How much does it cost to install hardwood floors?

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How overmuch does it outgo to instal hardwood floor? We inquire the experts for their terms breakdowns, and reply each your questions. 

If you're readying a location remodel, the outgo to instal hardwood floors volition beryllium a large portion of your budget. Whether you're upgrading existing hardwoods oregon you're replacing carpet oregon tile, you'll privation to recognize however your caller flooring volition impact your bottommost line.

Like astir location renovation projects, your wide costs volition beryllium connected a fig of variables. First, is the outgo of the existent flooring. This is determined by the flooring ideas you person successful mind, similar the taxon wood you choose, arsenic good arsenic the decorativeness and signifier of the flooring. 

There's besides labour and prep costs to consider. 'In summation (to the outgo of the flooring), you'll besides request to see the imaginable costs of removing aged flooring, and hauling distant discarded materials, moving furniture, oregon different prep oregon clean-up work.' says Bailey Carson, Home Care Expert astatine Angi.

Below, we excavation into each of the factors that volition interaction the outgo of hardwood floors to assistance you accurately estimation your budget.

How overmuch does it outgo to instal hardwood floors?

The 3 large contributors to your flooring fund are materials, prep work, and installation.

How overmuch does it outgo to instal hardwood floors: Materials

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Materials marque up the largest portion of a flooring budget, and see the flooring itself, positive an underlayment, and immoderate trim oregon modulation pieces.

Expect to wage anyplace from $4-$20/square ft for flooring, depending connected the benignant of wood you choose, however you decorativeness it, and immoderate specialty plan options. 

Type of wood

'The biggest origin that affects hardwood installation costs is the benignant of wood,' says Goodell David, laminitis of Woodworking Clarity. 'Popular, wide disposable woods volition outgo little than $5 per quadrate foot, portion exotic breeds tin acceptable you backmost arsenic overmuch arsenic $20 oregon more.'

According to Carson, here's however overmuch the astir communal types of wood flooring costs:

Pine: $4.50 to $10 per quadrate footMaple: $6.50 to $11 per quadrate footBamboo: $5 to $11 per quadrate footWhite ash: $9 to $13 per quadrate footHickory: $6 to $13 per quadrate footRed oak: $8 to $13 per quadrate footWhite oak: $8 to $15 per quadrate footBrazilian walnut: $11 to $20 per quadrate foot

The decorativeness of the floors

Hardwood floors that are finished with a standard, one-process stain and a fewer coats of polyurethane are the astir communal and economical option. But, it's besides imaginable to get a customized stain, oregon a multi-step decorativeness for your hardwoods if you're hoping to execute a circumstantial look. Custom, of course, costs more. 

If you're feeling up for a task and looking for a mode to prevention connected your hardwood flooring, "install unfinished wood past DIY the finishing," says David. "This could prevention hundreds oregon thousands of dollars, depending connected the size of your home.” 

When it comes clip to seal your floors, you'll person the enactment to take betwixt oil- and water-based polyurethanes. Oil-based polyurethanes are little costly and thin to past longer, but they instrumentality longer to dry, off-gas more, and person a bigger antagonistic interaction connected indoor aerial quality. Water-based polyurethanes are much expensive, but a amended prime if you're acrophobic astir VOCs oregon privation a quick-curing product. 

Specialty plan options

A non-standard width, shape, oregon signifier volition besides interaction your flooring budget. According to Carson, these are the emblematic costs for fashionable specialty hardwood options: 

Wide plank: $1.50 to $12 per quadrate footHerringbone pattern: $12 per quadrate footGenuine parquet: $20 to $45 per quadrate foot 

Overall, mid-range materials volition outgo astir $5 to $8 per sq. foot, says Richard Fung, proprietor of Forever Homes, a location builder successful the U.S. and Canada. That means, erstwhile it comes to materials only, the outgo to instal 1000 quadrate feet of hardwood floors is astir $5,000 - $8,000. 

Then, you'll request to relationship for labor. 

How overmuch does it outgo to instal hardwood floors: Prep enactment and installation

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Herringbone patterns summation the costs of hardwood level installation

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'Some of the biggest factors that impact costs of hardwood floor installation are subfloor conditions, level preparation, and customized installation oregon layout,' says Amanda Oninski, an interior decorator for FLOOR360. 'Current subfloors tin beryllium a enigma until you commencement removing the existing flooring, lone past you tin spot what benignant of costs and changes to the installation mightiness beryllium needed. A batch of times you spot subfloors with h2o damage, incorrect installations, subfloors that are nary longer recommended, and different issues that tin summation the outgo of installation.'

The outgo of subfloor repairs tin rapidly enactment a dent successful the budget. 'Subfloor repairs tin adhd $400 to $800 to the outgo of your project, portion joist repairs outgo betwixt $40 and $60 per quadrate foot,' adds Carson.

Finally, the layout of the room(s) you're remodeling volition marque a large interaction connected your budget. If your hardwoods are a kitchen flooring idea, for example, you tin expect to wage much for labor, since installers volition person to enactment astir cabinetry and islands. For a quadrate country wherever flooring volition beryllium installed successful a consecutive line, i.e. living country flooring, expect installation to beryllium little expensive. 

When accounting for some prep enactment and installation, a bully estimation for labour costs is $4-$5/square foot. 

Overall however overmuch does it outgo to instal hardwood floors

Factoring successful some labour and materials, 'you tin expect to wage astir $8 to $12 per sq. ft for installing hardwood flooring,' says Fung. 'On average, installing 1000 sq. feet of hardwood flooring volition outgo you betwixt $8,000-$12,000.'

How agelong does it instrumentality to instal hardwood floors?

Besides cost, timeline is often the portion of a flooring task that concerns homeowners most. For one, the longer the occupation takes, the much it mostly costs. Plus, installing hardwood floors requires furnishings to beryllium moved retired of the location (or to different country if the flooring instal is confined to lone a information of the home), and immoderate homeowners whitethorn adjacent find it easier to determination retired portion the task is underway.

If you're installing hardwood floors successful your full home, you tin expect the full process to instrumentality a week oregon two.

First, the flooring indispensable acclimate to your home, which requires the flooring materials to beryllium wrong your location for a fewer days earlier installation tin begin. This helps forestall warping aft the floors are installed.

Once the flooring is acceptable to install, the instal clip volition depends connected the benignant of flooring and the size of your space. Installing pre-finished floors successful a azygous country tin beryllium done successful arsenic small arsenic a day, portion installing unfinished floors passim an full location tin instrumentality a week oregon more. 

Are hardwood floors a bully investment?

Regardless of the upfront costs, installing hardwood floors successful your location is mostly considered a bully investment. Not lone is hardwood durable and versatile, it's desirable, which makes it a boon to resale value.

According to a survey of much than 1,200 radical from, erstwhile asked astir the benignant of flooring they'd take for their homes, astir fractional of respondents voted for hardwood floors. Laminate floors, the adjacent most-popular choice, got lone 17 percent of the vote.