Homes England reveals 17 upcoming contract opportunities

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Homes England has published details of 17 abstracted operation projects that volition soon beryllium unfastened for bids.

The lodging group’s pipeline, which is worthy £364.5m, covers thousands of caller homes and a fig of schoolhouse buildings that are to beryllium built crossed England.

Included successful the program is simply a £22.5m model to statesman a immense lodging improvement task successful Ifield, West Sussex. The authorities held public-engagement events successful January 2020 astir the plan, which promises to physique 10,000 homes implicit the adjacent 30 years.

The £22.5m model covers the archetypal signifier of that program with the improvement of 3,250 affordable homes connected a play people and surrounding areas adjacent Horsham. Procurement for that task is acceptable to commencement successful September 2023, with a declaration expected successful January 2024.

Some 6,800 homes are besides planned for the plot colony of Wynyard, adjacent Hartlepool, successful a £45m declaration for which Homes England has been consulting with Hartlepool Borough Council to grow a lodging crippled archetypal developed connected successful the 1990s. Procurement is acceptable to commencement successful April 2023, with a two-year declaration expected successful August of that year. The improvement would marque Wynyard Garden Village the largest caller colony successful the North East, according to the council.

Details of a caller schoolhouse planned for West Sussex person besides emerged via the procurement pipeline. The operation of a superior and peculiar needs school, which volition beryllium known arsenic Burgess Hill School, would outgo £10m, with procurement expected successful June this twelvemonth and a declaration pursuing successful September. Around 18 months volition beryllium needed to physique the school, which volition beryllium for children aged betwixt 4 and 16. The task makes up portion of a bumper development. The plan, dubbed Northern Arc, volition besides see the gathering of 3,500 homes – 30 per cent of which volition beryllium classed arsenic affordable – and 3 neighbourhood centres. That program got the go-ahead from Mid Sussex District Council successful October 2019.

The improvement plans were each referenced successful Homes England's strategic plan for 2018-23, which committed to "respond[ing] to the semipermanent lodging challenges facing this country".

Also included successful the strategical program was a pledge to summation the usage of modern methods of operation successful lodging developments successful England, arsenic good arsenic a absorption connected build-to-rent homes.

The procurement pipeline is accessible here.