Gwyneth Paltrow’s new wallcoverings are inspired by one of 2022’s biggest trends

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s manner marque Goop has collaborated with Fromental to plan a postulation of wallcoverings inspired by their communal emotion of nature. Alongside Goop and Fromental’s associated admiration for floral prints and integrated motifs, the postulation was a earthy measurement for the actress, who showcases Fromental’s designs successful her homes and successful respective Goop stores.

And portion the postulation replicates wallpaper ideas exhibited successful Gwyneth Paltrow’s properties, it besides pays homage to immoderate of the biggest interior plan trends – including, astir prominently, nature. 

Nearly each of Fromental’s designs stem from nature, portion Goop is known for its exploration of mythical symbols of transformation. From birds and woodland creatures to medicinal herbs similar cannabis and mushrooms, determination is simply a immense magnitude of allegory wrong the elements of the 2 collaborative designs – each of which present a earthy aesthetic to your space. 

Goop x Fromental

(Image credit: Goop x Fromental / Dawn)

‘Our May postulation of G. Label dresses takes inspiration from the florals and motifs successful our caller Goop x Fromental wallcovering collaboration, which brings beauty, life, and a small wit into the rooms they fill,’ Gwyneth Paltrow says. 

‘Fromental has designed gorgeous bespoke partition coverings for my location and our goop stores, and a capsule postulation that depicts the satellite of Goop x Fromental has been a imagination of excavation for a agelong time.’ 

Goop x Fromental

(Image credit: Goop x Fromental / Dusk)

The Goop x Fromental postulation brings the quality of the outdoors into the forefront of your interiors successful a mode that likewise celebrates escapism – different inclination that continues to endure this season. 

The ornate prints mimic Chinese rebus paintings – a pictorial practice of a connection oregon syllable wherever the representation contains meaning. The wallpapers purpose to archer a communicative with images unsocial whilst blurring the lines betwixt your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Goop x Fromental

(Image credit: Goop x Fromental / Dawn)

‘Gwyneth Paltrow’s postulation with Fromental is 1 of the astir unsocial and stylish ways to experimentation with immoderate of the biggest plan trends of the season,’ says H&G’s exertion successful chief, Lucy Searle. 

‘Nature and escapism person already dominated the manufacture for seasons, and it’s casual to foretell these themes volition endure,’ she adds. ‘These coverings are much than a fleeting wallpaper trend – they volition proceed to impressment for a agelong clip to come.’ 

If you’re looking for a Gwyneth Paltrow-approved living country wallpaper idea, these wallcoverings are the concern your abstraction desires.