How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

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The mode we usage our homes is changing, and making the astir retired of our gardens is precocious up connected our projects to tackle this year. 

One of the ways successful which you tin alteration your outdoor abstraction is to ramp up your barbecuing abilities by creating a caller alfresco kitchen, inspired by indoor kitchen ideas. But really, however overmuch does an outdoor room cost?

A woody  outdoor room  with pergola, array  and seat  seating and an outdoor pizza oven, to reply  the question   however  overmuch  does an outdoor room  cost.

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Good readying is cardinal to ensuring you don't autumn foul of immoderate overspends. Knowing precisely what you necessitate and mounting a realistic fund to execute it volition guarantee you tin make your cleanable space, without having to woody with spiralling costs on the way.

'There person been immense developments successful the plan and durability of outdoor kitchens successful caller years,' says Simon Hawkins, managing manager of The Outdoor Kitchen Collective. 

'There are outdoor room ideas to suit each style, location and budget. These kitchens are not lone stylish, but they besides marque all-year-round extracurricular eating a existent possibility,' helium adds.

So whether you're hoping to physique a imperishable pizza oven successful a country of your patio, incorporating a fewer amusive garden barroom ideas into your space, oregon going the full hog and installing a barbecue, descend and refrigerator combo successful your backyard, we've outlined the essentials you'll request to assistance you marque your imagination outdoor room a reality.

How overmuch does an outdoor room cost?

'Outdoor kitchens should beryllium viewed arsenic an hold of your location and style,' explains Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective – truthful marque definite they blend seamlessly with your existing garden ideas.

'You request them to beryllium robust and capable to withstand changeless use, extracurricular temperatures and upwind conditions each twelvemonth round, yet they besides request to beryllium beauteous and heighten your extracurricular space,' he explains.

Outdoor room  outgo  successful  a achromatic  decked strategy  with agelong  achromatic  woody  countertops and grey  plot  furniture.

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So, how overmuch does a caller room cost? As with each projects, the terms of an outdoor room volition alteration depending connected the size and spec of your chosen kitchen, materials and appliances. It besides depends connected however elaborate your program is.

Are you readying connected installing immoderate worktop abstraction beside a imperishable barbecue, oregon are you creating a full caller prime outdoor room for year-round cooking implicit with built-in outdoor eating ideas? Your determination volition marque a sizeable quality to the complexity (and therefore, cost) of the project.

'If you privation a existent outdoor room with worktop space, retention and possibly a mates of appliances, you volition look to walk a minimum of $5,500 (£4,000), portion a much premium scope could outgo betwixt $20,000 (£15,000) and $34,000 (£25,000),' advises Ross Worrod from Grillo.

'There are radical that walk up to $68,000 (£50,000) connected a afloat bespoke outdoor kitchen. However, bully designers volition archer you that you are simply paying for marque names astatine that terms point. It's precise questionable arsenic to whether you are getting much worth for wealth supra the $34,000 (£25,000) mark', adds Ross.

A achromatic  outdoor room  with pizza oven, achromatic  crockery, yellowish  accents and a woody  trellis backing.

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Furthermore, erstwhile you plan an outdoor kitchen's installation, the abstraction wherever your room is going to beryllium whitethorn necessitate immoderate prep enactment first, and this - depending connected however overmuch oregon however small needs to beryllium done - tin impact the budget, too. 

'Outdoor kitchens necessitate a level and cleanable surface,' says Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective. 'Is determination a request to flatten the ground? Clear the space? Remove histrion stumps?  These tin adhd to clip and labour costs.'

'If your outdoor room is being installed arsenic portion of a bigger landscaping job, past it is prudent to impact your designers and/or landscapers successful the task process to guarantee a creaseless installation.'

'Share plans, timelines and drawings with your outdoor kitchen designers arsenic aboriginal arsenic possible, and link them with the different professionals successful your task team,' adds Simon.

What is simply a bully size for an outdoor kitchen?

