Garden screening ideas – 15 stylish garden privacy ideas

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In an perfect satellite we wouldn't request plot screening ideas – our gardens would beryllium backstage sanctuaries wherever we tin potter, entertain and unbend distant from prying eyes. 

Yet, for galore gardeners, the world is rather antithetic – spending clip outdoors tin beryllium similar surviving successful a goldfish vessel due to the fact that determination is thing to surface their crippled from passers by and neighboring windows. 

Being overlooked is the regular world for astir radical surviving successful built-up areas with houses connected either side, oregon instantly backing onto an extracurricular space. The chances are you astir apt are being observed – astatine slightest occasionally – arsenic you potter astir successful your garden.

Garden screening ideas 

If you are looking for plot screening ideas, you whitethorn beryllium fortunate capable to conscionable person to put successful immoderate elemental planting; or, you whitethorn request to put successful a structure, nevertheless informal, to make plot privacy. We've rounded up the champion garden ideas truthful that you tin bask your outdoor oasis successful seclusion.

1. Create a plot screening structure

Outdoor fireplace ideas with outdoor seating and pergola

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

'If the champion spot successful your backyard for a seating country is overlooked, a astute operation is the quickest and lowest attraction mode to make plot screening,' says Homes & Gardens Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 

'The astute pergola extortion idea supra is successful the tone of the plot screening thought I person successful my ain metropolis garden, the sunniest portion of which is overlooked by my neighbors. By utilizing angled louvers, you tin support retired prying eyes and make dappled shade, which is cleanable for a seating oregon eating area. It's besides a fantastic mode to make a focal constituent successful a ample space.'

2. Add colour and plot screening with a beauteous awning

Patio screen  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Dan Duchars)

If you are looking for patio screen ideas that connection color, shadiness and screening, the solution whitethorn not beryllium planting, but a plot awning. Those that widen outwards supra your caput by much than a 6ft tin connection immoderate privacy, but you tin besides find awnings that widen down to the crushed connected either broadside that volition supply plot privateness and screening from the weather, too.

3. Choose trellis for subtle plot screening

Trellis ideas with painted greenish  trellis panel

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

'Adding trellis to the apical of a obstruction volition of people connection other screening and privateness successful a backyard, but determination are different ways to usage trellis ideas cleverly,' says H&G's plot adept Rachel Crow. 

'One of those ways is perfectly illustrated above, wherever the trellis provides screening that isn't wholly opaque. The payment of this is that you tin either simply disagreement a backyard by zone, for example, a kids' play country from an adults' seating area, portion inactive being capable to spot into the different area. Or, you tin marque the astir of a "borrowed view", possibly a beauteous woodland to the backmost of your yard, which tin assistance to make a tiny plot look bigger.

4. Plant lush shrubs for privacy

flowers connected  upland  laurel, Kalmia latifolia

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whether you are starting a planting strategy from scratch oregon privation to adhd plot screening ideas to an existing garden, choosing the best shrubs for privacy is 1 of the champion ways to delight some plot users and wildlife.

These see laurel, arsenic above, holly, rhododendron, privet, laurel, photinia, honeysuckle and forsythia, immoderate of which person made our best fast-growing shrubs list, excessively – a bonus if you privation plot privateness ideas fast.

5. Hide a plot screening operation with planting

front plot  with roses climbing implicit    archway and plants implicit    the wall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A gangly wall, whether ceramic oregon rendered blocks, is simply a large mode to summation plot screening and information astatine the aforesaid time, but it tin look stark and uninviting, which whitethorn not beryllium the effect you privation to create. The champion mode to disguise this benignant of plot privateness instrumentality is to lucifer it with evergreen climbers, which volition soften the structure, supply structure for wildlife and – if you works flowering climbers – colour and scent, too.

6. Plant ornamental grasses for summertime plot screening

Garden privateness  ideas featuring agelong  grasses and a firepit connected  a patio area.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

While immoderate radical similar to walk arsenic overmuch clip arsenic imaginable successful their gardens twelvemonth round, others thin to spot their outdoor abstraction arsenic a spring/summer attraction.

