Home decor ideas – 40 ways to make your home beautiful

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Whether you privation to update your location wholly oregon conscionable adhd beauteous touches, these location decor ideas are for you. We person garnered adept tips, ideas, inspiration and proposal from interior designers and the Homes & Gardens team.

Between us, we person covered each abstraction indoors and out... and we volition support adding much location decor inspiration truthful that you tin proceed to cleanable your interior design skills.

Home decor ideas

If you are looking for clever decorating ideas, utile location decor tips oregon elemental home ideas to marque your location consciousness homey and look beautiful, these rooms, and accompanying adept advice, are for you.

1. Lift a neutral strategy with subtle detailing

neutral surviving  country   with woody  floor, marble fireplace, armchair, alcove

(Image credit: ND Studios)

The elemental summation of golden overgarment connected the operation of the shelving is simply a fantastic thought for anyone considering enlivening details for their neutral country ideas. The cardinal is subtlety. 

'A neutral needs to beryllium paired with different materials to sing: timber and marble enactment well,' says interior decorator and laminitis of Elicyon plan bureau Charu Gandhi. 'I besides emotion teaming them with suede and woollen rugs. Ceramic, clay and colored solid are large for decorative elements.'

2. Paint model frames a bold accent shade

Living country   with reddish  and blue

(Image credit: Dado Atelier)

Adding accent colors needn't beryllium done done accessories alone. You tin usage paint. 

'Painting model frames, reveals and shutters successful a beardown colour not lone makes a striking plan feature, but accentuates the presumption and changes the consciousness of the airy entering the room,' says Melanie Griffiths, Editor of Period Living magazine and regular Homes & Gardens' contributor. 

'Opt for on-trend terracotta to imbue the abstraction with warmth, arsenic successful this strategy by Dado Atelier, oregon sunny yellowish to brighten the abstraction connected adjacent the gloomiest of days.'

3. Add faux panelling to max architectural interest

Make ceiling look   higher

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Paneling ideas for walls travel successful each forms, from archetypal play features to lookalike modern imitations to much imaginative treatments. This surviving room, by interior decorator Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co, is simply a good illustration of the latter, with faux paneling created with simple, framed wallpaper panels. Note however the sofa sits centrally nether a panel, which is the cleanable acceptable for it. This creates a neat, pleasing symmetry successful interior design, lone heightened by the coating successful the cardinal panel.

4. Add trim to curtains and cushions for interest

 however  to premix  patterns

(Image credit: Charlotte Gaisford)

This Charlotte Gaisford-designed abstraction not lone showcases how to premix patterns successful interior design perfectly, but besides the value of attraction to item – here, with trim.

'Introduce cushions and throws to your seating – and wherefore not adhd a tassel trim oregon fringe item to make a much bespoke finish?' says interior decorator Martin Brudnizki. 'You tin root beauteous tassels and trims from Samuel & Sons, but if your fund is tighter I urge VV Rouleaux.'

5. Decorate doorway panels to adhd signifier to a plain scheme

Patterned doors into surviving  room

(Image credit: John Lewis)

This is simply a beauteous mode to adhd signifier to an different plain scheme, and the quality of it is that it tin beryllium swapped retired with the seasons acold much easy – and inexpensively – than the wallpaper crossed a full partition can. We would counsel utilizing peel and instrumentality wallpaper to debar harm to the doors and to guarantee that immoderate regular swaps are casual to achieve.

6. Hang a tapestry for a layered look

colorful hallway  with Verdure tapestry, antique kilim and woody  bench

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

This space, designed by Henriette von Stockhausen, interior designer, laminitis of VSP Interiors and contributor to Homes & Gardens, graced the screen of H&G magazine and we picked it due to the fact that it's a cleanable illustration of however to usage tapestries to large effect.

‘Tapestries often assistance to bring the extracurricular satellite in, with scenery scenes of dense foliage and earthy colors. We often similar to bent tapestries adjacent oregon other windows to make an hold of the outdoor wrong a room,’ Creative Director of Albion Nord Camilla Clarke explains.

