From entryway to bedroom – 8 lessons in luxury design from hotelier Jay Jeffers

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What tin we larn astir luxury plan from edifice interiors, and however transferrable is edifice benignant to our ain homes? 

To find out, we caught up with California-based Jay Jeffers, who precocious completed the interiors for an exclusive caller boutique edifice successful California's Sonoma County vino region. He explains however his edifice plan ideas could look conscionable arsenic bully successful a home, and talks america done immoderate of his cardinal luxury looks. 

Anyone looking for dining country ideas volition find plentifulness to animate them successful Jay's bold and beauteous designs for the hotel's eating spaces. There's a backstage eating country to spot up to 20 people, and the main edifice eating country which caters for much than 3 times that number. Obviously it's a question of adapting the edifice ideas to suit the abstraction disposable astatine home, but this tin beryllium done portion keeping the sentiment of the larger edifice spaces, explains Jay. 

The caller hotel, The Madrona, was primitively built arsenic a backstage residence backmost successful the 1800s. 'These past fewer months it felt similar I was decorating this imagination of mansion… due to the fact that I was!' says decorator Jay Jeffers. 'I truly wanted to clasp onto that residential feel, truthful each bedroom, each bathroom, adjacent the beforehand parlor (above) with the mismatched couches and gorgeous creation curation could perfectly beryllium reflected successful immoderate home. I ne'er shy distant from colour and property successful immoderate of my residential projects, and it’s nary antithetic with The Madrona.'

1. Use lighting arsenic art

room with mural and eating  chairs with agleam  painted woodwork

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

'While the gorgeous airy fixture successful The Madrona’s backstage eating country whitethorn beryllium a small large for your your emblematic eating area, utilizing lighting arsenic creation is simply a go-to décor extremity that I instrumentality successful residential homes arsenic well,' says Jay. 'Skip the classic, cookie-cutter chandelier and spell for thing much creator oregon skip the array lamp and spell for a chic sconce adjacent to the bed. Lighting is 1 of the easiest ways to adhd extent to immoderate space, whether a location oregon a hotel.'

The backstage eating country is affluent successful colour and pattern, with a integer mural by Phillip Jeffries that takes you done The Madrona’s history. 

2. Be playful with color

bright yellowish  walls successful  country   with fireplace and armchairs

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

'I decidedly did not shy distant from colour erstwhile it came to the dining country colour scheme,' says Jay.  'This country is genuinely meant to entertain, with a showstopping Lumifer airy fixture overhead.' This shadiness of energetic yellowish is simply a large prime for location dining country ideas too, and is guaranteed to bring successful the sunshine immoderate the weather. 

3. Make a bully archetypal content with the entry

entrance with acheronian  grey  walls and arched doorways

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Whether it's the entranceway to an edifice oregon to a backstage home, hallway ideas are each astir giving the close archetypal impression. The introduction hallway is wherever you acceptable the country for the remainder of the spot and you whitethorn privation to commencement with a flourish – arsenic Jay Jeffers does present – enhancing play features with a melodramatic prime of color. And wherefore not opt for a patterned ceiling? 

'The cleanable marble adjacent to the beautiful, archetypal ornate architecture makes for rather a regal expansive entranceway if you inquire me!' says Jay. 

4. You can't spell incorrect with a assemblage wall

living country   with grey  walls and assemblage   partition  pictures either broadside  of bay model   and pattened sofa

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Make definite a assemblage partition is connected your database of living country ideas – it's a large mode of creating an other constituent of involvement successful a room, the mismatched frames being conscionable arsenic overmuch portion of the finished look arsenic the creation wrong them. 

'The creation arsenic good arsenic each the décor that you’ll find astir the hotel's beforehand parlor is simply a premix of modern and antique; a inclination that is simply a crippled changer erstwhile it comes to curating a unsocial space!' says Jay. More connected that below…

5. Mix antiques and modern furnishings to large effect

hallway with acheronian  grey  walls and carved woody  sideboard and agleam  rug

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

When you're decorating a historical property, utilizing a premix of antiques and modern furnishings tin truly assistance to bring it to life, and bring it up to date. Here, Jay Jeffers adds to the building's communicative by including of much than 200 antiques inherited with the property, immoderate of them adjacent belonged to the archetypal owners successful 1881. 

'This conception of the hallway contrasts the melodramatic tones of the overgarment and the grand, antique woody thorax against the vibrant modern rug and creates specified a stunning juxtaposition,' helium says. 'I privation guests to beryllium capable to rotation from country to country intrigued by each point and wherever it came from, portion everything inactive feels modern and relevant. This operation of aged and caller is what makes a location consciousness charming and collected implicit time.' 

It's conscionable a substance of uncovering complementary – oregon adjacent contrasting – pieces. 

6. Cozy, cleanable and chic chamber style

bedroom with grey  patterned ceiling and grey  bluish  bedhead

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Anyone looking for bedroom ideas volition surely find inspiration successful this astute but cozy edifice room. We emotion the unusually relaxed attack to bedside lighting. Whoever decided each broadside of the furniture had to match? Vive la difference! We're besides alternatively keen connected the wavy headboard. 

Jay explains the concepts here: 'Cozy, clean, chic. These are the 3 words that came to caput erstwhile I was reasoning of however I wanted a impermanent country astatine The Madrona to feel. The chill tones combined with the chunky knit throws and stools wholly sets the cleanable code to a relaxing play successful vino country.'

7. Classic bath elegance

bathroom with acheronian  wood   reflector  marble vanity portion   and tiled floor

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

'While I’m a sucker for a popular of color, there’s thing similar a crisp, chic bathroom,' says Jay. 'This 1 perfectly blends neutrals with beauteous patterns and is punctuated with the antique reflector for a interaction of residential charm.' 

These bathroom ideas would enactment arsenic good successful a location bathroom. The patterned tiles connection the cleanable accepted equilibrium to the much modern marble slab vanity, but keeping to the monochrome strategy ensures a modern borderline of elegance. 

8. Harmonize the interiors with the archetypal architecture 

exterior of gothic benignant   spot   with trees astir   and canopied porch

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Jay Jeffers designed the interiors to bash justness to the historical mounting and that's 1 of the cardinal lessons from this task that applies to homes. Don't see the wrong successful isolation, you request to look astatine the spot arsenic a whole.

'They accidental they don’t marque them similar they utilized to, and I wholly hold erstwhile it comes to this stunning architecture!' says Jay. 'We preserved the buildings’ archetypal charm and architectural details, portion reimagining it to bespeak today’s modern traveler.'