If you are successful the second campy past tall, airy ‘see-through’ plants similar bamboos oregon ornamental grasses astir a seating oregon sunbathing country volition supply capable screening, and inactive let airy to filter done without the request for much dense work garden obstruction ideas.

Likewise, a medium-sized diagnostic histrion planted successful the sightline of a chamber volition supply privateness for your house. Just don’t works it excessively adjacent to the gathering itself. An upright ornamental cherry would marque an charismatic and effectual shield, arsenic would an ornamental pear specified arsenic Pyrus ‘Chanticleer’.

7. Create plot screening with trees

garden with pleached hornbeams and japonicum trees

(Image credit: James Kerr/Charlotte Rowe)

Planting trees for privateness and screening successful a backyard is the champion mode to make a hidden spot. But if you are disquieted that having trees volition mean sacrificing light, interest not – determination are 2 techniques that volition help. 

By cutting a fewer of the bigger branches close backmost to the trunk, you volition let much airy done and forestall vigorous regrowth, which is besides important to sphere abstraction successful small gardens.

You tin besides effort thing called ‘lifting your tree’s skirt’, which simply involves removing little foliage, arsenic successful the plot above. 

8. Create gangly boundaries with hedges

Large hedging arsenic  an illustration  of plot  privateness  ideas successful  a patio plot  with firepit and woody  bench.

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

Finding effectual plot screening ideas tin look daunting, but that doesn’t mean you person to springiness successful and judge that your each determination volition beryllium observed forever. There are plentifulness of ways to amended privateness without resorting to gangly fences oregon towering garden partition ideas.   

A bully spot to commencement is with your boundaries. Some backyards are defined by debased walls oregon ‘see-through’ fences that connection precise small cover. The perfect solution is to found the best privateness hedges, utilizing fast-growing species. 

Deciduous hedges are champion planted from precocious autumn to aboriginal outpouring utilizing bare-rooted plants. Evergreen hedges, utilizing instrumentality grown plants, should beryllium planted from mid to precocious spring.

9. Build a sheltered operation connected an exterior wall

A white, woody  decked structure  with wicker furnishings  and plants arsenic  plot  privateness  ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Luscombe Whyte)

A eating oregon lounge abstraction adjacent to the location tin instrumentality inspiration from these porch ideas with the summation of a covering operation attached to an exterior wall.  

‘Every plot has those places you automatically drift to, arsenic good arsenic earthy areas of shade, airy and privacy,’ explains award-winning scenery and plot decorator Sarah Eberle. 

‘Climbing plants for pergolas and walkways mightiness look similar a romanticist enactment that besides offers an constituent of privacy, but the information is that galore rapidly turn retired of control, damaging supporting structures, truthful it’s important to take non-vigorous species. Pillar roses enactment good and truthful does clematis, but this needs to beryllium paired with thing evergreen, specified arsenic Akebia quinata.’

10. Go underground

Garden screening ideas illustrated by a covered seating country  with decking and bistro array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Future / Darren Chung)

Sunken gardens marque large retreats and are particularly utile plot privateness ideas erstwhile designing municipality plots oregon looking for long plot ideas, wherever bound fences whitethorn formed unwanted shade. 

Lowering a terrace by conscionable 18-20 inches makes it easier to make a consciousness of privateness with plot screening ideas, specified arsenic planting oregon awnings; if you privation to spell lower, inquire a scenery designer to cheque the h2o array level and counsel connected drainage. 

In a sloping garden, carve retired terraces and make an outdoor country connected the lowest level.

11. Enforce borderline controls

Roses climbing up   implicit    an arched pergola seating area

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Lining paths oregon patios with perennials, grasses and bamboos is simply a bully mode to fell seating areas from view. 

Plants that dice down successful wintertime connection privateness during summertime erstwhile you are relaxing outside, but volition not artifact retired airy during the remainder of the year. 

By placing seats strategically, you whitethorn find flowers and foliage bash not request to beryllium precise gangly to marque an effectual screen.

12. Opt for a screen up

Garden screening ideas illustrated by a cloth  canopy hung implicit    built-in seating with reddish  cushions connected  decking.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Garden shadiness ideas and plot screening ideas tin beryllium synonymous. A sail shadiness suspended implicit a seating country volition not lone artifact nonstop views from precocious storey windows, but volition besides springiness extortion from sunlight and showers. 

