HMRC scraps £28m Galliford Try Kent border facility job

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The authorities has scrapped a £28m inland borderline facility, which was owed to beryllium built by Galliford Try.

In an update to its inland borderline plans, HMRC announced that aft looking into the measurement of “cross-channel traffic” astatine Dover and the request for customs checks, the authorities had decided not to property up with a caller facility, adding that the determination would prevention £120m.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is, however, exploring alternate options for the site.

It said: “The reappraisal showed that the existing facilities person capable capableness to woody with the travel of postulation and truthful a caller tract was not indispensable [...]

“The determination to not physique the Inland Border Facility does not mean that this plus is nary longer required by the government. The DfT is present exploring alternate options for its improvement to easiness unit astatine the border, fixed issues with disruption connected the strategical roadworthy web successful Kent and astatine the ports.”

Galliford Try had signed a pre-construction declaration for the site, which had a declaration worth of £28m, astatine White Cliffs – adjacent to the A2 successful Kent, and the villages of Guston and Whitfield.

The 15ha tract was intended for customs checks, carnal inspections, and the clearance of goods entering and leaving the UK.

Alongside the announcement to scrap the Dover facility, HMRC has decided to adjacent the Birmingham and North Weald IBF sites up of schedule.

These IBF sites were introduced connected a impermanent ground to enactment customs checks erstwhile the UK archetypal near the EU. But HMRC said the interim sites were not needed present that facilities successful Holyhead and Sevington are afloat operational.

The roadworthy strategy successful Kent, successful peculiar the agelong done Dover, has travel nether sizeable strain since the UK decided to permission the EU, with customs controls enacted from the opening of 2021.