7. Color coordinate a angiosperm arrangement

Flowers successful  lilac hallway connected  table

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

'One of my favourite location decor ideas is accessorizing a country with flowers. Bringing a consciousness of the outdoors wrong tin marque a abstraction consciousness much calming and tranquil. From a tiny vase of flowers connected a bedside table, to a ample botanical show successful a hallway oregon for a tablescape idea, utilizing caller flowers tin make an inviting abstraction that enhances feelings of happiness and positivity,' says Homes & Gardens' Content Editor Zara Stacey. 

'Coordinating the floral statement with your decor tin beautifully elevate your interior design, whether that’s matching with a floral wallpaper, oregon utilizing tons of foliage to complement an earthy, grounding overgarment shade, these earthy finishing touches tin often bring a plan strategy unneurotic to consciousness balanced and complete.'

8. Embrace the revival of Chinoiserie

Green surviving  room

(Image credit: Diane Hill for Harlequin)

'I'm loving the existent revival of Chinoiserie, with wallpapers inspired by the landscapes of East Asia, and fashionable successful the West successful the mid 18th to aboriginal 19th century. With their whimsical yet intricate representations of flowers and birds, I consciousness the designs transport you to a fantastical, exotic paradise portion heightening the consciousness of being connected to nature. 

Diane Hill's stunning caller collaboration with Harlequin is cleanable for a diagnostic partition oregon model dressing. 'We wanted to animate radical to decorate boldly, unapologetically and to their ain room,' she says. 'The postulation was based connected accepted 18th-century designs, but we gave it a modern refresh.'

9. Add a astonishing splash of colour to trim

Full magnitude   curtains successful  a colourful surviving  room

(Image credit: Future)

Just the merest splash of overgarment tin wholly alteration a abstraction and, successful an open-plan area, tin necktie the antithetic zones together.

The architrave successful interior decorator Suzy Hoodless'' location was painted yellowish to make a part betwixt the 2 rooms but besides for immoderate sunshine successful the abstraction and to assistance the room, she says.

So, wherefore not prime retired the accent colour you emotion astir and giving it a bigger role?

10. Brave a bold colour successful an evening-only room

Dark bluish  surviving  room

(Image credit: Future/Jessica Buckley)

'Interior decorator Jessica Buckley is known for her punchy usage of colour and signifier and this strategy is 1 of my favorites for its usage of bold colour and premix of patterns successful this sitting room,' says Vivienne Ayers, Houses Editor of Homes & Gardens.

‘It’s utilized mostly aft acheronian truthful I opted for a deeper much melodramatic saturated colour that would beryllium cozier successful the evening,’ says Jessica. 'The cabinetry was painted successful the aforesaid colour arsenic the walls.'

11. Wallpaper an alcove

Hallway with greenish  wallpaper

(Image credit: John Lewis)

There are truthful galore alcove ideas you tin usage to marque spaces consciousness much interesting, from clever shelving units to decor tricks. We emotion the simplicity of the attraction here, wherever a shallow alcove with fewer opportunities for effectual retention is alternatively fixed a starring relation with wallpaper.

12. Hang plates for an intriguing assemblage wall

damask benignant   wallaper successful  eating  country   with array  setting, ornate mirror, plates connected  the wall, golden  chandelier, upholstered eating  chairs

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

Discover how to bent plates connected a wall and you volition rapidly go hooked connected creating colorful, 3D displays that artwork seldom manages to match. 

This abstraction is by Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors, but her contemporary, Emma Sims Hilditch of Sims Hilditch interior plan bureau says, 'The enactment of creation is an intensely idiosyncratic and often costly process. For those looking for a much economical and somewhat antithetic mode to capable a blank abstraction successful a room, past a sheet partition is simply a large solution and is easier to bash than you mightiness think.'  

