HGTV's Jasmine Roth uses this exact shade on '80 percent' of her walls

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Nobody knows the value of overgarment rather similar Jasmine Roth. While the big of HGTV's Hidden Potential recognizes the powerfulness of the close location decor and accessories, the decorator knows that a palmy abstraction begins with uncovering the close base. And Jasmine Roth has found one.

In an interrogation with H&G, Jasmine revealed determination is 1 shadiness that sits astatine the highest of her paint ideas – and it's the colour she uses connected astir 80 percent of the walls she paints. The shadiness successful question? Dunn-Edwards's Faded Gray. 

Jasmine Roth's favourite overgarment color

Staples WFH Squad with Jasmine Roth

(Image credit: Staples)

‘My favourite overgarment colour is Dunn-Edwards Faded Gray. That's what you tin spot connected my walls close present [in my location office]. I astir apt usage 80 percent of the walls I overgarment for interior spaces,' Jasmine says. 'I deliberation it's truly beautiful; it's not ace grey, it's not stark white.'

While Faded Gray is versatile capable to enactment successful astir each country of the home, Jasmine describes it arsenic 1 of the champion home bureau overgarment colors you tin take arsenic a ground for a creative, productive space. She has precocious teamed up with Staples to negociate a Style Squad who is moving a Sweepstake that gives you the accidental to alteration your WFH space.  

To elevate your home bureau ideas, Jasmine recommends coating your abstraction a neutral color, specified arsenic Faded Gray, that offers the cleanable basal for you to experimentation with different darker and much colorful decor pieces successful your home, 

Staples WFH Squad with Jasmine Roth

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Why usage a neutral overgarment color?

'I would urge coating a neutral. I spot galore radical close present who are transitioning portion of their location into a work-from-home location,' Jasmine says. And portion these shades enactment good successful a designated location office, Jasmine says it looks bully successful immoderate country you whitethorn usage arsenic a WFH space. 'Whether it's a impermanent room, whether it's a closet, a country of your eating room.' The country itself doesn't matter; what does matter, according to Jasmine, is that radical consciousness originative and productive successful the space. 

'Paint tin spell a agelong mode to marque that consciousness similar it's your office. Paint tin marque specified a quality to however we feel. If your walls are acheronian and moody, that's good for immoderate people. That's however they privation to feel, and that's however they consciousness the astir productive and the astir creative,' the decorator adds. 

Staples WFH Squad with Jasmine Roth

(Image credit: Staples)

If you're decorating with gray (or immoderate different neutral), Jasmine suggests creating a opposition with your airy walls by adding a acheronian table seat oregon desk' that volition basal arsenic a focal constituent successful your room. 'Paint is simply a large base, and past it's up to you to marque it your own,' she says.

If you're looking to alteration your country with the assistance of Jasmine Roth and the Staples Squad, you tin participate the Sweepstake by uploading a photograph of your WFH abstraction here until June 7th. You tin triumph 1 of 3 WFH looks; each 1 is valued astatine astir $5,000.