Green bedroom ideas – 15 ways to use nature's finest color

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For greenish chamber ideas that volition crook your slumber abstraction into a verdant oasis, simply look retired the window. 

There is simply a full earthy satellite retired determination filled with greenish inspiration, from tropical rainforests to cottage gardens. 

But, if you request to constrictive it down a bit, we’ve collated a enactment of beauteous bedroom ideas that clasp Mother Earth’s favourite color. 

Green chamber ideas

If you are decorating with green and are reasoning of a caller bedroom colour ideas, we've gathered adept proposal and apical tips connected bringing the large outdoors in, indulging successful luxurious jewel tones and picking the cleanable greenish for your room colour ideas. 

1. Add quality successful a greenish chamber with a shapely, patterned headboard 

green chamber  with beauteous   stripe upholsered headboard, signifier   bedcover and partition  light

(Image credit: Polly Wreford / Kiera Buckley-Jones)

Botanicals combined with modern stripes connection an updated instrumentality connected a traditional bedroom aesthetic and look truly beauteous present connected this elegant headboard. The fabric, from Linwood, brings the country to beingness and patterned headboard is simply a large mode to adhd colour and involvement to an different plain bedroom. This curvy shapely plan is from The Headboard Workshop

A chill heavy green, specified arsenic this 1 from Farrow and Ball, with a restful and serene feel, is perfect successful a bedroom. And works good arsenic a basal from which to physique up a scheme, introducing a premix complementary colors and patterns into the mix. 

'A partition airy is an perfect enactment for the bedside, and I adore the charm of this elegant small woman from Fosbery Studio. The brushed cloth shadiness droops truthful daintily. It consciousness modern and yet brushed and understated,' says stylist Kiera Buckley-Jones. 

2. Hang a tapestry to make a focal point

A sage greenish  chamber  with a hanging botanical tapestry

(Image credit: Future)

If you're looking for headboard ideas, tapestry is simply a darling of the modern plan world, adept astatine creating a layered look portion supplying conscionable the close magnitude of pattern. 

While tapestry's popularity has soared each implicit the home, obscurity is it possibly much utile than successful the bedroom. 

In this room, it's the cleanable lucifer for the understated velvet headboard and serene sage walls.

3. Introduce floral signifier for a beauteous decorative touch

pretty greenish  and pinkish  floral wallpaper with partition  plates and wood   sideboard with array  light

(Image credit: Polly Wreford / Kiera Buckley-Jones)

This delicate meadow design, a sweet, astir folk-like floral pattern, adds a wonderfully decorative constituent to a surviving country alcove. 

'I adore this wallcovering. When I archetypal came crossed it successful the Lewis & Wood showroom, it was emotion astatine archetypal sight. It feels elegant and charming and the pinkish and greenish colorway is simply a harmonious, casual to unrecorded with pairing,' says Emma Thomas, Style Editor.

Offset the whimsy with a chunky rustic sideboard specified arsenic this 1 from Chelsea Textiles, and apical with textural array lamp from Matilda Goad and sculptural accessories.

Patterned plates arsenic artwork are a large alternate to framed prints, and look bully successful a group. 

4. Combine botanicals with geometrics for a modern feel 

A chamber  with green-blue furniture  linen and a mural-like wallpaper covered successful  trees

(Image credit: Future/Michael Sinclair)

‘We each cognize however beneficial quality is for wellness and happiness, truthful incorporating earthy elements, specified arsenic greenish hues, into your chamber strategy is simply a large mode to make a calm and relaxing environment,’ says Nina Tarnowski, Founder & Designer astatine Woodchip & Magnolia. 

If you privation to afloat clasp your outdoorsy side, prime a wallpaper with a plant-based pattern. Tightly repeated prints connection a much abstract instrumentality connected the theme, but this beauteous wallpaper with a floor-to-ceiling, mural-like, histrion people immerses a green-blue bedroom into a peaceful wood scene. 

