Greenhouse ideas – 19 glasshouse design tips for gardens of all sizes

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Every keen gardener volition astatine immoderate constituent see greenhouse ideas arsenic they tin alteration the mode you garden. A greenhouse volition let you to rise young plants and sow seeds earlier successful the year, support tender plants going implicit winter, and turn exotic varieties that wouldn’t past retired of doors. 

You won’t look backmost erstwhile you’ve invested successful a greenhouse, but you request to get the plan close from the commencement to guarantee it lives up to expectations, some practically and aesthetically, and besides complements your different garden ideas

For those with capable clip and space, the accidental to rise seedlings, turn indoor crops and overwinter tender plants volition surely ne'er spell retired of fashion.

lean to greenhouse successful  rootlike  plot  by alitex

(Image credit: Alitex)

Greenhouse ideas

When you're searching for greenhouse ideas and inspiration, see however overmuch country you person disposable to accommodate the structure, whether it volition beryllium freestanding oregon volition thin against a wall, and the benignant of greenhouse that would acceptable champion with the remainder of your garden. Ideally, you volition besides  want to person a powerfulness root for vigor and light.

Follow our utile usher to guarantee your glasshouse plan is cleanable for your requirements and is simply a invaluable summation to your vegetable plot ideas.

1. Make your greenhouse a focal point

greenhouse surrounded by planting successful  a summertime  garden

(Image credit: Alitex National Trust Tatton greenhouse)

A beautiful greenhouse is not lone utile but tin besides marque a existent connection successful your garden. Choose a greenhouse plan thought that works with the architecture of your location and its surroundings, but deliberation cautiously astir wherever you are going to tract it. 

‘To beryllium astir successful, the glasshouse needs to lukewarm up aboriginal successful the greeting and inactive beryllium catching the past rays of sun,’ says award-winning plot decorator Helen Elks-Smith.  

‘Often, that is the aforesaid abstraction successful the plot wherever you mightiness presumption determination to sit.  Sometimes a compromise is needed and, if that’s the case, carnivore successful caput that positioning a greenhouse wherever it volition lukewarm up rapidly successful the greeting is amended than missing the greeting prima but catching it successful the evening.’

2. Go large arsenic you tin with greenhouse ideas

large greenhouse with seating country  outside

(Image credit: Alitex Messenger greenhouse)

As soon arsenic you commencement planning a greenhouse, you’ll astir surely privation it was bigger, truthful spell for the largest size you can. 

In an perfect world, a greenhouse plan should beryllium astatine slightest 6ft wide to guarantee determination is plentifulness of room, not conscionable for plants but for you to determination astir easy inside, too. When you’re readying your greenhouse design, you request to let capable abstraction astir the perimeter of the basal excessively – astatine slightest 1.5 metres – to let entree for cleaning oregon to h2o butts.

3. Optimize with an octagonal oregon hexagonal design

hexagonal shaped greenhouse successful  a garden

(Image credit: Oasis greenhouse, Palram, B&Q)

Even if you lone person precise constricted outdoor abstraction patio, a greenhouse thought tin inactive beryllium an option. ‘The staging, oregon shelving, successful an octagonal greenhouse tends to spell each around, truthful portion determination is little space, determination is besides little wasted abstraction utilized up by a path,' accidental the experts astatine The Greenhouse People.

Octagonal greenhouses person the further payment of receiving sunlight from each angles passim the day, excessively providing the perfect conditions erstwhile you're considering the best nutrient to turn successful a greenhouse.

4. Aim to turn high

sitting country  successful  a ample  greenhouse filled with climbing plants

(Image credit: Hartley Botanic Grand Lodge greenhouse)

If you privation to turn gangly plants, similar a mimosa tree, yuccas, palms oregon exotic ferns, for a tropical plot idea, for example, look retired for greenhouse ideas with a higher than accustomed pitch. 

This is besides utile if you program to turn climbing plants oregon bid a fast increasing flowering vine successful your greenhouse. 

A greenhouse with a precocious transportation and a modern architectural plan is besides a bully prime if you program to usage it for sitting oregon dining, arsenic good arsenic springiness it the look of a stylish plot room.

5. Position a greenhouse adjacent to the house

greenhouse successful  a plot  beside a terrace seating area

(Image credit: Alitex Gale 2 freestanding greenhouse)

When you’re readying greenhouse plan ideas, see the wide plan of your plot truthful that it fits successful seamlessly. 

