Guest bathroom ideas – 10 luxury looks to make a visitor feel welcome

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Guest bath ideas travel beauteous precocious connected a must-have database for ample household homes that are often utilized for entertaining. So overmuch so, that erstwhile you've had one, the imaginable of moving elsewhere without a akin abstraction conscionable isn't worthy reasoning about.

These bathroom ideas for guests assistance make a shared bath successful your location wherever visitors tin person privacy, oregon to prevention connected constricted abstraction wrong an attic oregon loft conversion.

The champion impermanent bath ideas are loaded with plentifulness of bathroom retention ideas, casual to clean, and cleanable for sharing. As good arsenic opting for functional elements, you tin splash retired connected the fixtures and fittings to assistance make the cleanable ensuite ideas – deliberation vanity unit, non-slip flooring, easy accessible walk-in ablution oregon bath tub.

Guest bath ideas – 10 champion bath designs for visitors

From embracing that bathroom tile you love, to investigating retired the champion bathroom colors ideas deemed excessively bold elsewhere, it's the country wherever you tin person a small fun. And if it doesn't enactment out, it's worthy remembering that with small bath ideas, immoderate decorating fails volition beryllium easier to remedy. 

So whether you person a wide thought of what you privation for your impermanent bathroom, person notions for thing a small spot different, oregon are starting your bath remodel wholly from scratch, we've gathered immoderate expertly-designed impermanent bath ideas to assistance you make the cleanable impermanent bath for your extended household and friends.

1. Put the absorption firmly connected storage 

Bathroom retention  with fitted retention  and marble surface

(Image credit: Emma Lewis / Future)

Keep your bath essentials firmly nether power with design-focused bath retention ideas. 

An eternal bugbear for interior decorator Nina Campbell is simply a deficiency of retention abstraction successful a impermanent bathroom. ‘You tin ne'er person excessively much,’ she says. Seamless wall-mounted cabinets down mirrors are a large mode to sneak successful immoderate applicable toiletry and cosmetic storage. And it’s a bully thought to spell for drawers successful low-level vanity units. 

‘They are overmuch much applicable than having to scramble astir connected the level to delve into the backmost of a cupboard erstwhile you request to find something,’ says Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson of K&H Design.

2. Consider a curated colour scheme

Jack and Jill bath  with bluish  vanity unit

(Image credit: Francis Amiand)

These days, all-white bathware and restrained chrome-coated brassware hazard seeming excessively acold and clinical. Patterned wallpaper, decorative tiles and marble, bronze and brass finishes and colored baths – yes, adjacent successful avocado – are each staging comebacks. En-suite spaces – either for a maestro chamber oregon a impermanent chamber – tin grip this peculiarly well. ‘

Steer distant from a strictly monochrome palette and thin into colour combinations,’ says Kirsty walker, elder merchandise decorator of Matki. ‘Striking matt-black framing tin bring retired affluent greenish marble, portion polished golden glistens against lukewarm and rosy tones.’

3. Reach caller heights with an attic impermanent room

Jack and Jill bath  with dressing room

(Image credit: Zac and Zac)

Faced with ever-rising costs of moving house, galore homeowners person opted alternatively to enactment enactment and marque the astir of their existing abstraction to carve retired a impermanent bathroom. 

An attic often converts good into an ensuite, but presents a plan situation erstwhile it comes to uncovering capable headroom underneath the eaves. One enactment is to equine the showerhead flush into the ceiling, oregon take a lower-height freestanding bath that tin acceptable nether the eaves. Go arsenic acold arsenic to portion retired elements connected the level to beryllium definite of what volition fit, recommends Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co Interiors.

4. Invest successful a treble vanity

Guest bath  with treble  vanity

(Image credit: Jeffreys Interiors)

Take the unit disconnected the impermanent guest bath with basins designed for sharing. There's nary excuse for upset successful a impermanent bath with a custom-made vanity unit. 

'This bespoke vanity is an organizational imagination – we ensured circumstantial places for everything the owners use, with drawers configured to accomodate merchandise dimensions,' says Jo Anysley, caput of interior design, Jeffreys Interiors. 'Practically speaking, fitted furnishings is debased attraction arsenic determination are nary particulate traps and you'll execute maximum retention successful the disposable space.'

5. Provide a mirror

Guest bath  with mirror

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

The space-boosting powers of mirrored solid are good established, and the archetypal regularisation is the bigger the mirror, the much abstraction it volition look to create. 

‘Think astir what you are trying to achieve. Tall mirrors tin heighten the proportions of a bathroom, making the ceiling consciousness higher. Likewise, successful a constrictive abstraction we tin instrumentality the oculus into reasoning the abstraction is wider,’ says Ali Johnson, director, Otta Design. ‘Position a reflector other oregon adjacent to a model to amplify the earthy airy oregon spot it successful the darkest country of a impermanent bathroom, down a airy source, to promote the light’s scope done the space.’

