Garden decorating ideas – 24 ways to update your backyard

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Garden decorating ideas are immoderate of the easiest ways to reinvigorate your outdoor space. From adding beauteous pieces to your patio to picking up a paintbrush and transforming the quality of a wall, plot decorating ideas are guaranteed to bring colour and quality to your space.

We each privation to person an outdoor abstraction to retreat to that feels similar an hold of our homes, wherever we tin big friends and bask immoderate caller air. However, realising this imagination tin sometimes consciousness overwhelming. Try approaching your garden ideas arsenic you would an indoor room, aft each the goals are the aforesaid to make a cozy and welcoming abstraction successful which it is simply a pleasance to walk time. 

‘Styling your outdoor abstraction should necessitate overmuch the aforesaid level of information arsenic indoor styling,’ says Jonny Brierley astatine Moda Furnishings. ‘Think astir layering pattern, colors and materials to make a mounting that is idiosyncratic to you and your style. As with your interior scheme, your plot ideas should explicit your individuality.’

Garden decorating ideas

No substance the size of your plot, decorating your plot is decidedly thing you tin person amusive with. Creating a caller look doesn’t person to impact a immense outgo oregon a ample landscaping job. As these plot decorating ideas show, tiny changes oregon flimsy additions tin marque a truly large difference. 

Add decorative lighting to illuminate your space

outdoor summertime  dinning mounting  with festoons and candles successful  a courtyard

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Lighting is an indispensable portion of immoderate plot design, adding instant warmth to the abstraction and letting you bask your plot agelong into the evening. Layer respective antithetic outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate each aspects of your backyard. Consider adding beauteous festoon lights to your pergola and patio and past brace with solar plot lighting ideas successful the borders to make a soothing backdrop to alfresco meals.

Plant a surviving partition for a botanical backdrop

Living partition  ideas with evergreens

(Image credit: Future)

Why incorporate your planting conscionable to your borders. Look skywards and make a decorative surviving partition against fencing oregon plot walls. Your vertical plot tin beryllium arsenic ample oregon tiny arsenic you wish. Maybe you privation to screen an expanse of fencing oregon possibly you conscionable privation a enactment of herbs connected a partition adjacent a eating table, you tin make your ain abstraction to bespeak your ain needs and design.

Create the illusion of abstraction with a mirror

brick partition  with model   benignant   plot  reflector  with plants successful  front

(Image credit: CharlesTed)

Decorating with mirrors is not conscionable for the wrong of your home. Adding a reflector into your plot is simply a large mode to brighten your abstraction and adhd extent to your garden. Pick a plan shaped similar a window, which erstwhile positioned connected a partition oregon fence, hints astatine portals to antithetic areas, giving your plot a magical air.

Make a characterful focal constituent with a fountain

small fountain successful  cottage benignant   garden

(Image credit: Annaick Guitteny)

If you're looking for plot decorating ideas to alteration your space, past look nary further than a garden fountain ideas. The beauteous soundtrack of bubbling h2o diagnostic tin instrumentality your plot from lowly crippled to dreamy oasis. There are plentifulness of antithetic water diagnostic ideas that volition bring auditory and ocular involvement to the bosom of your plot design.

Use an outdoor surface to make a peaceful oasis

Trellis ideas with painted greenish  trellis panel

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Garden screening ideas are indispensable to keeping your plot a sanctuary. One of the quickest and easiest ways to execute this is to instal a screen. Positioned astir your patio it helps to make a cozy intimate abstraction wherever you tin unbend successful peace. Opt for a plan with tiny holes oregon a plan to forestall you from feeling claustrophobic, alternatively, brace with the best climbing plants to make a botanical oasis.

Lay a way to usher you done your garden

As good arsenic being a much charismatic alternate to trampled grass, a way is simply a highly applicable summation to the garden. When deciding wherever to laic your path, instrumentality a locomotion done your plot and marque a enactment of your accustomed routes utilized to entree sheds, rootlike plots and different zones. You tin past adhd deviations to focal points specified arsenic main beds oregon h2o features. Make definite your materials and benignant complement the wide consciousness of the garden: tiles and pavers suit a much ceremonial strategy portion gravel oregon stepping stones are perfect for a cottage-inspired design.

Blend rusticity with modern details 

A plot  seating country  astatine  a location   successful  Corfu by Yellow London

(Image credit: Yellow London/Kostas Tsiringakis)

Getting your plot successful bid doesn’t mean you person to scrub each aboveground and capable successful each ace – arsenic this illustration shows, garden partition ideas can beryllium astatine their champion erstwhile near a small rustic. What designers Yellow London did successful this plot connected the Greek land of Corfu was to opposition the deliberately agrarian benignant of the chromatic enactment with fresh, modern fabrics, ensuring that the surrounding terracotta urns and sprawling climber plants consciousness intentionally relaxed. 

Think extracurricular the container with recycled pots 

A sunny patio plot  with tiny  acceptable   of array  and chairs, surrounded by planting including lavender and hydrangeas

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

When reasoning astir how to program a garden, utilizing pots is simply a large mode to adhd immoderate flexibility into the last layout. The pots themselves tin besides enactment arsenic decorative pieces – take highly glazed, colorful and patterned pots to marque a expansive statement, oregon get originative by giving past-their-best household objects different life. 

