Garden bar ideas – 10 ways to entertain outdoors this summer

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Garden barroom ideas person grown successful popularity arsenic our gardens go extensions of our home. Increasing the usage and comfortableness of outdoor abstraction is present a captious portion of plot plan plans.

The eventual amusement station, a plot barroom volition go an enjoyable al fresco hub for your household and guests to travel unneurotic and admit each twelvemonth round.

If you've been contemplating outdoor room ideas for your garden, past these stylish plot bars could beryllium the cleanable summation to your sociable extracurricular space. 

Garden barroom ideas

These glorious plot barroom ideas, including backyard bars, serving sheds, bespoke brew gardens and courtyard plot cocktail lounges, volition assistance you rise your plot enactment crippled immoderate your budget.

1. Set up a freestanding barroom cart

An illustration  of what to see  successful  plot  barroom  ideas, with 2  bottles of roseate  wine, a ample  woven jug and vino  glasses connected  a wicker tray successful  beforehand   of a achromatic  painted ceramic  wall.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Bar cart ideas are the cleanable solution for a spot of impromptu entertaining, arsenic it takes up acold little abstraction than a built-in plot oregon home bar. Small gardens and balconies tin bask cocktail hr too.

A fully-stocked drinks presumption not lone creates a decorative moment, it allows guests to assistance themselves, taking the unit disconnected the host! Don’t hide the staples – an crystal bucket, a basal tone and mixers, a stash of spare glasses and bottles of fizz. 

2. Invest successful a weatherproof structure

Garden barroom  with built successful  structure

(Image credit: Lundhs)

Horizontal surfaces carnivore the brunt of the upwind truthful it’s indispensable to take surfaces that tin grip downpours, nonstop sunlight and frost. Low attraction is besides a cardinal factor, particularly arsenic barbecue nutrient is often greasy and tin stain surfaces. Natural stone, quartz and factual are each fashionable options, portion large-format porcelain tiles are large for modern backyards. Include a flimsy gradient to forestall rainfall pooling connected the surface.

3. Add Spanish flavors

Garden barroom  ideas featuring a agelong  woody  barroom  with achromatic  barroom  stools successful  a achromatic  painted outdoor structure.

(Image credit: Hill House Interiors)

Be inspired by summertime holidays overseas and physique a luxurious haven of tranquility that echoes a high-end Mediterranean edifice bar. 

Design and physique a stylish outbuilding that pairs polished achromatic plastered walls with slated sliding doors for a crisp and modern finish. 

4. Create immoderate shade

Shaded plot  barroom  ideas nether  a grey  pergola with acheronian  grey  wicker barroom  stools successful  a lawned plot  space.

(Image credit: Neolith)

On sunny days, bartenders request shadiness - truthful a covered plot barroom is simply a indispensable and volition supply structure for guests also. Certain pergola ideas connection a utile and charismatic solution, adding tallness and throwing linear shadows into abstraction – cardinal considerations for outdoor dining too.

Grow climbing effect plants specified arsenic passionflower oregon grapevines up and implicit to make a cooling and fragrant canopy. Fresh ripe effect from your harvest tin past beryllium added to drinks. 

5. Make abstraction for a streamlined design 

Garden barroom  with bbq area

(Image credit: WWOO)

Plan an outdoor kitchen and barroom country that tin beryllium customized for your needs. 

Outdoor kitchens aren’t conscionable for those blessed with immense gardens, arsenic this streamlined municipality plan by Architecture for London shows. Sleek WWOO factual shelves supply ample prep abstraction and storage, with OneQ’s grilling strategy for flexible cooking. The shallow, wall-hung acceptable up means determination is plentifulness of abstraction for guests to mingle.

6. Warm up by a fire

Outdoor room  ideas

(Image credit: Morsø)

A freestanding plot barroom is modern and modern erstwhile teamed with outdoor fireplace ideas, specified arsenic a wood-fired oven. This Scandinavian-style acceptable up is ultra cozy during wintertime months too. 

Declan Kingsley-Walsh, managing manager of Morsø, says: ‘Your outdoor products whitethorn beryllium extracurricular for astir of the year, truthful you’ll request durable materials, similar formed iron, which is resilient and long-lasting.'

Garden barroom  with hidden bar

(Image credit: Urban Outdoors)

This outdoor bar, implicit with descend and dishwasher, means crockery and glassware tin beryllium washed and stored successful situ. If you’re moving blistery h2o from the house, marque definite the pipes are insulated. ‘When closed, the room is wholly upwind resistant, making it cleanable for the occidental hemisphere,’ says Tony Young, originative director, Urban Outdoors.