5. Create a jewel container consciousness with emerald greenish accents 

A duplicate  chamber  with emerald greenish  curtains and a metallic  and greenish  patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

For bold types, coating the walls a heavy shadiness of emerald is simply a luxurious mode to bring greenish into the bedroom. If you’re looking to make a jewel container aesthetic with a small little drama, usage the colour arsenic an accent passim the strategy instead. 

In this gray chamber idea, emerald greenish curtains and cushions connection a generous helping of color, portion the aforesaid hue besides winds its mode astir nature-inspired wallpaper and furniture throws. The luxurious interaction present is subtle, but boosted by pairing with silvery gray. 

6. Use antithetic tones of the aforesaid green

An illustration  of greenish  chamber  ideas showing a white-painted chamber  with greenish  furnishings including printed blinds and an upholstered footstool

(Image credit: Future/Jan Baldwin)

Green is 1 of the best chamber colors, truthful wherefore instrumentality to 1 shadiness erstwhile you tin person many? 

Choosing a tonal palette allows you to research your favourite greenish successful each its forms, from barely-there airy versions cleanable for walls, to deep, acheronian iterations ripe for defining accents. 

The cardinal to this instrumentality is keeping the strategy to 1 axenic colour – successful the lawsuit of this bedroom, a lukewarm writer greenish – and going either lighter oregon darker from determination (don’t premix chill with warm). 

Here, a neutral palette is built connected with a precise airy greenish armoire, and ranges to a heavy velvet propulsion connected the mirror. 

7. Freshen up a country with mint

A chamber  with neutral textured walls and mint greenish  furniture  linen

(Image credit: Future)

If you imagination of refreshing oversea breezes, see adding a hint of bluish to a greenish chamber colour scheme.

Leaning to the cooler extremity of green’s spectrum, mint greens are an enlivening prime that connection a cleanable instrumentality connected earthy colors – much hidden lagoon than enchanted forest. 

Here a (particularly blue) spearmint greenish is layered successful aggregate textures passim the bedding, adding a revitalizing popular of colour to a neutral palette. 

8. Match greenish with rust and grey for grown up appeal

Bedroom partition  light

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

A maestro of the subtle colour palette, interior decorator Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co shows however conscionable a small interaction of greenish tin alteration a strategy that's different dominated by earthier tones. 

'I emotion the usage of texture successful this space,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 'It's subtle capable to consciousness understated but its consistency unites the antithetic colors wrong the room. And the just-on-the-earthy-side-of-lime cushion is simply a clever touch, elevating and contrasting with the warmer colors successful the room.' 

9. Floral curtains bring the outdoors in 

A chamber  with airy   greenish  curtains printed with ample  pinkish  and achromatic  flowers

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

If a chamber model looks retired onto a nature-filled plot oregon pastoral landscape, it seems beauteous transgression to screen up the view. 

For erstwhile you truly bash person to gully the curtains, bring the outdoors successful by picking ones with a floral print, made much naturalistic by the usage of green.

In this master chamber idea, bold printed drapes successful a relaxing airy wood greenish and chill pinks are paired with simple, modern decor, allowing the signifier to pb the room. 

10. Pick a grey greenish to calm a sunny space

A airy   sea-green strategy  with cohesive colors, a leaf-print wallpaper and teal propulsion  illustrating however  to take  the champion  chamber  colors.

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

Light greens whitethorn beryllium easier to handle, but don't beryllium acrophobic to harvester them with cooler grey shades. Pairing airy greens with grey creates a existent consciousness of calm and restfulness, though you tin adhd warmth with rusts and adjacent lukewarm metallics. 

'We find that darker hues adhd much shadows and antithetic tones erstwhile the airy hits and marque the cleanable backdrop for brass accents', accidental Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, Founders astatine Interior Fox.

'Green truly pops alongside metallic golden oregon bronze touches that volition heighten its warmth and springiness it shine', adds Judy Smith, Color Consultant astatine Crown. 

11.  Keep it cleanable with achromatic and green

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with greenish  painted panelling and wallpaper sections

(Image credit: Little Greene)

To support your greens arsenic crisp arsenic the caller day, brace them with white. Many of the patterned wallpapers and textiles successful this nonfiction bring the colors together, but don’t beryllium acrophobic to colour artifact either. 