While proportionality is an important information erstwhile choosing your outdoor kitchen, that doesn't needfully mean a ample room won't look close successful small plot ideas.

'Many of the plot designers that we enactment with person said that successful a tiny garden, if done right, a ample outdoor room tin crook the plot into an hold of the indoor surviving space,' says Ross Worrod from Grillo.

'Size truly does beryllium connected function,' agrees Rodrigo Moreno Masey, manager of Moreno Masey. 'I deliberation if outdoor cooking is portion of your life, immoderate the weather, past you marque the plot enactment harder.'

'As we find ourselves astatine location much for agelong periods, that precious outdoor abstraction needs to beryllium galore things astatine once. I deliberation it’s important to truly inquire yourself however important the outdoor room volition be, and if the reply is that it is precise important, past spell big!' helium adds.

How overmuch  does an outdoor room  cost, explained with a slate-backed plan  featuring barbecue, occurrence  pit and gangly  plants.

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Proximity to your location is important, too. When it comes to garden parties, you'll inevitably beryllium bringing items successful and retired of the location regularly, truthful the person your outdoor room is to your home, the easier this volition be. 

'The nearer the outdoor room is to the house, the much worth it volition adhd to the property,' says Ross from Grillo. 'Treat your outdoor room arsenic an hold to your surviving space, alternatively than a standalone portion that is located astatine the extremity of the garden.'

A achromatic  paved patio with pergola, outdoor fireplace and L-shaped achromatic  units illustrating outdoor room  cost.

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However, placing your outdoor room distant from your location astatine the extremity of your plot isn't ever a atrocious choice.

'With the scope of options present available, including weatherproof patio covers and pergola ideas, galore kitchens tin beryllium positioned distant from the location to marque the astir of the sun, oregon to make a abstracted portion for amusive pool enactment ideas,' says Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective.

What should I enactment successful my outdoor kitchen?

'A basal outdoor room tin commencement with conscionable 2 modules – 1 for a barbecue oregon grill and different for worksurface space,' explains Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective. 

'A implicit room acceptable up tin dwell of a scope of modules, appliances and accessories. The options truly are endless.'


First and foremost, installing a grill, barbecue oregon oven is an indispensable successful immoderate outdoor kitchen. There is simply a wide scope of barbecues to take from, powered by gas, charcoal, electrical and adjacent wood pellets.

You could adjacent incorporated outdoor fireplace ideas for toasting marshmallows, arsenic good arsenic for captious warmth aboriginal successful the night.

Pizza ovens are besides increasing successful popularity arsenic they tin beryllium utilized to navigator a assortment of dishes (not conscionable pizza), though they thin not to beryllium arsenic versatile arsenic a lidded oregon domed barbecue.

An outdoor room  with chrome fixtures and wicker armchair beside a achromatic  clapboard wall.

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As good arsenic countertop abstraction for nutrient preparation, determination are a fig of extras that you could adhd to your imagination room acceptable up. 


Whether you similar to usage it to support acold drinks to manus oregon to support nutrient chilled, a refrigerator is simply a precise invited bonus successful an outdoor kitchen, raising it from functional to fabulous. 

'It's important to enactment that you can't enactment conscionable immoderate mean appliance outdoors, similar a fridge,' warns Ross from Grillo. 'Outdoor room appliances indispensable beryllium certified for outdoor use, different they volition simply not beryllium capable to header with the fluctuations successful somesthesia and the weather.'

So portion you tin prime up a bully prime indoor under-counter drinks refrigerator for astir $400 (£300), an outdoor mentation that tin withstand the elements volition outgo successful the portion of $1,350 (£1,000), truthful origin this successful to your full outdoor room cost.


Endlessly utile erstwhile preparing immoderate food, particularly erstwhile dealing with earthy ingredients, a descend with moving h2o is an tremendous bonus successful an outdoor kitchen. Depending connected your kitchen's proximity to your home, this tin beryllium beauteous casual to instal – consult your decorator oregon plumber for much specifics.


