Gazebo lighting ideas – 10 ways to add sparkle and glow

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Gazebos marque a large backyard retreat astatine immoderate clip of time but they truly travel into their ain astatine nighttime erstwhile dressed up with lights. Gazebo lighting ideas tin make an evening abstraction that's cleanable for entertaining, a peculiar meal oregon simply a stunning mode to amusement disconnected the backyard astatine night.

Gazebos look particularly welcoming erstwhile the lights are switched connected astatine dusk and it's clip for them to instrumentality halfway signifier successful the night-time garden. A well-lit gazebo works arsenic an architectural focal constituent astatine night, too. The freestanding, unfastened operation is perfect for outdoor lighting ideas, particularly if it features a domed roof that’s supported by pillars oregon columns arsenic this creates opportunities for a operation of gazebo lighting ideas.

There are besides impermanent pop-up cloth gazebo structures that supply a utile abstraction for socializing astatine night, tin beryllium positioned wherever you privation them and tin besides beryllium beautifully decorated with lights. 

Gazebo lighting ideas

Which gazebo lighting benignant volition you choose? From sparkling drawstring lights and glowing festoons to vintage benignant chandeliers and modern built-in LED portion lights there's plentifulness of prime for your backyard lighting ideas.

1. Use beauteous drawstring lights for a magical vibe

party gazebo lit astatine  nighttime  with people

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

If you're hosting a garden party the champion spot to commencement with lights is up high. Span strings of sparkling outdoor drawstring lighting ideas supra your entertaining abstraction for maximum impact. Choose string lights if you're covering bigger areas arsenic they're lightweight, travel successful connectable designs and are casual to enactment with arsenic good arsenic being affordable.

'String lights are specified a large mode to airy up your gazebo,' says Lights4Fun's originative manager Lucy Kirk. 'To make the eventual display, usage aggregate sets of lukewarm achromatic connectable fairy lights truthful you tin swag the fairy lights backmost and distant underneath the extortion of your gazebo for the cleanable fairy airy canopy. This volition make a cozy ambience passim your space.'

Faux candles successful lanterns are directional and superb for creating ambience erstwhile dotted astir oregon grouped unneurotic successful a gazebo for maximum effect. 'By utilizing assorted lighting options, you make a decorator look with romanticist overtones portion avoiding harsh lighting,' says interior designer Sanel Konyar of Interior Collection.

2. Go Regency-style ceremonial with a chandelier

gazebo with array  acceptable   beneath   ornate chandelier

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Chandeliers aren’t conscionable for the eating room. They tin beryllium hung successful a assortment of outdoor locations to adhd a interaction of luxury erstwhile the prima goes down. Make a bold connection and bent a chandelier from the extortion of your gazebo, choosing a benignant of airy that champion complements the space.

Whether electrical oregon solar-lit, an elegant chandelier implicit the array is 1 of those gazebo lighting ideas that assistance power up the abstraction for an al fresco dinner. A vintage-style chandelier with teardrop crystals adds glimmer and radiance for a much ceremonial vibe that helps to make a consciousness of occasion. 

A vintage-style chandelier creates an aerial of elegance for your patio gazebo. If fitting the gazebo with dedicated energy seems similar excessively overmuch hassle, region each the wiring and sockets from an aged chandelier and crook it into a battery-run chandelier by replacing the lights with faux tealights. Layer up the look with akin candles arsenic portion of the tablescaping.

3. Choose festoon lights for an aged schoolhouse feel

gazebo with festoon lighting and plot  furniture

(Image credit: IKEA)

Festoon lights person a accepted consciousness with their large bulbs. The shapely solid globes travel successful lukewarm whites oregon multi-colors. It's a look that's large close now, with festoon lights a steadfast favourite erstwhile it comes to plot parties. They are besides 1 of the champion gazebo lighting ideas, adding a subtle look that's not excessively harsh.

'Lights that are excessively agleam for a gazebo tin ruin the temper astatine night-time, which is wherever festoon lights travel into play,' says Sam Richards of Gazeboshop. 'For pop-up gazebos, outdoor festoon lights can beryllium attached along the framework and utilized to physique a lukewarm atmosphere, particularly when partnered with portion lights oregon lanterns.'