13. Style a java array similar a plan expert

Fall mantel ideas with burnt orangish  wallpaper, chromatic  mantelpiece, woody  pome  and pear ornaments

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

Coffee array styling is 1 of the easiest location decor ideas you tin embrace. The key? Not to enactment excessively overmuch connected a surface. However, adjacent the astir ceremonial of surviving rooms, similar this beauteous abstraction by Kit Kemp, needs to beryllium functional. This means making immoderate java array styling impactful, but leaving plentifulness of abstraction connected the array apical for you to enactment everything connected it that you need.

14. Fill your location with location plants

houseplants connected  a surviving  country   windowsill from leafenvy.co.uk

(Image credit: Leaf Envy )

'Indoor plants person ne'er been truthful accessible, you tin prime up a full jungle of greenery that volition instantly bring beingness to a drab corner,' advises decorator Martin Brudnizki. 'Pot up each mode of vessels with bulbs or, if this isn't for you, simply dainty yourself to seasonal caller flowers successful a beauteous vase oregon jug.'

15. Style up a console similar designers do

living country   with grey accent, stripe blinds, vintage rug, console, model   seats

(Image credit: VSP Interiors )

Discover how to benignant a console table and you'll find each your surfaces go magnets for decorative displays.

‘When styling a console, I typically purpose for symmetry, whether that's accomplished with lamps, vases, oregon decorative objects,’ says Ashley DeLapp, laminitis and main decorator of Ashley DeLapp Interior Design. 

16. Always, ever take absorbing lamps

Frills inclination   connected  a lamp

(Image credit: Penny Morrison)

Interior decorator Penny Morrison's lamp plan present is simply a large illustration of however you tin usage lighting to make beauteous small vignettes.

'Get originative and upgrade your lampshades with thing a spot much adventurous. I accidental that millinery would beryllium an apt comparison, arsenic shades are similar hats for lamps,' says interior decorator Martin Brudnizki. 'Whether you take a pagoda, bell, scallop oregon empire-shaped shade, ne'er hide the wrong is astir arsenic important arsenic the extracurricular arsenic we often look up into lamps, and the cord should ever beryllium fabric-lined. Those tiny details tin truly marque the difference.'

17. Work curves into a kitchen

kitchen with arched woody  doorway, marble worksurfaces, an land  and greenish  cabinets

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Kitchens thin to beryllium astir crisp angles, truthful whenever you can, instrumentality the accidental to adhd a softening curve. In this abstraction by interior decorator Irene Gunter, curves are portion of the room's architecture; successful including them astatine the apical of the room, they besides service to gully the oculus upwards, enhancing the feeling of space.

18. Maximize the 'fifth wall'

Ceiling ideas with solid  ceiling

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Ceiling ideas are often overlooked successful location decor but we person seen designers embracing their powerfulness much and much successful the past fewer months. 

By utilizing mostly achromatic for the walls and cabinets, this room by Beata Heuman allows the details to travel to the fore. In peculiar the solid ceiling shines here, virtually elevating the country and adding involvement done reflections, positive a existent consciousness of much space.

'We attack the ceilings successful cardinal rooms specified arsenic hallways, surviving rooms, studies, eating rooms and cloakrooms, the aforesaid mode arsenic we attack the different surfaces,' says interior decorator Elnaz Namaki. 'Start by reasoning astir the color, texture, reflection and decorativeness already successful the space.'

19. Build successful a meal nook

kitchen banquette seating

(Image credit: Simon Brown )

Even small kitchens person abstraction for meal nooks. The champion are built-in to maximize a compact space, portion designs that stitchery guests astir a circular array are not conscionable space-efficient but promote socializing, too.

20. Frame a eating array with a diagnostic wallpaper

maximalist eating  country   with abstract, monochrome wallpaper, contrasting textured eating  chairs

(Image credit: Future)

Living country diagnostic partition ideas are a regular location decor feature, but the breakfast-diner has yet to prime up connected this plan technique. However, it is simply a large mode to adhd involvement and layering to a abstraction and to framework a eating array visually.

'Pick a motif and tally with it – here, free-flowing lines are the main prima of the show,' says Emma Thomas, Homes & Gardens' decorating editor.

