Gove steps in to halt ITV studios demolition

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Levelling up caput Michael Gove has waded into the £400m program to redevelop the erstwhile ITV studios by issuing a request to halt enactment connected the project.

The caput of authorities has issued an Article 31 absorption which volition intermission the exertion to demolish the erstwhile studios connected the South Bank successful beforehand of immoderate imaginable scrutiny of the strategy by cardinal government.

Gove has issued a halt to demolition to springiness clip to see whether to telephone successful the strategy oregon not. However, earlier helium does perchance scrutinise the plans, Lambeth assembly volition notation the strategy to the Greater London Authority.

Last month, a Labour councillor for Lambeth vowed to fight against the caller strategy by developer CO-RE, which would spot the operation of a 25-storey operation connected the tract arsenic portion of a 90,000 quadrate metre office-led scheme.

Lambeth councillor Kevin Craig and chap councillor Jennifer Mosley objected to the improvement connected grounds of “excessive standard and bulk” which would “harm surrounding practice assets”.

ITV abandoned its ain plans to redevelop the tract successful 2018 and it was sold to a associated task betwixt Mitsubishi and CO-RE the pursuing year. The strategy was fixed readying consent by Lambeth Council successful March this year.

Designed by architects Make, the task volition spot each existing buildings connected the tract demolished and replaced by 2 towers, rising to 25 and 14 storeys successful height, and connected by a six-floor podium.

It volition supply much than 79,000 quadrate metres of commercialized floorspace, arsenic good arsenic up to 7,344 quadrate metres of taste and collaboration facilities and astir 4,000 quadrate metres of abstraction for cafes, bars and restaurants.

There volition besides beryllium caller nationalist realm astatine crushed level, a communal abstraction for tenants astatine podium level and enhanced connectivity for pedestrians.