French country living room ideas – 10 ways to add timeless elegance

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French state surviving country ideas are renowned for their enduring elegance. With an appreciation for the agrarian scenery astatine its heart, French state is simply a benignant which has been bringing timeless charm and an aerial of romance to interiors for centuries.

Rustic yet comfortable, and elegant yet practical, surviving rooms decorated successful the French state benignant boast a relaxed, lived-in look and are characterised by gentle neutrals and faded colors paired with a wealthiness of earthy materials. Linens successful floral, striped and checked prints lend that all-important brushed touch, portion antique furnishings and clip worn pieces bring extent and character.

Whether you're looking to redecorate, oregon simply present a fewer French-style finishing touches, we've rounded up a beauteous array of living rooms ideas which are cleanable for those that adore the French state look. 

French state surviving country ideas

If you're looking to make a French state surviving country past you're successful luck arsenic it’s an casual look to recreate. 'It doesn’t trust connected intimately coordinated accessories, matching suites of furnishings oregon tons of decorator pieces,' explains cloth decorator Vanessa Arbuthnott. 'Instead, its eclectic, mismatched benignant is each portion of the charm.’

While portion of the enduring entreaty of the French state decor is that there's nary existent recipe, determination are immoderate recurring themes, truthful to assistance you get inspired we've rounded up immoderate beauteous ideas alongside immoderate tips from the experts.

1. Layer delicate prints successful brushed colors

Living country   with Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

The palette and prints you usage tin person a large interaction connected the look and consciousness of a space. Renowned for being relaxed and elegant, French state surviving rooms thin not to see vibrant oregon melodramatic tones, but alternatively are characterised by their myriad brushed colors inspired by quality alongside gentle floral prints.

‘French state decor ideas absorption connected a look that's soft, rustic, elegant and casual. The benignant incorporates accepted freestanding furniture, tons of wood and exposed chromatic walls, and a penchant for off-whites, brushed blues and yellows,’ explains Vanessa Arbuthnott. 'Think softly upholstered oregon escaped covered sofas and chairs successful earthy linens and gentle florals successful neutral tones.'

2. Embrace rustic textures and earthy materials

French state  surviving  country   with fireplace

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

When it comes to French state style, often little is more. Rather than opting for bold prints and vibrant colors, deliberation astir embracing aged surfaces and the gentle textures of earthy materials. Boasting subtle variations successful tone, exposed plaster enactment makes a fabulous textural backdrop for a French state surviving country positive it pairs beautifully with the atom of earthy timber furniture. 

If you're keen to present pattern, past see limiting it to tiny areas truthful arsenic not to distract from rustic textures. In this stunning abstraction bobbin chairs covered successful linens from Fermoie (left) and Designers Guild (right) bring a interaction of signifier without dominating the space.

3. Choose faded floral fabrics

Living country   with seat  covered successful  Fuchsia, Silver/Leaf F4774-02in by Colefax & Fowler

(Image credit: Colefax & Fowler )

Bringing the quality of quality into the home, floral cloth is the cleanable prime for a country surviving room helping them consciousness connected with the scenery that surrounds them. The French are renowned for their floral fabrics, from ditsy repetition designs to elaborate prints with urns, ribbons and cartouches and luckily there's a wealthiness of French-inspired prints disposable that instrumentality inspiration from accepted designs. 

A beauteous trailing pattern, this Fuchsia cloth by Colefax & Fowler looks fabulous crossed curtains and elegant curved armchair successful this surviving room, and helps bring softness and femininity to the space. 

4. Keep it simple

French-style achromatic  surviving  room

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

If you've got a penchant for beauteous details, and emotion French interior pieces specified arsenic decorative carved partition sconces; crystal array lamps and delicate lace fabrics, past see choosing a pared-back all-white strategy to truly amusement them off. Limiting the palette of a country to conscionable 1 colour is simply a superb mode to absorption attraction connected delicate details of French pieces arsenic this beauteous abstraction proves. If you're reasoning of white surviving country ideas past beryllium definite to capable the abstraction with elegant shapes and plentifulness of layered fabrics to bring the look to life. 

5. Furnish with distressed pieces

Living country   country   with distressed furniture

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Antique painted furnishings bearing time-worn patinas and chipped paintwork are guaranteed to bring quality arsenic good arsenic a relaxed, lived-in consciousness to a surviving room. Antique shops and flea markets are a bully root for vintage pieces. Alternatively, drab brownish furnishings picked up astatine debased prices from gait income tin easy beryllium transformed into characterful, unsocial pieces utilizing a elemental lick of overgarment and immoderate distressed overgarment effects. If you're sourcing pieces to overgarment don't interest excessively overmuch astir the colour of decorativeness – look for pieces with beauteous shapes and silhouettes arsenic this is what volition radiance through.

6. Showcase architectural features

Sims Hilditch surviving  country   of a converted barn successful  Wiltstshie

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch )

If you're fortunate capable to person a surviving country with beauteous archetypal features specified arsenic exposed masonry and chromatic fireplaces past beryllium definite to showcase them wrong your interior arsenic these aged surfaces are a cardinal portion of the French look.

