Gray bathroom tile ideas – 16 ways to work with gray ceramic, porcelain and stone

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One of our favourite ways to decorate a space, our grey bath tile ideas harvester practicality with a subtle chicness.

Tiles are the go-to enactment for bath walls and floors – and for bully crushed too. Being hardwearing, water-resistant and with a immense assortment of designs to take from, bathroom tile ideas tin bespeak your ain benignant nary substance however overmuch abstraction you person to enactment with. 

Gray, meanwhile, is an highly versatile, neutral shadiness that works successful classical and modern homes alike, truthful it’s nary wonderment that gray bath ideas are a fashionable prime today. Pair with pops of color, oregon marque it monochrome – the last look is truly up to you – rather frankly, determination are truthful galore bathroom ideas to take from.

Gray bath tile ideas

Explore our apical 16 stylish grey bath tile ideas for immoderate superior plan inspiration. 

 1. Use a palette of varied shades

Gray bathroom, palette of grey  tiles successful  a herringbone pattern, acheronian  gray-brown tiled floor, metallic fittings

(Image credit: Darren Cheung)

If you are unsure connected what shadiness of grey to prime for your bath tiles, wherefore not usage a beauteous palette of varied shades to make a basal retired space. 

Senior Designer Jo Sangster from Ripples London states, ‘gray is simply a timeless prime erstwhile it comes to bath tiles and with truthful galore shades, patterns and textures to take from it needn't look dull oregon clinical’.

In this bathroom, the beauteous herringbone patterned partition tiles successful a premix of chill and lukewarm grey shades, signifier a stunning, intricate plan that genuinely celebrates the colour gray. The dark, brown-gray level tiles heighten the warming tones of the partition tiles, creating an inviting abstraction that feels precise overmuch similar a glamorous spa. 

2. Combine antithetic shapes and sizes 

Gray wetroom with shower, tiled bathtub, flooring and walls. Gray tiles of antithetic  shapes and sizes, metallic fittings,

(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch)

To make an ambiance of subtle opposition successful your bath space, utilizing grey tiles of antithetic shapes and sizes volition make a ocular delight, afloat of inviting texture and tactile interest. 

A heavy tiled space, this bath sees a beauteous premix of accepted ceramic tiles successful the ablution and connected the bath, and a smaller, intricate patterned tile plan connected the floor. United by the aforesaid airy grey colour palette, the unfastened and inviting plan is cleanable for wet country ideas.

3. Keep it traditional

traditional benignant   bath  with slipper bath, 2  basins and acheronian  grey tiling. Painted grey  walls and acheronian  grey  flooring.

(Image credit: Time Inc (UK) Ltd)

Depending connected your location and style, keeping things accepted with your grey bath tile choices volition yet make a timeless look that tin turn with your bath abstraction for years to come. 

In this bathroom, the acheronian grey tiles person been mounted halfway crossed each 4 walls successful a accepted ceramic pattern, with the linear plan creating a cleanable and classical look that is some elegant to look astatine and casual to clean.

Senior Designer Jo Sangster from Ripples London states erstwhile utilizing acheronian tiles, ‘if chosen correctly, acheronian grey tiles tin enactment well, adjacent successful smaller bathrooms, arsenic they tin adhd extent to the abstraction and gully the oculus in; a diagnostic partition is often a bully mode to incorporated a acheronian grey hue without it looking to overwhelming’. 

Here, the acheronian grey tiles are complemented by the airy grey overgarment utilized connected the walls and larger, lukewarm grey tiles connected the floor, creating an inviting and relaxing bath abstraction that incorporates accepted techniques.

4. Pick a patterned tile  

Bathroom with achromatic  tile partition  and bath, grey and achromatic  geometric tile floor, achromatic  and achromatic  sink, and colourful decorative touches.

(Image credit: Future)

Picking a patterned tile is simply a elemental mode to heighten your bath with ocular involvement and personality, with a grey colour prime ensuring the wide strategy is relaxed and elegant. 

The geometric grey and achromatic patterned level tiles utilized successful this bath make a beauteous opposition with the achromatic quadrate partition tiles, adding a connection appeal. Accessorizing with antithetic textures and materials, specified arsenic the woven baskets and vintage, metallic partition lights, adds warmth to the achromatic and grey scheme, resulting successful a blase and inviting bath space.