21. Work brushed furnishings into kitchens


(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Remember what we said astir adding curves to kitchens above? Another mode to soften these spaces is to adhd softer elements, too. Again, Irene Gunter has succeeded successful creating a abstraction that's some applicable but besides comfy and visually inviting, too. And, yes, she's worked successful curves, too.

22. Layer room floors with rugs

Kitchen with cooker hood and lighting implicit    land  and rug moving  center

(Image credit: Cortney Bishop)

Of course, rugs successful surviving rooms are de rigueur, but what astir arsenic kitchen styling ideas? South Carolina-based interior decorator and contributor to Homes & Gardens is simply a instrumentality of layering kitchen rug ideas implicit hard surfaces to soften the hard surfaces, amended acoustics and adhd colour and pattern.

23. Bring the outdoors successful with botanical murals

dining country   with leafy botanical wallpaper and greenish  stripe tablecloth with greenish  seat  and pendant lights

(Image credit: Polly Wreford / Kiera Buckley-Jones)

Wall mural ideas are backmost with a bang, and the designs that are seeing the astir traction are those that picture earthy scenes. 

'Falling foliage is the look of the infinitesimal and a array decorated with a ruffled cloth enhances the wonderful, whimsical feel,' says Homes & Gardens' decorating exertion Emma Thomas.

Aula wallcovering successful Hummingbird, Romo.

24. Fall backmost successful emotion with pink

bedroom with pinkish  walls and furniture  with oversized greenish  headboard

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Pink country ideas truly are having a rebirth. No longer constricted to bedrooms only, arsenic successful this beauteous abstraction by Irene Gunter, they are uncovering their mode into kitchens and surviving spaces, too.

'Pink is simply a fantastic pairing with taupe. Often dismissed arsenic excessively feminine oregon childish, it tin marque a blase statement,' says Natalia Miyar, manager Natalia Miyar Atelier. 'There is thing precise comforting astir it and the lukewarm tones consciousness cozy connected a chilly day.'

25. Highlight a chamber alcove

decorative chamber  with substance  of artworks and oversized bedside array  lamp with pinkish  shade

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

Bedroom alcove ideas are a badly-kept location decor secret. Often overlooked they tin beryllium utile for retention oregon for heavy bedside tables, but we emotion erstwhile interior designers person amusive with them, specified arsenic successful this chamber by interior decorator Martin Brudnizki.

26. Create grandeur with a super-sized headboard

Romantic chamber  with floral headboard and furniture  frame

(Image credit: Future)

If abstraction is limited, excessively constricted for space-hogging location decor ideas, determination is simply a mode to make interaction successful a bedroom, and that is with connection headboard ideas. Trick 1 is to spell sculptural, creating an eye-catching signifier that volition soften the harder angles of doorways and built-in storage. Trick 2 is to spell for height: doing truthful volition marque the ceiling consciousness taller by drafting the oculus upwards. Trick three: prime a stand-out fabric. 

27. Add eye-catching item to doors

blue chamber  with yellowish  bedside table

(Image credit: Gunter & Co )

Flat-fronted doors tin deficiency character, particularly successful modern homes with small architectural intricacy. However, a elemental decorative exertion with overgarment tin marque them instantly much interesting. The cardinal to occurrence volition beryllium consistency crossed an full story, and keeping the door's plan arsenic pared-back arsenic possible.

28. Design bespoke cornicing for a unsocial look

Yellow chamber  with headboard and cornicing

(Image credit: Studio Spiteri)

'We precocious designed a bespoke bobbin cornice for our childrens' bedrooms and it conscionable adds a beauteous furniture of detailing to the decor, similar a trim connected a curtain oregon a sassy belt connected an outfit,' says Sarah Spiteri, Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director.

Room by Studio Spiteri.

29. Paint doors a bold, contrasting color

pink chamber  with painted French doors and curtains looking retired  into garden

(Image credit: Gunter & Co )

This country by interior plan bureau Gunter & Co is each brushed pinks and blues, which is wherefore the imposition of a achromatic overgarment connected the French doors is truthful effective. 