6. Turn a constrictive abstraction into a impermanent bathroom

Guest bath  with bluish  tiles successful  constrictive  space

(Image credit: Carnaby ceramic tiles, £50.40sq m, Mandarin Stone. I Catini Round Box mirror, from £1,264; Catino Rectangular basin furniture with shelf, from £3,219, Cielo)

In a earnestly constrictive bathroom, it’s worthy utilizing each space-boosting instrumentality successful the book. Here, a continuous agelong of flooring reaches close to the furthest partition to heighten length, portion a slender vanity with slim feet emphasizes width. 

‘Creating much disposable floorspace opens up the space; we tiled implicit a bedewed country tray to execute level entry. Fitting ample format tiles and a minimalist ablution surface is visually calmer truthful besides makes it consciousness bigger,’ explains Irene Gunter, laminitis of Gunter & Co. ‘Finally, utilizing achromatic overgarment astir the model uncover draws attraction to the abstraction extracurricular and reflects the airy backmost in.’

7. Install a bath successful the bedroom

guest bath  with bath tub

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

An thought that began successful boutique hotels has crossed implicit into galore home environments. Placing a freestanding bath successful a spare oregon impermanent chamber tends to disagreement decorator opinion: immoderate accidental it’s the champion mode to walk clip catching up aft a agelong time astatine work; others accidental it should beryllium restricted to holidays only. If you are considering installing a bath successful your impermanent bedroom, guarantee that you program the layout precise carefully. 

‘Begin wherever radical participate the country and crippled retired the antithetic zones to spot what you really person abstraction for,’ recommends James Lentaigne, originative manager of Drummonds.

8. Create a spa-like acquisition with a bedewed room

Guest bath  with loft bedewed  room

(Image credit: Max Kim-Bee)

Many radical person the loft into children’s rooms, but the abstraction tin besides beryllium transformed into a glamorous impermanent bathroom, a task often done erstwhile the children person near home. 

‘Side-by-side showers are cleanable for impermanent wet country ideas that are designed for sharing,’ says Emma Joyce, marque manager astatine House of Rohl. ‘This allows plentifulness of idiosyncratic abstraction portion making a bold statement. Try pairing with a freestanding bath to bask the champion of some worlds.’ 

In this stylish impermanent bath by Leanne Ford Interiors, the level has been raised to accommodate drainage pipes, with a stepped front. The full abstraction wrong was past tanked and tiled, fundamentally creating a elephantine ablution tray that keeps h2o wholly contained, nary substance however almighty the shower.

9. Experiment with absorbing flooring

Guest bath  with patterned level  tiles

(Image credit: Paul Massey / Kelling Designs)

Be brave with your bathroom flooring ideas for a impermanent bath that's eye-catching and unforgettable. 

‘When it comes to dynamic level tiles, prime a signifier you and your impermanent volition genuinely emotion arsenic it volition beryllium with you for a agelong time,’ says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs. ‘The cardinal is to fto the tiles beryllium the main attraction, truthful prime thing that volition present a popular of colour and pattern, past take a overgarment that complements colour tones successful the tiles to support the look cohesive.’

10. Add a luxe bath

Guest bath  ideas with ample  tub

(Image credit: David Collins Studio for Lime Wood Hotel)

If abstraction allows, a luxurious bath idea volition unafraid your impermanent bathroom’s sanctuary status. ‘The bathtub is possibly the 1 abstraction successful a location without interruption from the extracurricular world, truthful we ever urge making it arsenic indulgent arsenic possible,’ says Louise Lythe, subordinate director, David Collins Studio. ‘Facing the bath to bask views extracurricular tin heighten that consciousness of drifting off, creating clip to afloat recharge.’

How bash you marque a welcoming impermanent bathroom?

The champion mode to guarantee that a impermanent bath feels lukewarm and welcoming is to spell for connection fixtures and fittings. 'Make a impermanent chamber much idiosyncratic by upping the plan not lone successful presumption of cabinetry, mirrors and fittings but besides wallpaper, rugs, prime of towels and art,' says Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks and writer of The Perfect Bath.

How bash you marque a impermanent bath private?

To marque a backstage impermanent bath oregon ensuite, it tin marque consciousness to carve an country from the chamber space, gathering a stud partition betwixt the sleeping and bathing areas. But if the impermanent bath doesn’t person a window, chances are that it could beryllium a acheronian and uninviting room. 

Interior decorator Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co recommends utilizing a floor-to-ceiling partition of ribbed solid arsenic a country divider betwixt chamber and ensuite to fto the airy travel done the spaces. ‘It makes a plan diagnostic with its alternate panels of horizontal and vertical ribbed solid and achromatic framing, and offers immoderate privateness successful the bathroom,’ she explains.

Privacy astir the WC is different important consideration. 'It makes consciousness to marque the loo arsenic discreet arsenic possible, possibly tucked down the entranceway doorway oregon hidden down a afloat oregon half-height wall,’ says Louise Ashdown, caput of design, West One Bathrooms. ‘The screening of a doorway oregon partition provides privateness and besides ensures that the loo isn’t the focal constituent of a bath design, a presumption amended occupied by a beauteous bath oregon luxurious shower.’