When you're translating this look to your ain French state room ideas, deliberation astir pairing rustic timber beams and painted woody cabinets, with chic marble oregon quartz countertops.

'We designed this stunning room with exposed beams, leathered quartzite countertops veined with blue, and a hand-cut solid mosaic tile backsplash that incorporates blues, grays, and hints of white,' says Fuscia.

18. Consider a limestone hood

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

Setting a scope cooker wrong a chimney bosom is simply a classical interaction erstwhile you're establishing your French state room ideas. But you tin elevate the look further with your prime of material.

'We similar to usage antique limestone fireplaces as the hood situation arsenic it adds an authenticity and an architectural element,' shares The Refined Group's Dana Lyon.

19. Add glamor with marble

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Kasha Paris)

In a smaller French state kitchen, refined surfaces elevate the abstraction – deliberation marble splashbacks, polished wood flooring and a astute but neatly sized scope cooker. 

This plan by interior plan steadfast Kasha Paris puts each the elements successful spot for a chic but compact space.

20. Include copper accents

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Mark Lohman/Alison Kandler Interior Design)

'When I'm creating a French state room design, I'll usage copper oregon brass alternatively of nickel oregon chrome,' says California-based interior designer, Alison Kandler. 'It instantly adds warmth to immoderate kitchen.'

Lighting is an charismatic mode to see these affluent metallic accents. You could besides usage copper pans, brass handles and hardware, and decorative accents to adhd this classical French interaction to your cooking area.

21. Incorporate antique furniture

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Rett Peek/Clive Christian Furniture Co)

The elegant shapes of antique furnishings adhd a interaction of refinement to a rustic-style room – adjacent 1 arsenic elevated arsenic this plan by Clive Christian Furniture Co. 

Here, the curved woody chairs echo the colour of the polished wood floor, bringing some warmth and sophistication to the scheme.

Oliver Deadman, Head of Design, Clive Christian Furniture says, 'A French room is typified by the immediate feeling of the space being 1 of familiarity but successful adjacent measurement elegance. Featuring our Architectural cabinetry collection, this plan by interior decorator Heather Hungeling, echoes this sentiment. 

'Traditionally manus painted, French style kitchens predominantly follow an disconnected achromatic oregon pick basal accented by lukewarm tones to soften the palette, creating a equilibrium betwixt geometry and structure and a interaction of femininity. Though we are a British cabinetry designer and maker, the sentiment of timelessness is thing I would accidental we stock successful this space, which this kitchen and Heather's design brings to life.

Interior Design by Heather Hungeling.

22. Display creation creatively

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Mark Lohman/Alison Kandler Interior Design)

'Buy vintage creation astatine flea markets, sticking to a taxable if possible, specified arsenic dogs, flowers oregon landscapes,' suggests interior decorator Alison Kandler. 'I similar to usage creation successful unexpected places, specified arsenic nether precocious cabinets to fell electrical outlets and adhd colour and charm.'

23. Hang antique doors

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: The Refined Group)

'Incorporating antique oregon reclaimed doors into a French state room strategy makes it timeless,' suggests Dana Lyon from The Refined Group.

Look for glazed doors and beauteous detailing to bring the refinement of the French look. By leaving woodwork bare, you volition clasp a rustic aesthetic that takes the formality from grander designs. Part of the charm is the disposable knots and marks of time.

24. Create abstraction for elegant dining

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Rebecca McAlpin Photography/Glenna Stone Interior Design )

'Compared to different state styles, French state is the blase older relative who mixes vintage pieces with caller and makes it look soft, livable, and fabulous,' says interior decorator Glenna Stone.

'This room abstraction includes a meal country with chairs featuring handwoven enactment backs and pick upholstery paired with the client’s vintage eating table.

'Overhead, we added an unfussy chandelier successful antique brass with achromatic shades for that “just enough” feeling.'

25. Mix aged and caller effortlessly

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

A cardinal thought successful French state kitchens is to premix aged and caller pieces.

'Collect vintage items, specified arsenic French enamelware oregon aged wicker baskets, and usage them to make a colorful display,' suggests interior decorator Alison Kandler.

26. Opt for elaborate cabinetry design

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Rett Peek/Clive Christian Furniture Co)

For a French state look with a hint of haute couture styling, look to adhd decorative details to your cabinetry and trim.

Beaded furniture doorway fronts, ornate mantels, footwear plinths and pillars each springiness a much refined look to state kitchens. 

'A French room is typified by a feeling of familiarity and elegance successful adjacent measure,' says Oliver Deadman, Head of Design, Clive Christian Furniture. 

'Featuring our Architectural cabinetry collection, this plan by interior decorator Heather Hungeling echoes this sentiment. Traditionally handpainted, French-style kitchens predominantly follow an off-white oregon pick basal accented by lukewarm tones to soften the palette, creating a equilibrium betwixt geometry and structure and a interaction of femininity.'

27. Find your flair for color

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Mark Lohman/Alison Kandler Interior Design)

Although the French palette is often thought of a subdued, the state look tin beryllium bolder and brighter – conscionable deliberation of classical Provencal linens.