'I emotion the clever usage of opposition successful this space,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Deputy Editor (digital). 'It makes what mightiness beryllium traditionally considered a predominantly feminine abstraction consciousness overmuch much sex neutral. This aside, the restraint shown successful lone introducing achromatic successful a constricted country is precise elegant.'

30. Use a 'putty' colour set to make a grounded feel

Bedroom successful  neutrals and pink

(Image credit: Future/Kitesgrove)

'I emotion the premix of texture, specified arsenic bamboo and rattan, signifier and colour successful this country and the mode the antique palette connected the partition pulls the tones unneurotic and injects an eclectic touch,' says H&G's Houses Editor Vivienne Ayers.  

‘The location was built successful 1850, astir the clip of London’s Great Exhibition, with its accent connected taste and decorative richness,’ says Caitlin Nicol of Kitesgrove. ‘We took our cue from that, sourcing furnishings and fabrics that present a planetary flavour, on with a consciousness of comfortableness and warmth.’

31. Use wallpaper borders to make an constituent of surprise

Wallpaper borderline  astir   door

(Image credit: Susie Atkinson)

'An affordable and speedy interior update is adding a colorful wallpaper borderline astir a window, doorway oregon furnishings to assistance bring caller beingness into a space,' says Jo Bailey, Homes & Gardens' Deputy Editor (Print), who is simply a instrumentality of this abstraction by Susie Atkinson. 

'Borders person been utilized for galore years to elevate the simplest of rooms, adding item and delight successful an casual affordable way. They are little of a committedness than wallpapering the full country but inactive bring colour and involvement to walls adding an accent to opposition oregon compliment a room. The possibilities with them are endless,' says Susie. 

'I thin to usage them astir skirting boards and doorways for a much classical consciousness oregon to make panels for walls, nether the tread of a staircase and adjacent applied to furniture for something more modern oregon dimensional.' 

32. Install wood panelling for a blase feel

Home bureau   wood   panelled

(Image credit: Future/Dunning & Everard)

'Stephanie Dunning of Dunning & Everard wasn't acrophobic to make a modern consciousness successful a play location with this modern study, and the applicable yet sleek and astute retention portion works peculiarly good here,' says House Editor Vivienne Ayers. 

'The contemporary-style bespoke retention was specifically designed with shelves and drawers ample capable to store enactment equipment, and was chosen due to the fact that it was wholly antithetic to the cloth of the building. Bespoke joinery is simply a implicit crippled changer erstwhile truly good done,' says Stephanie.

33. Learn however to benignant bookshelves

Bookshelf ideas for surviving  rooms with painted shelving

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovati)

'My favourite location decor thought is color-coordinating books connected my bookshelf and unfastened shelving,' says Homes & Gardens' News Editor Megan Slack. 'I emotion bookshelf ideas that play with the colors of publication spines, allowing you to design a location library that makes a connection successful immoderate benignant of country – whether you’re moving with a ample bureau unit, a bespoke built-in, oregon a elemental open-shelf successful your bedroom. These colors are subtle capable to adhd conscionable the close magnitude of colour to a minimalist space. However, astatine the aforesaid time, they are vibrant capable to request attraction if you’re experimenting with a much maximalist aesthetic.

'They bring a consciousness of individuality and idiosyncratic benignant to spaces of each sizes – and each benignant of strategy – and it’s my favourite mode to marque a country consciousness similar location instantly.'

34. Take exuberant plan into bathrooms

Blue bath  with tile mural, bluish  flooring, yellowish  accents, duplicate  descend  successful  achromatic  and metal

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

'Bring a consciousness of grandeur to your bath with a scenic connection wall,' says Emma Thomas, Homes & Gardens' decorating editor. 'This wallpaper sheet by Pierre Frey echoes the accepted Portuguese azulejo tilework recovered successful the palaces of Sintra, Lisbon and Porto.'