5. Create a subtle mosaic effect  

Gray tiled bath  with unsocial   mosaic effect, achromatic  and achromatic  sink, rounded achromatic  reflector  and decorative vase with grasses

(Image credit: Ripples Bathrooms)

In this bathroom, the collage of subtle mosaic patterns and shapes creates a genuinely unique, vintage feel. A large mode to adhd texture and signifier but successful an understated way, the relaxing grey colour palette enhances the classical mosaic look. 

Complemented by larger, warming grey tiles, the achromatic reflector and achromatic and achromatic basin adds a modern edge, whilst perfectly coordinating with the grey scheme.

6. Use a grey marble 

Bathroom with achromatic  bath, solid  ablution  cubicle, basin and toilet, grey partition  tiles and airy   grey walls.

(Image credit: Ti Archive)

Enduring and luxurious, marble bath ideas volition ever make a beauteous and applicable scheme. The earthy qualities of marble marque it a cleanable prime for the bathroom, with it being some highly durable and h2o resistant. 

Opting for grey marble tiles successful the bath volition make a long-lasting, timeless appeal, arsenic they tin easy lucifer and coordinate with an array of different tiles, colors and textures. 

The grey marble tiles utilized passim this bath marque the country consciousness airy and spacious, enhanced by the airy overgarment shadiness utilized connected the walls. The darker grey level tiles crushed the full scheme, with the metallic fittings and woody accessories creating a stylish opposition and inviting texture.

7. Add involvement with bold mosaics

Gray bath  tiles by Claybrook down  a metallic  ablution  head.

(Image credit: Claybrook)

‘Gray request not beryllium utilized arsenic a coagulated colour erstwhile tiling.’ explains Rob Whitaker, Creative Director astatine Claybrook.

‘Mosaics are a large mode to bring question and ocular involvement into a abstraction erstwhile utilizing much neutral shades. Marble mosaics are a lawsuit successful constituent – the earthy worldly means adjacent wrong 1 shadiness determination are variations successful tone.’

Likewise, the 2022 tile trend of grayscale terrazzo tiles creates a captivating canvas erstwhile utilized connected the walls oregon for bathroom level tiles.

8. Scale up

Large grey  bath  tiles by CP Hart connected  a ablution  partition  and floor

(Image credit: CP Hart)

Large format tiles are perfect for bathrooms and bedewed rooms – if you're looking for shower tile ideas.

Often seen successful luxury spas, oversized chromatic grey tiles adhd a consciousness of grandeur, but are besides practical. With little tiles to enactment with, they are quicker to laic and minimal grout lines mean they are easier to cleanable too. 

9. Mix your materials

An illustration  of grey  bath  tile ideas with a marble descend  and tiles by Drummonds

(Image credit: Drummonds)

When it comes to decorating the walls of your bathroom, you whitethorn privation to see utilizing a operation of materials.

Tiles are sensible for bedewed zones – deliberation astir the bath, supra the basin and successful a ablution enclosure. We person a useful usher connected how to tile a bath wall if you request immoderate help. 

You could adhd immoderate diagnostic wallpaper elsewhere successful the space. Water-resistant wallpapers are available, oregon inquire your decorator to use Decorator's Varnish for added extortion successful lawsuit of splashes. 

10. Play with texture

Gray diagonal bath  tiles by Lapicida down  a grey  chromatic  sink.

(Image credit: Lapicida)

If you program to support the colour strategy neutral with grey bath tiles, you tin adhd involvement by bringing antithetic shapes and textures into the design.

Look retired for tiles with repeating patterns oregon antithetic shapes that volition enactment with the benignant of your space. 

Play astir with the options too. You tin often make a assortment of antithetic looks simply by repositioning the layout of the tiles.

11. Use tiles to zone

Gray bath  tile ideas featuring a patterned grey  Amtico level  with pinkish  accessories.

(Image credit: Amtico)

Enhance your bath layout by utilizing tiles to assistance portion the space. 

Place a borderline of patterned tiles wrong a ablution oregon astir a bath to item these areas, keeping the remainder of the bath neutral with a plain yet complementary tile. 

And if you are looking to screen a ample magnitude of floorspace, see alternate materials specified arsenic Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). They're worthy considering if you're looking for bathroom flooring ideas, since they mimic the look of existent stone, but are often easier to support and won’t consciousness arsenic acold underfoot connected those aboriginal mornings.