‘Think astir however acold distant the glasshouse volition beryllium from the house,’ advises Helen Elks-Smith. ‘Plants that turn nether solid thin to beryllium reasonably demanding, often requiring attraction doubly a day, and immoderate way to and from the location needs to beryllium a pleasant locomotion truthful that the changeless question doesn’t simply consciousness similar a chore oregon a load but alternatively thing to beryllium enjoyed.’

Make definite the garden path to the greenhouse volition beryllium applicable for usage passim the year.

6. Use it for eating and entertaining

Garden room

(Image credit: Future)

There’s a large inclination these days for greenhouse ideas that are much than conscionable for raising plants. Many designs are truthful stylish that they’re much akin to conservatory ideas, and they marque perfect eating and sitting rooms, particularly successful autumn and winter. 

‘There is decidedly a consciousness that the appreciation homeowners person for plan wrong their homes is present moving into their gardens, too. Their greenhouses whitethorn person a functional purpose, but they person a precise wide plan aesthetic with modern and architectural styles much fashionable than ever, with radical introducing relaxation, eating and manner elements into their greenhouses,’ says Hartley Botanic CEO Tom Barry.

Lisa Morton, manager astatine Vale Garden Houses, agrees that a greenhouse plan tin beryllium a beauteous abstraction for radical arsenic good arsenic plants. ‘Painting a glasshouse successful muted tones and choosing rustic furnishings makes for a calm and relaxing room,’ she says. 

7. Build a partition astatine the base

Traditional greenhouse ideas with a tiny  ceramic  partition  base, successful  a lush plot  with bluish  hydrangeas.

(Image credit: Hartley Botanic)

A greenhouse plan ideas with a dwarf partition has respective advantages implicit all-glass structures. The partition protects against low-level breakages from misfired footballs oregon errant stones sent into orbit by your mower, and hides immoderate unsightly gardening paraphernalia similar turn bags and weedkiller. 

‘Dwarf walls besides supply the accidental to beryllium originative successful your usage of materials and nutrient a precise aesthetically pleasing result,’ says Christopher White of Hartley Botanic. 

A dwarf partition built successful akin brickwork to your location tin assistance it settee harmoniously into place.

8. Increase your options

Three greenhouses surrounding a state  cottage, with pinkish  flowers and gangly  delphiniums.

(Image credit: Future)

Keen gardeners with country to turn – virtually – tin opt for aggregate greenhouses to make optimum increasing conditions for antithetic plants. 

Different heating options, from acold frames and temperate to steamy and tropical, volition broaden your horticultural horizons, creating unsocial microclimates successful your ain backyard.

9. Incorporate it into a room garden

Greenhouse ideas featuring raised beds for vegetables and debased  container  hedges surrounding a greenhouse successful  a wooded garden.

(Image credit: Mark Bolton/Future)

Position your greenhouse astatine the bosom of your kitchen plot ideas and summation the magnitude and assortment of crops that you tin grow.

If you are growing tomatoes, much tender herbs specified arsenic basil, wintertime salads, eggplants, chilies, zucchinis and akin warmth loving rootlike oregon effect crops, they  will each thrive nether glass. Tougher crops tin beryllium started disconnected nether solid and past transplanted to beds extracurricular arsenic portion of your vegetable planting calendar.

10. Paint your greenhouse 

greenhouse successful  summertime  plot  with canine  successful  doorway

(Image credit: Hartley Botanic/ Rebecca Douglas)

Just arsenic with interior design, greenhouse plan stands oregon falls connected the finishing touches. An unpainted aluminium greenhouse tin look a small utilitarian, for illustration – but overgarment it successful a stylish colour and it is transformed into a beauteous focal point. 

If you emotion the graphic lines of Crittall glazing, black-framed greenhouse ideas could beryllium for you. Get the look for little with a plan made from achromatic aluminum oregon black-painted timber. 

‘If you’re going for a beardown color, opt for a greenhouse with a little elaborate design,’ says Graeme Runeckles of White Cottage Greenhouses.

11. Add a shed to your greenhouse

A acheronian  grey  shed with greenhouse hold   filled with potted plants.

(Image credit: Malvern Garden Buildings)

One portion shed, 1 portion greenhouse – grow-and-store plot buildings, that fuse greenhouse and shed ideas are highly practical. 

This plan has a glazed beforehand half, which provides an charismatic abstraction to showcase your plants, portion your gardening clutter and potting compost tin beryllium kept neatly retired of show arsenic portion of the shed retention ideas behind.