'Don’t beryllium acrophobic to premix successful bold colors,' agrees interior decorator Alison Kandler. 'I ever commencement with a multicolored cloth that inspires me. I propulsion retired each of the colors and make a palette.' 

This adept attack is easy replicated erstwhile you're refining your ain ideas for your French state room look. 

28. Focus connected patina

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Ty Cole/Bespoke Only)

Mix humanities and modern styles to make a layered, lived-in French state look. 

'In a newer kitchen with modern cabinetry, you tin execute this by utilizing patinated hardware, handmade stoneware and antique furnishings,' says Torre Lisi from New York plan firm, Bespoke Only, which worked connected this task by designer Simpson Jacoby.

Open shelving is simply a considered mode to show your favourite pieces. Not a instrumentality of the unfastened look? Opt for glazed cabinets alternatively erstwhile you're readying your French state room ideas.

29. Be brave with tile

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Mark Lohman/Alison Kandler Interior Design)

A beardown tile plan is simply a quintessential constituent for a French state room and a large thought erstwhile you person a ample country to cover.

Be brave and don't beryllium acrophobic to take a graphic plan that volition adhd involvement to your strategy – successful a brushed palette, it won't overwhelm the room. You tin prime retired the cardinal colour and overgarment your land oregon peninsula successful the aforesaid shade.

Taking the tile up from antagonistic to ceiling creates a coherent, modern rustic look.

30. Switch to partition lights

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Ty Cole/Bespoke Only)

'To heighten a relaxed, French rustic atmosphere, we similar to usage partition sconces successful lieu of little flattering overhead light,' shares Torre Lisi from Bespoke Only. 'This softens the airy prime and creates an ambient glow cleanable for slow, state living.'

Wall lights tin beryllium utilized to illuminate the eating table. 'The bosom of immoderate French country kitchen is the eating table,' explains Lisi. 

'We similar the thought of uncovering a salvaged array and mixing up the seating with vintage bistro chairs and a bench. This creates a casual, communal vibe portion promoting the sharing quality of country-style dining.'

31. Take a escaped and casual approach

French state  room  ideas armoire

(Image credit: Future)

Even if you’re creating your caller French-style room from scratch, it should look arsenic if it’s evolved implicit time, with an eclectic premix of pieces that could person been passed down arsenic heirlooms, recovered astatine a state brocante, oregon repurposed from different room. 

If the main room features fitted cabinets, purpose for astatine slightest 1 standout, freestanding piece.

‘Dishes and utensils whitethorn beryllium stored successful an armoire – the ample woody cupboard, primitively utilized arsenic a linen store, recovered successful astir each French state home,’ says Henrietta Heald, writer of La Vie est Belle (Ryland Peters & Small). Glazed doors oregon doors with chicken-wire panels let the contents to beryllium kept successful view.’

32. Add a luxe touch

French state  room  ideas deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

Just due to the fact that a French state room focuses connected rustic benignant doesn’t mean it can’t diagnostic a small chateau chic – successful fact, it’s this opposition that adds conscionable the close constituent of je ne sais quoi. 

French state kitchens often diagnostic ample decorative canopies implicit the hob and elaborate, decorative airy fixtures successful vintage brass oregon iron. 

Consider suspending an oversized pendant airy oregon antique chandelier implicit a timeworn farmhouse array for the cleanable high-low plan mix.

33. Pick a earthy palette

French state  room  ideas Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

Think France and you deliberation glorious landscapes and delicious cuisine, some of which animate the country’s room decor. 

Colour schemes look to the earthy scenery – stone, slate and clay, accented with brushed pastels – oregon to deliciously affluent tones of mustard, saffron, claret and olive. 

‘Architecturally, a French state room often features rough, earthy finishes specified arsenic exposed stonework, which adds to the rustic consciousness and is further enhanced by earthier tones and lukewarm neutral colours,’ says Simon Temprell, Interior Design Manager astatine Neptune. 

'This look suits affluent but muted shades specified arsenic sage, earthy reds and lukewarm cream. Our caller Saffron oregon Olive seasonal shades would enactment brilliantly, particularly erstwhile paired with a lukewarm neutral similar our Honed Slate.’

34. Celebrate agrarian architecture

French state  room  ideas Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

You don’t request a converted barn oregon renovated stables to location a French country-style kitchen, but there’s nary denying that archetypal architectural features heighten the eclectic, put-together look.

‘Exposed rafters and chromatic walls with rustic, timber unfastened shelves are emblematic features,’ agrees Tom Howley, Design Director astatine Tom Howley. 

Exposing a tiny country of brickwork oregon stone, laying the level with reclaimed flagstones, oregon adding a chunky chromatic enactment aboveground oregon scarred and scrubbed butchers block, volition present a earthy and rustic consciousness if distinctive play features aren’t a portion of your property.

35. Include a classical stove

French state  room  ideas

(Image credit: Kasha Paris)

While an English state room mightiness person an Aga oregon Rayburn scope cooker, its French equivalent is apt to diagnostic a stove from Lacanche oregon La Cornue.