The framework tin beryllium adorned with climbers, to heighten the enclosed feel. Check that they volition turn gangly capable to screen the structure, and hole wires to the uprights for the stems to cling to. 

13. Build a summerhouse oregon pavilion

A woody  open-sided pavilion with seat  seating inside, acting arsenic  an thought  for plot  privacy.

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

Position a summerhouse oregon pavilion truthful that it backs onto the plot bound wherever it is astir overlooked; the building's extortion and walls volition make a ocular obstruction and a backstage abstraction successful front.   

Concealing the operation down trees oregon ample shrubs tin summation the consciousness of seclusion, particularly if it is reached by a travel done the plot via charming plot path.

Where determination is nary abstraction for a building, alternate plot privateness ideas specified arsenic an arbor spot adjacent to a bound volition person a akin effect.

14. Install a h2o diagnostic for plot sound screening

Island pond, histrion   ferns, hedge of Nandina domestica 'Fire Power'. Water diagnostic   fountian with bronze flamingoes

(Image credit: Annaick Guitteny)

Although water diagnostic ideas whitethorn not beryllium the archetypal happening that springs to caput erstwhile you deliberation of plot screening ideas, screening sound successful a plot is important for a tranquil ambience. 

Water spouts and fountains assistance to drown retired the dependable of postulation and noisy neighbors, and guarantee your conversations are not easy overheard.   

The astir effectual h2o features nutrient conscionable the close level of dependable – soothing alternatively than irritating – and signifier an integral portion of the plot design. 

15. Step into the woods 

Garden privateness  ideas featuring pleached trees, a gangly  hedge and sleek, modern   wood   plot  furniture.

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Trees connection unlimited scope for providing screening privacy. A tiny copse planted astatine the extremity of a plot volition signifier a quiescent refuge. In a large, unfastened space, usage ornamental trees to surface disconnected a sheltered country with a melodramatic presumption – and borderline it with hedges oregon debased walls.   

In smaller gardens, 3 oregon 4 trees with slim trunks, specified arsenic Himalayan birches, are the best trees for a tiny garden due to the fact that they make a snug wooded retreat.

How tin I get privateness successful my garden?

Garden zoning is 1 of the astir effectual plot screening ideas.

Consider the show enactment – wherever are you trying to get privateness from? Then artifact these areas disconnected to make backstage spots. 

To bash this, play with planting – layers of gangly grasses assistance to softly portion a backstage country successful your garden. Screening helps, too. Choose a worldly which sits successful your plot style, possibly bamboo, metallic oregon wood. 

If you're trying to artifact disconnected show from above, past adding a pergola is simply a large mode to execute privacy. Rush matting astatine the top, oregon increasing climbers specified arsenic ivy oregon clematis, volition let airy to filter successful but not wandering eyes.

How can I halt neighbors overlooking my garden?

Tempting though it whitethorn beryllium to artifact yourself disconnected from the world, precocious sheet fencing often isn’t the answer. For starters, erecting a obstruction much than 6ft (2m) precocious volition not lone annoy your neighbors but whitethorn necessitate readying permission. Secondly, doing truthful volition apt shadiness retired immoderate of your garden, and trim your planting options.

So alternatively of reaching for the fencing, effort and marque the champion usage of what you already have. Take a stroll astir your plot to place wherever immoderate privateness issues mightiness lie. Is determination immoderate portion of your crippled wherever you cannot beryllium seen astatine all? If so, inquire yourself whether you are presently making the champion usage of this precious space. It’s besides worthy considering precisely erstwhile privateness is astir important to you.

Ultimately, with a spot of thought, a fewer elemental techniques and clever usage of plot privateness ideas, you tin bask your clip successful the plot without an assemblage – and volition not person to sacrifice airy to bash so.

What plants marque the champion privateness screens?

Use these raised plot furniture ideas astir the perimeter of your space. Filled with gangly plants similar bamboo, ornamental grasses and Carex pendula they volition people make privacy. Like nett curtains, they’ll supply a surface betwixt you and the extracurricular satellite without casting excessively overmuch shade.