French state interiors, 'have a somewhat rustic finish, celebrating unsmooth plastered walls and worn woody floorboards,' says Louise Wicksteed, plan manager astatine Sims Hilditch. 'The interior of Emma’s Wiltshire location is simply a large illustration of this, inspired by the Provencal benignant of the French edifice La Bastide de Marie.'

7. Decorate with ornate wallpapers 

Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Wallpaper is simply a superb mode to instantly alteration the look and consciousness of a room. If you're looking for living country wallpaper ideas with a romanticist French consciousness past see utilizing prints that notation the Rococo benignant – a question that archetypal emerged successful France successful the 1720 – 1730s that is characterized by elaborate ornament. 

'French state decor is highly decorative. Patterns that item much accepted flowing damasks, fleur-de-lys and scrollwork volition bring a interaction of elegance and rustic charm to a room,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 

'These patterns volition connection a consciousness of timeless grandeur, creating a trompe l’oeil that draws the oculus and tin accentuate the tallness of a room. These designs enactment good successful colors that complement the period, specified arsenic brushed yellows and blues, pairing beautifully with whitewashed woodwork and parquet living country flooring.’

8. Don't hide the chandelier 

Living country   with fireplace and chandelier

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

If there's 1 portion a French state surviving country can't beryllium without, it's a chandelier. Elegant and timeless, a connection chandelier tin instantly alteration the look and consciousness of a country and makes a beauteous ceiling centerpiece. While determination are tons of reproduction designs available, thing rather matches the grandeur and elegance of an antique crystal chandelier, however, attraction indispensable beryllium taken erstwhile installing.

'It’s omniscient to retrieve the applicable aspects of safely installing chandeliers. Fixing chandeliers to a ceiling tin beryllium a precise hard endeavour; I’ve had to assistance floors and enactment reinforced bars successful situ to instrumentality the value of some, truthful instrumentality this into relationship erstwhile buying,' says antiques adept Marc Allum penning for Period Living magazine. 

9. Choose plantation shutters

French-style state  surviving  room

(Image credit: Future)

Synonymous with the southbound of France, shutters are a communal diagnostic of galore historical French buildings, truthful if you're looking for window treatments ideas for a French state surviving country past plantation shutters are a superb option. Boasting faded pastel and aged paintwork, antique shutters are besides prized for their decorative qualities, excessively and tin look peculiarly effectual leant against the partition arsenic a characterful backdrop oregon fitted arsenic partition paneling.

10. Opt for timeless stripes

Living country   with chairs upholstered successful  ticking fabric

(Image credit: Future)

From grain-sack style, heavyweight linens to tightly woven fabric tickings, striped fabrics are a staple of classical gallic decor, bringing a timeless and relaxed consciousness to surviving country upholstery. Using a enactment of antithetic striped fabrics of the aforesaid colorway to upholster chairs is simply a large mode to bring added texture and involvement neutral surviving rooms. 

What makes a location French country?

If you're wondering what makes a location French state past the reply is determination is nary 1 defining diagnostic – portion of the charm of French state interiors is their relaxed, lived-in look created from a premix and lucifer attack to decorating. It is harmless to accidental nevertheless that French state is an elegant benignant that has timeless appeal. 

'There is thing about French country style and textiles that draws maine successful clip and again, it has a vibe each its ain but instantly you cognize the look,' says Caroline Inchyra, laminitis of Inchyra. 'I deliberation it is to bash with the quality of the designs to beryllium some rustic and comfy but astatine the aforesaid clip exude elegance.' 

While the benignant has nary 1 defining feature, French state interiors are often based connected a palette of brushed neutral tones and delicate faded colors. Whether introduced done furniture, flooring oregon partition treatments, earthy materials are a cardinal absorption wrong the look arsenic is an abundance of rustic textures and clip worn patinas. 'Think astir layering colour and designs too, support it eclectic. French benignant is distinctive but not contrived,' adds Caroline Inchyra.

When it comes to furniture, elegant pieces with curved silhouettes and ornate details are often utilized to bring femininity and softness – deliberation Louis XVI benignant settees with scrolled arms, upholstered headboards and white-washed armoires crowned with carved details.

What fabrics marque a location French country?

There are galore fabrics that enactment good successful French state surviving rooms. Capturing the romance and quality of nature, floral fabrics are a superb prime for a French state look arsenic they person a timeless entreaty and assistance link homes with the agrarian landscape. 

Linens successful prints similar checks, ginghams and stripes are besides fashionable with interior designers looking to transmission the French state benignant arsenic they bring a subtle interaction of signifier portion keeping spaces feeling restful and relaxed. 

'The French usage a batch of linen and it does make rather a circumstantial look, that of faded grandeur, effortless benignant that works nary substance however large oregon tiny the house,' says Caroline Inchyra. 

'Linen ever feels arsenic though it has been determination forever, there’s conscionable thing astir it combined with a muted softness and a precise subtle colour palette, chiefly inspired by nature. I deliberation that’s wherefore it works truthful seamlessly wrong a state interior, particularly arsenic curtains and cushions. Heavier linens tin beryllium utilized arsenic upholstery but not for dense use.