Rather than accenting white bedrooms with green, this cute country lets greenish instrumentality implicit the walls and brings achromatic successful via woodwork and bedding.

12. Create a rustic consciousness with greenish and wood

Bedroom with rustic woody  walls and furniture  with decorative greenish  bedspread

(Image credit: Birdie Fortescue)

While matching with achromatic volition assistance support things light, brace complementary shades of greenish and wood for a soothing scheme, cleanable for pre-sleep downtime. 

This pairing works champion with tones of greenish that person a small yellowish oregon bluish successful them already. In this bedroom, mid-toned woody paneling ideas for walls are the cleanable spouse for folklore-inspired bedding successful caller achromatic and heavy green.

13. Brighten up accepted benignant with a purer shade

An illustration  of greenish  chamber  ideas showing a furniture  with greenish  velvet propulsion  and matching upholstered headboard and canopy successful  greenish  and achromatic  patterned fabric

(Image credit: Future/ Jan Baldwin)

While muted tones of greenish are easier to enactment with successful a bedroom, going bold with brights tin assistance modernize a accepted style. 

In this room, an upholstered, ornately curved headboard and canopy are covered successful a modern zig-zag fabric, featuring a vibrant writer greenish that is reflected successful the velvet propulsion connected the furniture itself. 

14. Spin the colour instrumentality and opposition with red

A chamber  with greenish  and achromatic  patterned wallpaper and red-framed duplicate  beds

(Image credit: Future/Alecia Neo)

While green’s complementary colors tin marque for fantabulous bedfellows, don’t beryllium acrophobic to opposition – and bash it dramatically. 

Accents of reddish astir a green-leading country connection not lone a punchy interruption to a monochromatic scheme, but dabble successful romance and adhd a interaction of fairytale magic. 

In this print-heavy bedroom, the reddish furniture frames adhd a consciousness of fun, with achromatic acting arsenic a utile conduit passim the patterns to guarantee it doesn’t each get excessively much. 

'We emotion however the engaged bedroom wallpaper idea present balances arsenic with the bold gloss-painted reddish beds and folklore-inspired bedding,' says Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. 'The crushed 2 specified challenging patterns enactment unneurotic is the recessive quality of the airy green, which allows the reddish accents to beryllium the focal point. Yet, the greenish patterns adhd extent and layering successful a mode that plain greenish walls ne'er could.'

 15. Pair with yellowish for a blooming outpouring look

An illustration  of greenish  chamber  ideas showing a chamber  with greenish  and achromatic  patterned wallpaper and a yellowish  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

Green shoots volition soon mean flowers and successful spring, what we each privation is simply a small sunshine yellow. 

It’s not the easiest pairing to propulsion off, but usage some yellowish and greenish sparingly connected apical of a neutral base, and the effect is simply a country that brings the precise champion of English cottage gardens into your slumber space. 

In this example, a lukewarm yellowish is utilized for a beautifully elemental 4 poster bed, portion inflections of some colors capsicum the space. 

Is greenish a bully colour for a bedroom?

Absolutely, but beryllium wide connected what benignant of effect you privation to make earlier you dive in. ‘Fresh, earthy and wholly versatile, you can’t spell incorrect with green,’ accidental Choate and Ugarte. ‘The instrumentality is to code up oregon down depending connected the desired outcome. 

‘For a calming effect opt for lighter colors offset by earthy finishes, oregon for a much sumptuous scheme, take overmuch darker shades.’ 

What colors spell with greenish successful a bedroom? 

It’s not casual being green, but it is easier to brace it with antithetic colors than you mightiness think. 

‘Nature provides america with boundless inspiration, particularly the infinite colour palette recovered successful flora and fauna, truthful it’s casual to brace greenish with a full big of colors’, says Tarkowski. 

‘Pair with a brushed blush oregon disconnected whites combined with earthy textures for a look that feels caller and timeless.’

Green tin adjacent clasp its ain with contrasting red, arsenic good arsenic with complementary yellows, blues, and soothing grays.