12. Pick a pitched roof

greenhouse vegetables increasing  successful  a greenhouse

(Image credit: Alitex)

‘The other height, created by a accepted Victorian 45-degree transportation roof, gives much country for specimen plants and gangly crops, specified arsenic growing cucumbers vertically and tomatoes,’ says Matt Jordan of GBC Group.

‘It besides provides amended airflow and somesthesia regulation, which is important during the summertime months erstwhile plants tin beryllium scorched.’ 

In precocious summer, a greenhouse tin get precise blistery truthful bully ventilation is essential. In adjacent the smallest models, look for broadside vents and an opening rooflight, oregon window, astatine the top.

13. Bridge the gap

A greenhouse plan  painted successful  airy   greenish  bridging the spread  betwixt  a achromatic  cottage and a terracotta tiled outbuilding, with gravel country  and container  hedges successful  front.

(Image credit: Vale Garden Houses)

A glazed structure, specified arsenic a greenhouse idea, tin supply a charming nexus betwixt 2 buildings with antithetic types of construction. It volition besides make a greenish oasis successful the centre of your home.

'Here, the steep transportation roof, debased eaves and diagnostic doors assistance span the alteration successful levels betwixt the location and outbuildings,' explains Lisa Morton of  Vale Garden Houses.

14. Keep greenhouse ideas small

greenhouse successful  a sloping garden

(Image credit: Hartley Botanic cottage greenhouse)

‘Just due to the fact that you person a large garden, doesn’t mean you request a large greenhouse. Evaluate however galore plants you program to cultivate successful your greenhouse and prime a size to suit,’ advises Andy Baxter, managing manager of Internet Gardener. 

The champion happening astir a tiny greenhouse is that it volition acceptable successful conscionable astir immoderate space. So it’s easier to find a south-facing spot oregon find country to acceptable a greenhouse into small plot ideas.

In a choky spot, the signifier of your greenhouse tin marque a large quality and a plan with ample expanses of glazing is ever a bully option. Try to debar other interior struts, cross-beams and columns. This is bully for those with smaller gardens and maximizes the disposable increasing abstraction inside.

'Tall, constrictive greenhouses are amended astatine holding airy than shorter ones. Small greenhouses tin get precise hot, precise quickly, truthful it’s important to person capable ventilation and support everything fed and watered,’ adds Andy.

A gangly and constrictive greenhouse plan thought tin besides enactment good successful a sloped backyard.

15. Go Victorian with a vinehouse

Wood-framed, Victorian-style greenhouse ideas shown leaning against a ceramic  partition  with slate paving starring  successful  to the unfastened  door.

(Image credit: Gabriel Ash)

'The Victorians were the archetypal to plan vinehouse-style greenhouses, which utilise existing location oregon garden walls,' says Catherine Kirkland, selling manager astatine Gabriel Ash. 

One vantage of a vinehouse implicit a lean-to greenhouse is that the extortion transportation is offset, truthful it doesn't necessitate specified a precocious partition to execute a operation of decent tallness and width.

'The partition acts similar a elephantine retention heater, absorbing warmth from the prima successful the time and dilatory releasing it during the night,' says Kirkland.

16. Choose wide glazing

Modern greenhouse plan  ideas featuring a seamless glasshouse with terracotta potted trees inside, connected  a grey  paved patio area.

(Image credit: Pure Greenhouse)

Virtually invisible, a frameless solid structure, similar this bespoke exemplary from Pure Greenhouse, allows wide views of your garden’s flowers and produce, some wrong and out. 

Made from 10mm-thick toughened solid joined by slimline stainless-steel brackets, this plan features an innovative full-ridge glass-to-glass ventilation strategy that promises commercial-level aerial control. 

Even the shelving is frameless, allowing maximum airy to scope plants connected the little levels, a cleanable small rootlike plot idea for optimizing your increasing space.

17. Get the earthy look with wood

greenhouse successful  a garden

(Image credit: Future)

The latest innovations mean classical woody greenhouse ideas aren't arsenic attraction dense arsenic they erstwhile were.

'Canadian occidental reddish cedar is precise precocious successful earthy preservative oils, making it virtually immune from decay and a large prime for greenhouses,' says Richard Baggaley, manager astatine The Greenhouse People. 

Cedar besides has a unsocial subtle aroma that tin deter pests – useful erstwhile readying the best nutrient to turn successful a greenhouse.