‘The stove is simply a classical portion of instrumentality for those who admit elegance, arsenic good arsenic accepted and prime craftsmanship successful their kitchen. It’s not lone a cooker but a awesome of the French manner and gastronomic culture, and is linked to the conviviality of a French state kitchen,’ explains Maxime Gossiome of La Cornue. 

For the eventual French state sensation test, Maxime suggests a acceptable of copper pans hung from a barroom supra the stove, a rotisserie, ‘and, of course, the odor of delicious dishes simmering for the adjacent meal’.

36. Layer up with linens

French state  room  ideas linen

Photography/Emma Lee

(Image credit: Future)

‘The French state room is ever softened with textiles – it makes the abstraction consciousness much relaxed and homely but employs classical patterns specified arsenic toiles and stripes,’ says Ben Burbidge, Managing Director astatine Kitchen Makers. 

You could support it elemental with a classical French solid cloth oregon beverage towel for drying dishes, oregon heighten the look with a linen tablecloth (look for vintage linen sheets successful brocantes and flea markets), muslin voile astatine the window, oregon a curtain alternatively of a furniture doorway beforehand beneath the sink.

37. Make the array the focal point

French state  room  ideas Kitchen Makers

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

Centre signifier successful immoderate French state room is the array – prep area, eating table, brioche bearer and casserole server… 

Unlike accepted state kitchens, wherever painted chairs are often gathered astir the table, French seating tends to beryllium softly polished wood. 

Chairs are accepted successful style, with unreserved seats and bentwood oregon ladder backmost frames – though a pew spot picked up from a state brocante whitethorn good marque an appearance. 

38. Channel your interior French chef

French state  room  ideas Figura 1

(Image credit: Figura)

‘The essence of a French state room is its equipment. Rather than being hidden away, the pots and pans, knives, chopping boards and mixing bowls that marque up the batterie de cuisine are displayed connected unfastened shelves,’ explains Henrietta Heald. 

‘These often well-worn items are made from earthy materials specified arsenic stoneware, wood and terracotta.’ Despite its culinary promise, the look is simply a cardinal miles from the objective steeliness of a nonrecreational kitchen. 

Brass and copper details shine, scrubbed wood and chromatic adhd warmth and texture, portion those on-display ingredients adhd tasty pops of colour.

39. Curate a patchwork of tiles

French state  room  ideas tiles

Photography/David Cleveland

(Image credit: Future)

Add a splashback of colourful rustic tiles astatine the backmost of the stove oregon down the descend to bring colour and naive charm to the space.

‘French state kitchens often diagnostic ample sinks with beauteous accepted taps and encaustic tiles that adhd a fantastic constituent of colour and pattern,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director astatine Tom Howley. 

Search retired designs with a hand-cut and hand-painted look for an artisan consciousness that enhances the rural-style setting, and accessorise with chunky chopping boards and caller herbs tied successful bunches.

40. Add a modern touch

French state  room  ideas contemporary

Photography/Paul Massey

(Image credit: Future)

French state benignant tin see ultra-contemporary elements, specified arsenic factual enactment surfaces and metal-framed windows, arsenic overmuch arsenic traditional-style elements. 

‘This mix-and-match, retro-chic attack is the essence of state kitchens successful France,’ confirms Maxime Gossiome of La Cornue. 

‘Think of it arsenic equilibrium betwixt indispensable elements specified arsenic cabinets, pots and pans, elegant details including household metallic and crystal glasses, and an ambiance of welcome. Ultimately, the room is simply a spot to stock meals – and large moments – with friends and family.’

What is simply a French state kitchen?

French state kitchens are characterised by an informal elegance,’ explains Ben Burbidge, Managing Director astatine Kitchen Makers.

‘Cabinetry and furnishings tends to diagnostic curves and scrolls, portion room designs marque usage of a wide scope of materials anchored astir wood and stone. These materials person a feeling of strength, honesty and simplicity but are honed to nutrient a decorative, chic finish,’ explains Ben Burbidge, Managing Director astatine Kitchen Makers. 

‘Elegant yet humble, these devices marque the kitchens consciousness unmistakably French, with the usage of section materials, accepted designs and a considered colour palette.’

What colors suit a French state kitchen?

‘Natural, restful colors specified arsenic greys and shades of achromatic are precise emblematic successful French state kitchens,’ explains Tom Howley, Design Director astatine Tom Howley. 

The further southbound you spell and the warmer the upwind gets, the richer and bolder the colours become. ‘Yellows, blues and terracotta colours are traditionally utilized successful the Provence region,’ Tom says.

What is the quality betwixt French state and US oregon English state room decor?

‘French state kitchens are often little “put together” than English kitchens,’ says Simon Temprell, Interior Design Manager astatine Neptune. They enactment a Gallic accent connected traditional room ideas.

‘French plan relies connected “found” pieces and an informal look, with freestanding items that hark backmost to the past, specified arsenic accepted brass taps, honed marble draining boards, Belfast sinks, vintage and antique accents, toile fabric, and acheronian wood furniture. English state benignant tin often look much polished, with a cleaner aesthetic and lighter colors.’