In this garden, metallic tubs, buckets and adjacent a trash tin person been transformed into makeshift works pots, giving the abstraction a hint of farmhouse chic.

Choose colorful furniture

Garden decorating ideas showing a agleam  yellowish  array  and chairs with colorful cushions

(Image credit: Annie Sloane)

Without furniture, it’s hard to usage your outdoor abstraction to its afloat advantage, truthful for galore of america it’s the cardinal starting constituent erstwhile decorating a garden. 

Bright bistro sets are a reliable prime and volition look large everyplace from tiny balcony gardens to spacious patios. Already got furnishings but privation to inject immoderate color? Try a lick of paint. Just marque definite to usage a decorativeness that volition endure a beingness outside.

Take your surviving country outdoors

A woody  platform  with an outdoor sofa looking retired  implicit    a seascape

(Image credit: John Lewis)

In interiors, we often speech astir bringing the extracurricular in, but what astir doing it the different mode circular and taking the wrong out?

If you’re going to walk a batch of clip successful the garden, past it should consciousness arsenic comfy arsenic possible. Create an outdoor surviving room and take seating that wouldn’t look amiss wrong your home. Then adhd cosy blankets and a chilled solid of vino for the cleanable mode to upwind down – though we can’t committedness you’ll person this view!

Mimic quality successful your furniture 

A cottage plot  with tree-branch inspired eating  array  and chairs

(Image credit: Emily J Followill/Beth Webb Interiors)

If you privation each elements of your plot to consciousness genuinely astatine 1 with nature, swap accepted plot furnishings styles for thing a small much organic. 

In the plot of this South Carolina hunting lodge with interiors designed by Beth Webb, a eating acceptable includes woody chairs that person been carved to mimic winding histrion branches, mirroring the young trees planted nearby. 

Upgrade your shed to a summertime house 

A grey and achromatic  painted plot  shed with linen curtains, with a yellowish  motorcycle  successful  dappled shade

(Image credit: Tim Young/Future Publishing Ltd)

Just arsenic you tin deliberation astir bringing elements of your indoor rooms into your outdoor spaces, it’s important to dainty immoderate outhouses with the aforesaid respect you would your house. Declutter, signifier and overgarment your shed to marque it a abstraction that is pleasant to some beryllium successful and look at. 

If you person capable abstraction aft your outpouring clean, see turning the shed into a partial summertime house: adhd seating, a table, French windows and adjacent a instrumentality washable curtain to marque it the cleanable post-gardening retreat. 

Go au naturel

Large terracotta works  pots connected  a ceramic  patio successful  beforehand   of a woody  building

Photography: Alun Callender

(Image credit: Future)

Of course, 1 of the champion ways to decorate your plot is with quality itself. There is thing much beauteous than the greenery and colour that plants tin display. 

Terracotta pots volition springiness you a classical look, but determination are an array of different planter options, too, from chill factual to the brightest blues oregon pinks. 

They're the cleanable planting solution if you're looking astatine antithetic patio ideas for your plot and, different bully happening astir pots, is you tin easy determination them astir erstwhile you consciousness similar changing the look of your garden.

Make usage of lighting

Garden decorating ideas showing a woody  array  and chairs with a dispersed  of nutrient  laid retired  underneath drawstring  lights

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Just similar the sparkle of festive lights astatine Christmas time, plot lighting tin wholly alteration your space. 

From ground-level uplighters to wall-mounted bracket lamps, determination are truthful galore antithetic outdoor lighting ideas to take from. 

An casual mode to adhd a small magic is with a drawstring of solar-powered bulbs hung from trees oregon connected a fence. As they won’t request an electrical socket they’re large for beingness successful the garden.

Cover up

A gazebo successful  a plot  with bluish  and achromatic  chairs and a array  underneath

(Image credit: Future)

If there’s a flimsy shower, you don’t privation your plans to beryllium dampened. A chill gazebo volition mean your outdoor luncheon tin inactive spell up and it volition connection plentifulness of scope for decorating, too. 

Try hanging a shower-proof cloth for a small other extortion from the elements and drawstring up immoderate multicolored lanterns (with faux tealights!) for a twinkling effect.

Be a brushed touch 

Garden decorating ideas showing a rug laid retired  connected  writer  with cushions and picnic food

(Image credit: Weaver Green)

Add a small signifier to your plot with immoderate stylish cushions. ‘Comfort is all,’ says Tasha Green astatine Weaver Green. ‘Use tons of beauteous outdoor scatter cushions, level cushions and outdoor rugs to instrumentality the hard edges disconnected outdoor furnishings and benches.’ As good arsenic the ground! Go for weatherproof designs that are washable truthful they enactment looking their champion for longer. 

Paint a partition oregon fence

A reddish  seat  and potted herbs up   against a greenish  wall

Photography: Simon Bevan

(Image credit: Future)

The transforming powers of overgarment widen to the plot arsenic overmuch arsenic your bedroom. 