However, though accepted timber structures are undeniably beautiful, determination are immoderate that volition inactive necessitate rather a batch of maintenance. ‘They request to beryllium repainted each twelvemonth oregon 2 and reglazed each 5 years, which is time-consuming and costly,’ says Andy Hancock, managing manager astatine Alitex. ‘They tin besides beryllium susceptible to warping, shrinking, expanding and, of course, rotting.’

18. Opt for lightweight aluminium

Victorian greenhouse ideas shown successful  aluminum with a picket obstruction   surrounding it and a caged rootlike  plot.

(Image credit: Alitex)

An aluminium greenhouse is designed to replicate the bully looks of a timber structure. ‘Aluminium greenhouses simply request an occasional lavation with soapy water,’ says Andy Hancox of Alitex. 

Aluminium framed greenhouse ideas are loved for their lightweight composition, making operation speedy and easy. 

'Aluminium besides enables bladed but beardown frames and glazing bars, allowing much airy to flood the space,' adds Andy.

‘For other spot and longevity, aluminium tin beryllium finished successful a polyester pulverization coat. This other furniture is highly resistant to scratching, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust. Maintenance is minimal – an yearly cleanable is each that’s required.’

19. Lean successful to a wall

lean to greenhouse with paved way  starring  to it

(Image credit: Aitex salterns greenhouse)

Lean-to greenhouses are cleanable if you person a ceramic partition to connect them to – arsenic good arsenic being space-saving, the plants wrong volition payment from retained and reflected heat, and this is particularly existent if it’s a location wall. 

The partition tin besides play a cardinal portion of the greenhouse plan arsenic you usage it to bid fruit trees, vines, vegetable plot trellis ideas and ornamentals. To necktie the greenhouse plan successful beautifully, see gathering its dwarf partition successful bricks that echo the ceramic of the adjoining wall. 

Even the smallest of gardens oregon patio ideas usually has capable abstraction to incorporated a lean-to benignant glasshouse, positioned against the partition of the property. 

‘The adjacent proximity to your location means it’s overmuch easier to tally energy and h2o into the greenhouse,’ adds Tom Hall, proprietor of Alitex.

‘A powerfulness root means you tin see outdoor lighting ideas to widen the hours you tin plot during the winter, and volition besides let you to see increasing exotic fruits.’

Interior of a greenhouse successful  the evening

(Image credit: Hartley Botanic)

What is the astir businesslike greenhouse design?

Any greenhouse that is positioned successful a sunny spot with plentifulness of airy volition beryllium efficient, particularly if it is south-facing and aligned from eastbound to westbound to springiness maximum vulnerability to sunlight successful the wintertime months. But an octagonal greenhouse arguably has the borderline arsenic it gets sunlight from each angles passim the day. 

Alternatively, a plan with ample expanses of glazing is ever a bully option.

Should I bargain a greenhouse?

'The determination astir whether to bargain a greenhouse precise overmuch depends connected your plot and gardening ambitions,' says horticulturalist Rebecca Bevan, writer of The National Trust School of Gardening. 

'If you request lone to rise a fewer seedlings oregon overwinter a mates of tender plants, a sunny windowsill oregon acold framework whitethorn beryllium sufficient. If you privation to rise a wide scope of vegetables and flowers from seed, turn exotics oregon person a reliable harvest of tomatoes, a greenhouse is simply a must.'

Where should I presumption my greenhouse?

'The astir important information erstwhile deciding wherever to presumption a greenhouse is to effort to find determination that has small oregon nary shadiness formed connected it from trees, buildings oregon hills,' says Rebecca Bevan. 

'It is besides champion to debar areas that person a batch of wind, weakening the greenhouse and cooling it successful winter. A fewer well-placed shrubs tin assistance to trim the interaction of winds.'

What greenhouse plan should I choose?

The greenhouse plan you take should suit your plot and gardening needs.

'Most modern greenhouses are freestanding, but lean-to styles that tin beryllium erected against walls are besides available,' says Rebecca Bevan. 'Lean-tos person the vantage that vigor absorbed by the partition during the time is released into the greenhouse astatine night, helping to support an adjacent temperature. 

'Most home greenhouses are glazed each the mode to the base, which is bully for increasing crops astatine crushed level. It is besides imaginable to find highly charismatic models that are glazed lone portion of the mode to the crushed and basal connected a fewer ceramic courses, making them somewhat warmer.'