8. Enjoy the setting

Garden barroom  ideas with a barbecue and woody  barroom  connected  airy   grey  decking successful  beforehand   of a water  with rocks and trees.

(Image credit: Lundhs)

Position your plot barroom wisely. Find a societal and applicable abstraction to unbend and, if possible, bask a view. 

If you thin to enactment into the night, take areas distant from chamber windows. Or if you similar to service delicious food, it's champion to beryllium adjacent the kitchen. 

Look for areas with a beauteous outlook that enactment successful the sunshine for arsenic agelong arsenic possible. 

9. Go nether a gazebo

A timber-framed gazebo with a slate tiled roof, lodging  a ceramic  outdoor room  with ample  circular  array  and wicker chairs connected  a accepted   paved patio.

(Image credit: Oak Designs Co.)

Build an architectural operation to adhd wow-factor. While it whitethorn not beryllium the astir budget-friendly erstwhile it comes to outdoor room costs, a plot country with oak framing and a slate tiled extortion is simply a accepted prime that accentuates craftsmanship. 

Position brickwork to the rear to make a wrapper astir barroom country that allows plentifulness of abstraction to see further room features specified arsenic a sink, fridge and outdoor cooking options.

10. Design a focal point

Sleek, modern   plot  barroom  ideas successful  a airy   paved patio plot  with quadrate  angiosperm  beds, nether  a quadrate  achromatic  metallic  pergola.

(Image credit: Landform Consultants)

Turn your alfresco plot barroom ideas into an municipality and refreshing plot feature. For a consciousness of down-town oasis, presumption a modern barroom centrally and situation it with flower furniture ideas that diagnostic lush, shady and structural planting. Choose materials that propulsion successful a affluent and decorator look for contrast. 

‘Choose materials that tin withstand year-round exposure,' advises Rhiannon Williams, scenery designer and task manager astatine Landform Consultants. 'I would urge a well-sealed earthy chromatic apical and treated wood cladding.’ 

How bash you marque a plot bar?

Depending connected your sensation and budget, plot barroom options are extensive. 

Mobile drinks trollies, to service a enactment of drinks connected a balcony oregon successful a tiny garden, are the simplest of mobile additions for casual garden enactment ideas. Or, arsenic repurposing woody palettes is present popular, a bespoke palette barroom oregon pull-down serving support tin beryllium an absorbing and rustic alternative. 

For a much imperishable structure, contemplate a summer-house oregon shed makeover by installing retention and a serving hatch. 

As portion of a backyard landscaping design, a specialized contractor tin assistance you execute your imagination outdoor room, to see an outbuilding oregon eating portion implicit with luxurious barroom arsenic portion of an extended outdoor kitchen, and a BBQ that is convenient, modern and impressive. 

What bash you enactment successful a plot bar? 

If you are serving drinks outdoors, then, of course, you request to banal your plot barroom with essentials truthful that returning to the location for supplies is kept to a minimum. 

Decide however elemental oregon elaborate you privation your refreshment venue to be, past gully up an inventory accordingly. 

Plenty of glassware and drinks instrumentality tin beryllium stored permanently if covered, arsenic good arsenic tableware for snacks, which volition adhd to the consciousness of occasion. Go for acrylic and melamine truthful there’s nary request to interest astir breakages. 

When it comes to selecting beverages, take vessels that tin beryllium stacked, stored and person longitude, specified arsenic cans and bottles. Beer drinkers volition beryllium impressed with an at-home brew pat oregon keg, oregon if it is cocktails you prefer, to beryllium definite to person a enactment of utensils a seasoned mixologist would require. 

Chill origin is important, truthful if your plot barroom is mains supplied, a mini-refrigerator volition support liquids cool. Otherwise, capable an icebox successful mentation earlier guests arrive.

Authentic decoration volition personalize the abstraction and blend your plot barroom ideas beautifully into their surroundings. Add involvement and intrigue to bare walls with artwork oregon signage, and potted caller herbs for drinks volition adhd colour and fragrance to the scene.  

Consider decorative outdoor lighting ideas: festoon oregon fairy lights volition alteration your watering spread into a magical twilight retreat astatine dusk. Or, for a much nonrecreational look, instal up-lighting successful the crushed to item your plot venue arsenic nighttime falls. 

Seating is indispensable for comfy plot entertaining. If your plot barroom has an capable ledge past robust weatherproof stools volition marque the serving country a societal affair. Casual outdoor sofas adjacent volition make a relaxed lounge-style atmosphere.