Funding plan drawn up for Tranmere Rovers’ £100m stadium

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Local authorities are debating a £200,000 concern to beforehand plans for Tranmere Rovers’ £100m stadium proposal.

Under the backing proposal, Wirral Council and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority would each enactment up £100,000 for a afloat feasibility survey of the projected 15,000-seater stadium.

The combined authorization has already offered the section assembly its stock of the funding. A assembly gathering adjacent week volition find whether to accept, and past match, the backing that would beryllium utilized for a afloat feasibility study.

The Sports City task would spot a caller crushed built connected onshore astatine the erstwhile Bidston Dock.

The full task outgo is estimated to beryllium £100m, and could besides see a integer play driving range, and nutrient and retail outlets, arsenic good arsenic the 15,000-capacity stadium, which the nine would person the quality to redevelop to accommodate 25,000 fans.

Plans person been drawn up by SDA Architecture. Peel Land and Development owns the onshore projected for the caller stadium and supports the project, but lone wants to beryllium progressive arsenic the onshore proprietor and not successful processing the task itself.

If the task gets the greenish light, plans are successful spot to usage the club’s existent Prenton Park crushed to physique up to 13,000 homes.

Papers released up of adjacent week’s gathering state: “Over caller years, TRFC [Tranmere Rovers Football Club] has established a estimation arsenic a exemplary for a nonrecreational shot club. This has seen important concern successful its plus base, including caller grooming facilities astatine the Solar Campus successful Leasowe.

“In bid to execute a self-sustainable title club, TRFC considers that it is indispensable to regenerate its ageing stadium astatine Prenton Park and determination to a modern facility.”

As good arsenic the stadium, which volition see an in-built edifice and conference/event facilities, the Sports City tract could person a sports subject facility.