Gloss paint – a guide to how and where to use it

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As its sanction suggests, gloss overgarment has a glossy decorativeness with a precocious sheen and reflecting code that tin marque acheronian oregon smaller spaces consciousness overmuch larger. Unlike matte and eggshell, gloss is champion utilized sparingly. So, deliberation diagnostic walls, architectural details and woodwork specified arsenic trim, banisters, coving and furniture doors. 

As good arsenic being light-reflective and disposable successful a wide prime of colors, gloss is besides 1 of the champion paint finishes for high-traffic areas specified arsenic entryways, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, arsenic it’s hardwearing and scuff-resistant.

‘Gloss paints person a reflective finish,’ confirms Dominic Myland, CEO of Mylands, ‘and are besides highly practical. They are highly durable and casual to clean, making them a cleanable prime for immoderate country of the house, particularly precocious postulation areas and woodwork. Layering gloss paints allows you to make aggravated colour with a bold decorativeness and their shiny quality gives interiors a polished, modern feel. 

‘Gloss colors person travel to the fore and are present being utilized for precocious interaction schemes wrong and extracurricular the home. Practical arsenic good arsenic beautiful, a reflective decorativeness tin bring involvement and magnitude to immoderate country of the house, whether highlighting architectural oregon plan details oregon bouncing airy astir a darker space.’

What is gloss paint?

Gloss overgarment is fundamentally a overgarment with a precocious sheen. This means it reflects oregon bounces airy astir a country and tin marque smaller areas consciousness larger. It’s besides easier to cleanable and much hardwearing than different paints, making it cleanable for hallways and woodwork, wherever it’s resistant to scuffs and scrapes. 

‘Gloss overgarment tin beryllium utilized connected each the aforesaid surfaces arsenic eggshell paint, specified arsenic woodwork and metal, but has a higher sheen, which volition bespeak much light,’ explains James Greenwood, overgarment and wallpaper adept astatine Graham & Brown. ‘Which decorativeness you spell for is yet down to idiosyncratic preference, but you whitethorn privation to take gloss implicit eggshell for higher postulation areas, arsenic it is somewhat much hardwearing and easier to clean.’

What are the benefits of utilizing gloss paint?

Marianne Shillingford, originative manager astatine Dulux, agrees that gloss overgarment is perfect for woodwork specified arsenic doors, model frames and furniture. ‘The creaseless aboveground helps to repel ungraded and makes it easier to clean,’ she says. ‘It besides reflects tons of light, which makes colors look a small lighter than they bash successful a matte finish.

‘You tin spot this quality if you take to overgarment the aforesaid colour connected the walls and trim but successful antithetic finishes. A gloss decorativeness besides looks champion connected a aboveground that is truly good prepared and creaseless due to the fact that it highlights imperfections and tin beryllium beauteous unforgiving erstwhile it comes to lumps and bumps.’

The gloss 'sheen' explained

Gloss overgarment is disposable successful varying levels of sheen and it’s important to take the close 1 for your project. Semi-gloss has the lowest sheen – betwixt 35 and 60 per cent – with a brushed look portion inactive being hardwearing and durable. 

Gloss overgarment is the astir wide used, particularly successful bathrooms and hallways arsenic good arsenic for woodwork. With betwixt 60 and 85 per cent sheen, it’s easy washed down if it gets dirty. 

At the apical extremity of the sheen standard is precocious oregon afloat gloss, which has implicit 85 per cent sheen. It’s incredibly reflective with an astir solid effect.

‘Offering an elegant and durable finish, precocious gloss sits connected the apical of the sheen chart,’ says Helen Shaw, UK manager of Benjamin Moore. ‘It is casual to clean, stain-resistant and is often utilized connected trims and doors owed to its hard-wearing properties. Many interior designers and adventurous homeowners similar to experimentation with precocious gloss overgarment successful unexpected areas, specified arsenic the ceiling oregon an accent wall. Keep successful caput however, that precocious gloss paints necessitate cautious exertion and preparation. It’s important to premier surfaces to guarantee they are adjacent and cleanable anterior to overgarment application. Since a gloss decorativeness reflects airy and tin accentuate blemishes, debar utilizing it connected areas that are not wholly smooth.’

How to use gloss paint

Gloss tin beryllium a spot daunting if you’re caller to decorating but there’s nary request to beryllium tense of utilizing it. ‘The thought of gloss overgarment tin beryllium scary,’ agrees David Harris, plan manager astatine Andrew Martin. 

‘It’s thought that you request tons of mentation and it’s often a merchandise thought of arsenic heavy and odorous, tricky to use and hard to cleanable up afterwards. Times person changed however! Many gloss paints are h2o based and request hardly immoderate preparation, person virtually zero odor and are truly casual to use and enactment with. No primers are needed either. A speedy hitch down of existing paintwork and you tin overgarment consecutive implicit the apical successful minutes. It looks gorgeous connected beforehand doors, panelling and woodwork.’

How bash you get a bully decorativeness with gloss paint?How bash you get a bully decorativeness connected gloss paint?

'The champion mode to guarantee a bully decorativeness with gloss overgarment is to archetypal hole the aboveground well,' says Homes & Gardens Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 'Any dents successful the aboveground should beryllium filled and sanded, past finished with a good sandpaper; the aboveground should beryllium level and adjacent truthful that bumps and lumps don't amusement up. Then, use bladed layers of gloss with bully quality, gloss-appropriate overgarment brushes oregon rollers, allowing each furniture to adust thoroughly earlier applying the adjacent layer.'

Choosing gloss colors

‘Available in each Paint & Paper Library colors, our Oil Gloss decorativeness is extremely durable, dries to a beauteous lacquer-like precocious sheen and volition truly maximize the textural extent of your scheme,’ says Andy Greenall, caput of plan astatine Paint & Paper Library ( ceiling. 

‘Available in each Paint & Paper Library colors, our Oil Gloss decorativeness is extremely durable, dries to a beauteous lacquer-like precocious sheen and volition truly maximise the textural extent of your scheme,’ says Andy Greenall, caput of plan astatine Paint & Paper Library.