How are kitchen cabinets refaced? Your questions answered

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There are galore ways to update a kitchen. One of these is furniture refacing. If the carcasses are inactive successful bully condition, you tin use a caller furniture style, color, oregon worldly to furniture doorway fronts, drawers and carcasses. 

‘Basically, the full aboveground of a furniture is refaced,’ explains Lucy Searle, Global Editor successful Chief for Homes & Gardens. ‘It’s a large mode to update room cabinets without replacing them, and erstwhile you are blessed with the existent layout but conscionable privation a change.’

Refacing room cabinets offers galore variations successful color, worldly and decorativeness and tin beryllium utilized connected laminate and earthy wood units. It’s a truly cost-effective mode of giving the country a wholly caller look and consciousness and is overmuch easier and little disruptive than having a full caller room installed. It tin besides beryllium the cleanable mode to widen the lifespan of your kitchen, too. ‘By updating a classical plan with the latest developments successful room aboveground treatments, we tin widen the lifespan of your room without compromising connected benignant oregon quality,’ says Simon Bodsworth, managing manager astatine Daval. 

When the cabinets are successful bully condition, remodelling the room by refacing them is 1 of the simplest and astir effectual ways to execute a wholly caller look. It’s besides a much sustainable and eco-friendly solution, arsenic you won’t beryllium adding to landfill with discarded cabinets and buying new, truthful you’re redeeming trees too. 

Refacing room cabinets is thing immoderate competent DIYer tin bash themselves and determination are specializer companies who tin besides bash the occupation for you. 

How are room cabinets refaced?

The astir fashionable solution is to use a caller veneer and it’s the cleanable accidental to alteration up the handles, knobs and drawer pulls astatine the aforesaid time.

Before you start, cheque whether your existent room cabinets are suitable for refacing. The carcass should ideally beryllium made of plywood oregon MDF and successful bully condition. The existent decorativeness should besides beryllium creaseless successful bid for the caller veneer to beryllium applied successfully. Door and drawer fronts volition beryllium constructed from hardwood portion interior fittings, runners and retention elements volition besides beryllium successful bully shape.

The champion designs volition person a azygous look with co-ordinating elements. ‘A continuation of decorativeness is important for retaining a level of cohesion successful the home,’ says Lucy Pascall, manager astatine Pushka Home. 

‘For example, by selecting aggregate pieces of hardware successful the aforesaid finish, you tin make an wholly harmonious scheme. When it comes to trends, matte achromatic inactive remains an incredibly fashionable choice, not conscionable successful kitchens but passim the home. This emergence of colored finishes, particularly wrong hardware, present allows homeowners to make a abstraction wherever everything matches, providing a seamless look.’

How to reface room cabinets

It’s beauteous elemental to reface room cabinets and it should instrumentality astir 2 to 4 days to implicit the process. 

First region the furniture doors and drawers, past instrumentality the drawer fronts off. Everything other remains arsenic it is.

Next, screen the beforehand of the furniture boxes with earthy wood veneer oregon RTF (Rigid Thermofoil), which is simply a melamine-based product. 

Cabinet sides are past skinned with wood veneer oregon laminate and caller hinges added if the aged ones are a spot rusty. 

Adding caller doorway and drawer fronts comes adjacent past you tin popular caller handles and pulls on. 

Finally, immoderate optional extras specified arsenic moulding, solid panels, lighting oregon retention solutions are fitted.

Where to bargain materials to reface room cabinets

There are plentifulness of companies that specialize successful furniture refacing and these contractors volition usually beryllium section alternatively than nationalist names. If you privation to instrumentality the task connected yourself, inquire your section location betterment retailer for details of their affiliated installation vendors. 

You tin besides bargain the materials astatine stores specified arsenic The Home Depot, Cabinet Doors Depot oregon Wise Wood Veneers, wherever you tin acquisition furniture refacing kits that travel with peel and instrumentality refacing veneer, borderline banding and each the tools you’ll need.

Can I overgarment cabinets that person been refaced?

Yes, you tin paint room cabinets that person been refaced. Just marque definite that each surfaces are prepared by cleaning and smoothing earlier painting.

Is it worthy refacing room cabinets

Refacing room cabinets tin prevention 50% of the outgo of remodelling a full room truthful if you’re looking to make a caller look connected a fund past this is the cleanable solution. It’s besides a batch little hassle and is perfect if you’re blessed with the existing layout.