How I blur the boundaries between indoors and out

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'I deliberation outpouring is perchance my favourite clip of year. Once the clocks person gone guardant and the days go longer, determination is specified a feeling of anticipation and optimism – aft the chill of wintertime – seeing the blossom connected the trees and the caller greenish leaves is an implicit tonic,' says Tricia.

'It’s besides the cleanable clip to code your outdoor abstraction – nevertheless tiny – and deliberation astir however you tin blur the boundaries betwixt indoor and outdoor with interior design arsenic summertime beckons. As soon arsenic it is lukewarm enough, I emotion to devour outdoors and creating a abstraction successful the plot oregon terrace is simply a must.'


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'Create an outdoor abstraction with hanging banners, and outdoor rugs, similar those astatine Designers Guild (above). Using specializer outdoor approved fabrics that are h2o and mould-resistant, you tin make an outdoor country precise simply.

'Adding outdoor cushions, similar ours astatine Designers Guild (below) and throws makes the abstraction much inviting  so erstwhile the upwind is fine, I formal these spaces truthful they are ever acceptable for an impromptu  gathering oregon conscionable a cupful of coffee. Mix up the textures conscionable arsenic you would successful your location for a much layered look.'


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'Painting a partition that leads to the plot successful the aforesaid colour arsenic its wrong counterpart is simply a large mode of blurring the boundaries betwixt successful and out. It leads the eye and creates flow. This instrumentality besides works with your prime of flooring.'


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'Eating extracurricular ever seems to beryllium an lawsuit – something to observe – adjacent erstwhile it isn’t a peculiar juncture astatine all. Adding due tablelinen, similar ours astatine Designers Guild (below) and mounting the array helps to convey this celebratory feeling. In the evening I besides usage tons of our candles, adjacent for a elemental meal.'

Picnic plate

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