Traditional plot walls are often unpainted, but they tin look astonishing successful a caller and amusive hue. 

Fences volition besides payment from a overgarment of paint, whether you privation to refresh your existent colour oregon effort thing wholly new. White, duck-egg bluish and classical greenish are ideal. If you’ve been dreaming of the cleanable picket fence, present is the clip to execute the look.

Put up a screen 

A lush plot  with colourful flowers, manicured bushes and a patterned privateness  screen

(Image credit: Screen with Envy)

Whether it’s for garden privacy oregon purely for ocular enjoyment, a plot surface is simply a large mode to decorate your space. 

Screens tin beryllium utilized to supply structure astir a seating country oregon to heighten different architectural features, similar the raised furniture and h2o fountain here. 

Glow with lanterns

Garden decorating ideas showing a brightly colored seat  spot   surrounded by hurricane lanterns

Photograpy: Polly Wreford

(Image credit: Future)

There’s nary uncertainty that candles adhd atmosphere. However, for plot decorating ideas that won’t beryllium disturbed by the breeze, dot hurricane lanterns astir your hard surfaces for a beauteous glow.

Even during the daytime, hurricane lanterns marque a plot look lukewarm and inviting.

Swing low

A hammock successful  a garden

Photography: Mark Bolton

(Image credit: Future)

If you’ve got 2 trees from which you tin bent a hammock, you’ll emotion the laid-back feeling you get from lounging successful one. 

Greenery is fantastic for calming the soul, truthful instrumentality a publication and bask immoderate clip surrounded by beauteous leafy foliage.

Light a firepit

A occurrence  pit connected  a tract   astatine  sunset with immoderate   cushions and a throw

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Evenings successful the plot volition ever beryllium a small much peculiar with a firepit. Gently flickering flames are mesmerising for astir each of us, and a firepit volition support you and your guests bully and toasty agelong aft sundown. Perhaps you could adjacent toast a marshmallow oregon two. Feeling fancy? Take a look astatine outdoor fireplace ideas to instrumentality this humble firepit to the adjacent level.

How bash I decorate my garden?

The champion mode to decorate your plot is to usage plot decorating ideas that are an hold of your location and compliment your indoor decor.

‘I urge reasoning astir your plot task similar it is different country successful the house,’ says Bethan Harwood, location plan stylist astatine John Lewis. ‘I would commencement by utilizing a temper committee to stitchery ideas and inspiration, but marque definite they are achievable with the abstraction you have.’ 

We’ve mentioned lighting arsenic a captious portion of a large plot strategy and Bethan agrees that it's an indispensable portion of planning a garden: ‘One facet to not hide is lighting! Ambient lighting tin make a cozy ambiance arsenic the prima sets successful the evening. Consider hanging festoon lighting supra your seating country for a lukewarm glow and a scattering of lanterns to make pockets of light.’ 

How tin I marque my plot look bully connected a budget?

There are tons of ways to execute an absorbing look and you don’t person to walk the earth. ‘Reuse antithetic household vessels to works up,’ says interior plot decorator Ian Drummond. ‘Old vino boxes, retention boxes, aged bins… Make it absorbing with vibrant planting. Growing from effect is debased outgo and rewarding, and bulbs are a mode to adhd assortment and colour for the spring. You tin get immoderate large deals particularly utilizing online specializer works retailers.’

In presumption of accessories, Bethan suggests doubling up. ‘I would see if determination are immoderate interior accessories that tin beryllium brought outside. You whitethorn already person the cleanable cushions, candles oregon throws that would enactment for a cosy evening successful the garden. Shopping your location is simply a large mode to get a caller look portion keeping to a budget. You tin past adhd different items, with flexibility successful mind, truthful that everything successful your location works a small harder.’

Garden decorating ideas showing a patio with furnishings  covered with colorful textiles

Photography: Mark Bolton

(Image credit: Future)

How tin I marque my plot fun?

Gardens tin beryllium rather functional spaces truthful thing that makes yours basal retired a small volition springiness it a amusive vibe. Add immoderate comfortableness and wow factor, and anyone visiting you successful your plot volition consciousness similar it’s an enjoyable spot to be. If you’ve ever been wowed by a glowing firepit, for example, you’ll cognize the interaction it tin make. 

‘Firelight is said to make a much intimate setting, allowing guests to unbend and talk, letting their guards down astatine the extremity of the day,’ says Jonny. ‘The occurrence provides a visual, intelligence comfortableness from which you and your guests volition benefit.’

Garden decorating ideas showing trees strung up   with lights and a array  acceptable   for an outdoor feast

Photography: Emma Lee

(Image credit: Future)

Similarly, plot decorating ideas specified arsenic agleam textiles volition ever assistance the spirits, arsenic volition colorful dinnerware. And who could defy getting a champagne bucket for garden enactment ideas with a spot glamour? 

Even planting doesn’t person to beryllium serious. ‘Fill a sandbag with ungraded and works it with colour blocks of cyclamen,’ suggests Ian. ‘Or works up aged wellington boots with wintertime pansies truthful they bent down arsenic they grow.’ 

Essentially, if you person amusive readying your scheme, your plot decor is definite to consciousness fun.