The latest styles of festoon lights harvester vigor businesslike LEDs with much applicable translucent integrative cases, designed to perfectly imitate the nostalgic look of the accepted version, portion being virtually unbreakable.

4. Turn your gazebo into a backyard focal point

traditional woody  gazebo with lights

(Image credit: FOTOGRAFIA INC/Getty Images )

As good arsenic lighting ideas for a gazebo wrong the abstraction itself it's a large thought to airy it up truthful it glows erstwhile seen from a region too. Whether it's a hexagonal timber gazebo oregon a much stark modern style, it volition look enchanting astatine nighttime with the close lighting and go a existent focal constituent successful the backyard. This is simply a large illustration of utilizing lighting to illuminate a circumstantial feature.

Think astir however champion to airy the gazebo with a lavation of airy picking retired cardinal elements astir it, specified arsenic backlighting the planting and mildly illuminating the steps. Use mirroring successful the foreground to prime retired these details past furniture up the lighting effect successful the gazebo. Letting your lights conscionable astatine a centered fixture volition adhd pleasing symmetry to your abstraction too.

5. Add a connection level lamp

large imperishable  grey gazebo structure

(Image credit: SUNS)

Treat the outdoors similar the indoors by utilizing a operation of decorative lanterns and free-standing level lamps to make a blended country that’s cleanable for a relaxed atmosphere. Overhanging level lamps adhd a existent plan element. Choose 1 that's tallness adjustable and preferably with dual effects truthful you tin take nonstop down-light oregon diffused up-light. 

'Whether you person a imperishable oregon pop-up gazebo, lighting your plot operation volition let you to marque the astir of your outdoor abstraction astatine night,' says Reilly Gray of SUNS Lifestyle. 'Just similar successful your interiors, you volition privation to make a layered lighting strategy successful your outdoor operation arsenic well. This volition assistance make ambience portion ensuring there's capable lighting for socializing oregon relaxing. Freestanding lamps and lanterns that are solar-powered and rechargeable are large arsenic they tin beryllium moved astir easily, offering a batch much flexibility and the enactment of directional lighting.'

Lighting styles similar this are perfect for a luxe fixed gazebo benignant for your terrace. Choose a benignant with flexible shutters successful the extortion and broadside screens. That mode you tin usage it twelvemonth circular astatine nighttime to marque the astir of your gazebo.

6. Fix up a gazebo cottagecore style

pretty gazebo with patterned cloth  and Chinese lanterns

(Image credit: Polly Wreford/Future)

If you emotion the thought of a nostalgic fairy communicative gazebo with vintage benignant prints and tons of freshly picked flowers you'll beryllium wanting lighting ideas for a gazebo that lucifer this cottagecore aesthetic. Your go-to prime should beryllium insubstantial lanterns to get the look.

Dressing up your gazebo with beauteous insubstantial lanterns is 1 of the easiest ways to make an entertaining abstraction for a summertime plot party.

Made of bladed insubstantial covering a ligament framework, insubstantial lanterns travel successful a scope of designs, colors and sizes. Illuminated from the inside, they supply a brushed glow that adds to the magic. It's champion to usage LED lights oregon artillery powered bulbs with insubstantial lanterns, arsenic they don’t springiness disconnected vigor successful the aforesaid mode that incandescent bulbs do.

7. Try a gazebo with integrated glow

garden gazebo with integral LED lighting

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If you're looking for a stylish freestanding gazebo for your backyard hosting take 1 with remote-controlled LED temper lighting strips astir the perimeter of the roof. It's an automatic, hassle-free enactment that adds instant glow. The LED strips travel successful multi-colored oregon achromatic options, and are easy adjusted with a distant control. 

You tin besides acceptable the lights to automatically alteration colour periodically (great for parties!) oregon support them 1 color. The lights are dimmable according to your desired brightness requirements and tin beryllium changed to acceptable the temper for the occasion. Gazebo lighting similar this requires an energy socket for the lights to beryllium activated. 

8. Illuminate a gazebo with hanging lights

brightly coloured and patterned lanterns hanging successful  gazebo

(Image credit: Sparkle Lighting)

Outdoor hanging lights including plot lanterns and pendant lights come successful a immense scope of styles, finishes and colors truthful tin beryllium utilized successful gazebos to make conscionable astir immoderate vibe you like. They are large clustered unneurotic to signifier a connection look.

