French style and coastal vibes give this historic thatched cottage a fresh look

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It's the picture-perfect English thatched cottage. Steeped with past and sympathetically renovated wrong and out, the 17th-century gem is situated astatine the bosom of an idyllic East Devon colony and is 1 of the oldest properties successful the area. 

The cottage's historical connections and Grade-II listing would beryllium capable successful themselves to marque this 1 of the world's champion homes, but adhd to that its characterful French-style décor, and beautifully curated vintage and antique furnishings and this spot truly is thing special. 

For the past fewer years it's been location to seasoned renovators Christina Dickinson and her hubby Nigel. The mates weren’t intending to bargain a semipermanent location erstwhile they recovered the thatched cottage. However, arsenic soon arsenic saw it they loved it and recognised its imaginable – adjacent though it needed a important magnitude of work, arsenic good arsenic a caller thatched roof. 

They saw past the overgrown beforehand garden, which made the cottage precise dark, and contempt the yellowish and tangerine paintwork, they could spot it was airy and spacious, adjacent with its beams and debased ceilings. 

Living room

living country   with achromatic  and grey  sofas and fireplace with wood   burner and vintage copper pots and achromatic  painted beamed ceiling with twig decoration

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

By coating the walls white, and whitewashing the ceiling beams, the cottage was dramatically updated and brightened. Nowhere was the translation much striking than successful the surviving room. Living country ideas present see utilizing a palette of brushed blues, grays and neutrals to make a cosy, welcoming ambience. A homemade airy fitting fashioned from willow branches and LED fairy lights i an ingenious mode of avoiding fitting electrics astir the past beams. The paintings implicit the fireplace are by Simon Hadley Attard.


kitchen with scope  cooker beamed ceiling model   spot   and reddish  oriental rug

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

There is nary shortage of inspiration present for anyone looking for kitchen ideas for a play property, and determination are applicable solutions, too. How bash you acceptable a caller room successful an aged spot similar this? The answer, Christina decided, is you don't. Instead, she recovered an antique butcher’s artifact and a ample larder cupboard much successful keeping with the historical surroundings, and luckily they fitted the abstraction perfectly. She besides commissioned immoderate classical Shaker cabinets, which were custom-built by a section carpenter. 

Dining area

round array  successful  eating  country   with striped cloth and bluish  chairs and canine  connected  model   spot   airy   painted walls and whitewashed beams

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

In the cosy eating space, determination are much tricks of the light. White painted walls and beams unfastened up the room, softening the boundaries to marque it look larger. Anyone looking for dining country ideas for a smaller abstraction would bash good to opt for a circular eating table, arsenic here, portion a ample floor-standing reflector helps to heighten the consciousness of space. The walls are painted successful White Clay by Earthborn Paints, which is utilized passim the house

The snug

snug with fireplace with ample  shells and woodburner with tiny  woody  stools agleam  coating  supra  mantelpiece and stairs successful  background

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

One of the biggest challenges was replastering the cob walls successful the oak-beamed snug. The mates couldn’t find a section plasterer experienced successful practice properties who was disposable wrong their timescale. Luckily, Nigel is precise useful and managed to bash it himself with assistance from a section steadfast of practice lime plasterers. They told the mates 'this location was built with love, mud, horsehair and straw. Treat your cob with emotion and dainty it gently'! They besides taught Christina and Nigel however to propulsion the cob plaster astatine the wall. ‘It looks a spot similar grey porridge erstwhile it archetypal goes on,' she says. 'Once it turns white, you use the adjacent layer.’

painted glazed furniture  with glassware and gilded armchair with bluish  upholstery and acheronian  wood   array  with turned pedestal

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

The cottage is 1 of the oldest houses successful the colony and Christina wanted to usage antique furnishings arsenic overmuch arsenic possible, saying they are usually acold amended made than modern pieces and person a zero c footprint, which is different immense advantage. Both the barley twist array and astute French-style carved armchair were antiques store finds.


bedroom with French benignant   treble  furniture  and striped furniture  cover

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Anyone successful hunt of bedroom ideas, volition find plentifulness of inspiration successful the cottage's 3 bedrooms. All person elements of French style, and a coastal vibe – influenced by the owners' erstwhile homes successful confederate France and by the sea. Christina collects vintage and caller fabric quilts, which she has layered up successful this impermanent room. She adjacent utilized 1 to upholster the panels connected the French-style bed. 

bedroom with treble  furniture  and grey furniture  propulsion  with agleam  coating  astatine  bedhead and beam implicit    dormer window

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Denim bluish and achromatic décor continues the coastal taxable successful the 2nd impermanent room, above. Christina bought the bluish quilt and cushions locally and collaborated with section creator Tina Stokes to nutrient the representation supra the bed. 

bedroom with ornate french-style upholstered furniture  and striped furniture  screen  with circular  pillows and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

The main bedroom, above, has a distinctly French feel. Christina bought the quilted fabric bedspread astatine Forever England, and the Danish institution Madam Stoltz makes akin circular achromatic linen cushions, disposable done Trouva. The French Bedroom Company is simply a bully spot to root akin French-style beds 

whitewashed thatched cottage exterior with bluish  beforehand   doorway  and picket fence

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Rethatching the extortion was a precedence erstwhile the mates had moved successful – enactment the rooftop hares, a signature interaction from the maestro thatcher. The woody model frames are painted successful Parma Gray and the beforehand doorway is painted successful St Giles Blue, some by Farrow & Ball. 

Now that the task is complete, Christina and Nigel are some delighted they made the determination and accidental the cottage suits their manner perfectly. There's a cosy ambiance erstwhile there’s conscionable the 2 of them astatine home, but plentifulness of abstraction for household and visitors. After completing an astonishing tally of 14 renovations connected erstwhile homes, it seems they person astatine past recovered their everlastingly home.