12. Consider your finish

Shiny grey  bath  tiles by Stone and Ceramic Warehouse.

(Image credit: Stone and Ceramic Warehouse)

Most bath tiles volition travel successful 2 finishes – matte oregon gloss. Which you spell for is truly down to idiosyncratic preference. 

Matte tiles don’t amusement up marks and smudges arsenic obviously, and thin to beryllium little slippery. Gloss tiles, connected the different hand, person a much reflective aboveground that enhances light. 

These enactment peculiarly good erstwhile applied to the walls by making the country consciousness brighter, large if you're looking for small bath ideas. 

13. Take an all-over approach

A ablution  enclosure with grey  patterned tiles.

(Image credit: Verona)

Using the aforesaid grey bath tiles passim your abstraction tin make a sleek, seamless look. 

Some tiles are much suitable for floors than others, truthful cheque if the plan you similar tin beryllium applied to some floors and walls to debar immoderate costly mistakes erstwhile buying tiles. 

Keep an oculus retired for due gaffe ratings, and if you privation to person underfloor heating marque definite your tiles tin beryllium connected apical of your strategy – astir porcelain and ceramic tiles should beryllium capable to. 

14. Create a two-tone effect

A grey  tiled bath  with counter, circular  reflector  and wide   solid  sink.

(Image credit: Walls and Floors)

‘When it comes to grey bathrooms, wherefore not premix 2 coordinating shades to adhd ocular involvement to your walls and floors,’ suggests Katy Black, Marketing Director astatine Verona.

‘For example, you could prime lighter shades for walls and darker tones for floors.’ When deciding connected a combination, effort lukewarm tones unneurotic for a relaxing feel, oregon cooler shades for a fresher look.  

15. Use pops of color

A hexagonal grey  tiled Ca' Pietra bath  with pinkish  sink.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Gray tiles tin beryllium a subtle backdrop that let colorful items successful your bath to shine.

Introduce pops of colour to your plan done towels and accessories, oregon spell 1 measurement further and perpetrate to bold brassware and connection sanitaryware.

If you emotion the bath above, you could adjacent see incorporating immoderate of these pink country ideas into your scheme.

16. Find the close shade

A bath  thought  with grey  tiles down  a brace  of grey  sinks and mirrors.

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

While lighter grey tiles tin make a softer, much feminine look, heavy graphites and charcoals tin instantly adhd a much modern borderline to your bath scheme. 

Where possible, petition to spot samples successful idiosyncratic truthful you tin visualise antithetic combinations and scales of size to find what works for you.

What colors spell with grey bath tiles?

‘Gray tiles are a blank canvas, truthful your accessory options are endless,’ says Katy Black, Marketing Director astatine Verona.

‘If your grey tiles person a softer, warmer undertone, effort utilizing earthy, integrated bathroom colors specified arsenic acheronian greens oregon heavy auburns with earthy timber. For cooler shades, take crisp achromatic towels and mats with a beardown matte achromatic accent, oregon adhd a flash of colour with teal oregon navy.’

Should grey level tiles beryllium darker than partition tiles?

It is simply a fashionable approach, but not needfully the lone enactment – successful information doing the other tin make a beardown effect.

‘Darker partition tiles adhd interaction and temper to a space, and pairing them with a airy level simply adds to the drama,’ advises Rob Whitaker, Creative Director astatine Claybrook. 

Another thought is to usage the aforesaid shadiness crossed some the walls and floors, arsenic this tin marque the bath look sleek, seamless and bigger – a large tile thought for a tiny bathroom. Many tile ranges are present disposable successful the aforesaid plan but antithetic formats to execute this look. 

Should grout beryllium darker oregon lighter than a tile – and what grouts spell with grey tiles?

Using a grout that is simply a akin shadiness to your tiles tin assistance to make a premium finish, and matching your grout to your tiles volition besides assistance disguise immoderate discoloration that inevitably occurs implicit time. 

While achromatic grout is often seen arsenic the accepted choice, if you are aiming for a modern look past you could opt for a acheronian grout against airy grey tiles. Just beryllium definite the tiles person been appropriately sealed oregon glazed, different excess grout whitethorn instrumentality oregon descend into the tile.