'Even if you don’t store things successful cupboards each twelvemonth round, it is precise utile to person a support oregon cupboard disposable for erstwhile you are utilizing the room – it extends the disposable retention space,' explains Ross from Grillo. 

'So portion astir radical don’t store their champion crockery and cutlery successful their outdoor kitchen, incorporating immoderate kitchen retention ideas volition beryllium utile – particularly cupboards for things similar BBQ tongs and cooking utensils.'

What materials are champion for an outdoor kitchen?

'Modern operation methods and innovative materials mean that outdoor kitchens tin beryllium utilized each twelvemonth circular - immoderate the weather,' explains Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective.

'Materials specified arsenic concrete, stainless and corten alloy and vitreous enamel tin withstand each the elements whilst besides resisting vigor and scratches, making them a applicable and long-lasting addition.'

A achromatic  outdoor room  with achromatic  painted obstruction   and slim metallic  patio furniture.

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As good arsenic the cabinetry, tiles are an fantabulous prime for some walls and flooring successful an outdoor kitchen, and tin assistance you transportation your patio ideas done to the remainder of the space.

'When it comes to installing tiles successful an outdoor kitchen, determination are a fewer things to consider,' advises Hamish Smith, originative manager of Ca’ Pietra. 

'As this is an outdoor space, you request to beryllium picking tiles that amusement that they are suitable for an outer country – that’s due to the fact that not each tiles volition suit the colder elements similar rainfall and frost.'

'If you privation a interaction of luxury past you could look to see a marble countertop. Just origin successful a fewer things – marque definite you seal it regularly and judge that, due to the fact that it’s outside, it whitethorn amusement a small deterioration and teardrop implicit time. If you privation a debased attraction material, instrumentality a look astatine porcelain tiles,' adds Hamish.

How bash I physique an outdoor room connected a budget?

Much similar fitting a room successful your home, you tin prevention a batch of wealth by installing an outdoor 1 yourself. It evidently relies connected you having the spare clip and cognition of DIY to implicit the occupation without excessively overmuch trouble.

'Installing an outdoor room yourself tin beryllium done, but astir designers and nonrecreational landscapers volition archer you that it's champion to get the experts to bash the occupation for you,' says Ross from Grillo. 

Outdoor room  outgo  connected  a budget, illustrated by a bluish  painted obstruction   with partition  mounted shelving lodging  logs, a sink, room  crockery and colorful tiles.

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Simon from The Outdoor Kitchen Collective agrees: 'Outdoor kitchens tin beryllium arsenic elemental oregon arsenic bespoke arsenic you like, and the installation requirements volition bespeak this.'

'Some factual tables oregon tiny unfastened nest tables tin beryllium self-assembled, whereas ample alloy cabinetry with hidden drawers, cupboards, sinks and pull-out bars requires nonrecreational labour.'

A classical  airy   grey  wood   strategy  with chromatic  pavers to illustrated however  overmuch  does an outdoor room  cost.

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'It is important to see the abstraction that the outdoor room volition beryllium built connected - if this needs flattening oregon landscaping it volition necessitate clip and labour,' continues Simon.

It's besides worthy bearing successful caput that, arsenic outdoor kitchens are usually designed to beryllium modular oregon sectional, you tin take your essentials and adhd the much costly extras astatine a aboriginal day to trim your archetypal spend.

Finally, arsenic with each kitchen renovation projects some indoors and out, you should ever telephone successful the professionals for immoderate electrics oregon plumbing work.

A brick-built outdoor room  with circular  achromatic  metallic  array  and chairs.

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Do you request readying support oregon permits for an outdoor kitchen?

As an outdoor room is considered a plot enhancement alternatively than a imperishable structure, overmuch similar outdoor surviving country ideas, peculiar permits oregon readying permissions aren't required. 

That being said, immoderate gas, electrical oregon plumbing enactment needs to beryllium completed by a nonrecreational successful bid to adhere to gathering regulations.