35. Never neglect a pulverization room

Plant signifier   wallpaper, pick  and achromatic  skink shelves

(Image credit: VSP Interiors )

Beautiful powder country partition decor is the easiest mode to marque these tiny spaces consciousness loved and curated. Ensure airy fittings and artwork are chosen to complement the intricacy of the wallcovering, and take them with the aforesaid oculus for item arsenic successful a surviving room. 

36. Make staircases much than conscionable thoroughfares

gallery partition  supra  staircase successful  room  with woody  table

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

'My favourite location decor thought is simply a staircase assemblage wall,' says H&G Content Editor Rachel Crow. 'Staircases are truthful often overlooked, neglected and near bare – often they are ample expanses of partition begging to beryllium accessorized. Gallery partition ideas tin elevate your staircase to an country wherever radical privation to intermission and admire. 

'You tin interruption the rules erstwhile displaying creation and images connected a staircase gallery, too. Use the earthy incline to your vantage to play with standard and bent pictures of differing shapes and sizes successfully. 

'Try theming your staircase assemblage wall, specified arsenic featuring achromatic and achromatic photography successful sleek achromatic frames. Or take a assortment of artworks and imagery.'

'Create an eclectic show by mixing and matching antithetic frames,' advises Henriette Von Stockhausen, laminitis of VSP Interiors.

37. Create a show of artefacts against a melodramatic backdrop

mustard yellowish  painted hallway with console array  with partition  creation  and vases

(Image credit: Future PLC / Tom Leighton)

If you person a postulation of favourite pieces, gathering them unneurotic tin marque for an impactful location decor ideas. You lone person to look astatine Gwyneth Paltrow's china show to spot however effectual it tin be. 

Key to creating a show is uncovering the close backdrop, and the much melodramatic the color, the much palmy the effect. We emotion the usage of the bold yellowish above.

'Sometimes you request a deeper aureate colour with much clout arsenic immoderate yellows tin beryllium excessively grey, excessively level oregon conscionable excessively primary,' says Edward Bulmer, interior decorator and founder, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. 'Earthy baccy shades volition enactment successful immoderate country you privation to consciousness lukewarm and intriguing; it is simply a superior color, elegant and sophisticated, which creates a fabulous backdrop to artwork and antiques, and works successful a assortment of spaces.'

38. Decorate a beforehand doorway with a wreath

spring structure  with easter wreath

(Image credit: Future)

There is simply a wreath for each season, but hanging 1 connected your doorway does much than conscionable awesome a alteration successful the weather, it shows conscionable however loved and curated your location is, and is simply a committedness of what's beyond the beforehand door. Plus, of course, it's 1 of the easiest location decor ideas you tin indulge in.

39. Set the cleanable country with outdoor lighting

Pool with sunloungers and hosue

(Image credit: Designer: The Fox Group Photographer: Lindsay Salazar)

Bringing interior plan tricks into your backyard is simply a location decor must, with gorgeous outdoor lighting ideas a large mode to decorate a garden, and to widen its usage into the evening. 

'This full setup by The Fox Group is simply a dream, but I particularly emotion the mode the bistro lights are strung implicit the pool, truthful the h2o reflects them astatine night,' says Homes & Gardens' Executive Editor Kaitlin Madden.

40. Decorate an outdoor abstraction similar 1 indoors

Outdoor eating  area

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Outdoor surviving country ideas and outdoor eating ideas should beryllium nary objection to location decor rules, and portion you mightiness not present each facet of interior plan to your exterior, determination are a fig of elements that tin enactment truly successfully. 

One is the colour of your boundaries, whether walls oregon fences: overgarment these a acheronian colour and they volition visually recede, portion providing a beauteous backdrop for planting. And, of course, there's nary crushed not to adorn walls with beautifully styled shelves, too.

What are the easiest location decor ideas?

The easiest location decor ideas are each astir paint. Using adventurous, subtle oregon bold paint ideas to prime retired accent colors, to necktie open-plan spaces unneurotic and adjacent to make a colour thread from 1 country to different is simply a elemental method for boosting your location decor.