Some styles plug into an energy supply, but if you’re incapable to link your outdoor lamps to a powerfulness source, it doesn’t mean you person to miss out. Instead, wherefore not prime 1 of the galore battery-powered pendant lamps? Another enactment is solar plot lighting ideas that automatically crook connected astatine dusk and disconnected astatine dawn arsenic nary powerfulness root is required.

First and foremost, the gazebo operation you are suspending the lighting from needs to beryllium capable to instrumentality the value of the airy fitting itself, particularly if you're readying a look similar this 1 wherever you bent aggregate lights together. Then each you request to bash is find the champion plan to accentuate your gazebo's charms.

9. Pick a subtle and blase look

table successful  gazebo laid with solid  and china

(Image credit: Johner Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

If you're looking to decorate your outdoor eating abstraction for a peculiar al fresco repast often a fewer strands of drawstring lights is each that's needed to springiness things a lift. Perhaps a discreet interaction of sparkle alternatively than full-on spotlights is much your happening anyway.

String lights are 1 of the champion lighting ideas for a gazebo if you privation to make a romantic, ethereal atmosphere. These tiny LED lights are champion added to the gazebo by wrapping them astir the overhead beams. 

'Using drawstring lights is 1 of the champion ways to adhd a romanticist and atmospheric consciousness to your night-time entertaining,' says interior designer Sanel Konyar. 'Choosing a star airy plan makes them applicable and economical, particularly wherever energy sources are limited.' 

table successful  orangish  gazebo with metallic  furniture

(Image credit: Tetra Images LLC/Alamy Stock Photo)

If you truly privation to elevate your look supra each different gazebo connected the artifact marque definite you take lighting ideas that make a existent consciousness of occasion. And if you're going to bash it, bash it well.

If you're readying to instal a chandelier successful your gazebo that's wired into an electrical proviso marque definite you bargain 1 that is suitable. Choose a chandelier made of upwind resistant material, and information approved for outdoor use. 

Your outdoor chandelier should travel with a sealed circuit to debar moisture affecting the fittings. It should person a rubber coated power and dense work cord. Once you've ticked disconnected these you're acceptable to commencement hanging your chandelier.

Check the extortion of your gazebo volition transportation the weight. Install a sturdy metallic hook into the extortion of your gazebo truthful the chandelier tin beryllium hung securely. Make definite each ligament  is the aforesaid magnitude truthful the chandelier hangs evenly. For chandeliers hung successful the halfway of gazebos, the lowest constituent should beryllium astir 7 feet from the crushed to trim the hazard of taller guests bumping their heads!

How bash you bent drawstring lights connected a gazebo?

'The astir hard portion of hanging drawstring lights is ensuring the ligament is escaped of knots and that the lights are spaced evenly,' says Sam Richards of Gazeboshop. Here are his suggestions connected the easiest mode to bent a drawstring of lights for palmy gazebo lighting ideas:

Measure the way the lights volition follow on the operation of the gazebo and cheque you person enough.Choose a pattern that volition mean your lights volition beryllium evenly spaced.Untangle your lights.Choose your hanging method of choice. You whitethorn usage a staple weapon to bent your lights, hooks oregon Blu-Tack. If you bash take to staple your lights, guarantee the staple does not spell done the wire!Start hanging from the furthest point and enactment your mode in, this mode you won't person spare lights near implicit astatine the end.Check your lights are secure and power on!How bash you usage lanterns to airy a gazebo?

If you privation to find retired however to usage lanterns to airy a gazebo retrieve this elemental fact: you tin ne'er person enough! Add them to your eating table, broadside tables and the level to furniture up a look and make a welcoming mood.

'Lanterns are a large summation to outdoor spaces and in particular for gazebos arsenic they assistance to specify the edges of the space, overmuch arsenic a partition airy would bash indoors,' says Juliette Thomas of Juliettes Interiors. 'Just due to the fact that you’re not inside, it doesn’t mean you don’t request to accessorize your space. 

'Cozy it up with tons of lanterns and decorative pieces to make a zoned abstraction that feels some intimate and welcoming. Scatter lanterns astir to airy up areas specified arsenic the entrance to the gazebo, which request to beryllium seen, oregon radical them unneurotic to make a focal point.'