How much does it cost to reupholster a sofa?

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There are a batch of benefits rolled into the outgo to reupholster a sofa, similar getting an updated look astatine a fraction of the outgo of a caller couch, avoiding agelong shaper pb times, and minimizing your biology interaction done reuse. If your aged sofa has bully bones and is worthy salvaging, reupholstering it tin beryllium a resourceful mode to redecorate.

If you're reasoning astir bringing an aged sofa backmost to life, work connected to larn much astir the outgo of this savvy living country sofa idea.

How overmuch does it outgo to reupholster a sofa?

While reupholstery tends to beryllium little costly than purchasing a caller point of akin quality, this living country seating idea tin inactive outgo hundreds, oregon adjacent thousands of dollars depending connected the benignant and information of your couch.

'Generally, the terms for reupholstering a sofa tin scope anyplace betwixt $600 to $5,000+, says Angelica DiSanto of Matthews Upholstery successful Park Ridge, Illinois. 'There are respective factors that tin interaction the last outgo of a sofa which see the existent signifier of the piece, the terms of fabric, and the benignant of the sofa.'

Here's a breakdown of the factors that person the biggest interaction connected the outgo to reupholster a sofa..

A surviving  country   with brownish  sofa thought  with velvet upholstery successful  a mid-century modern   room

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The outgo to reupholster a sofa: Sofa condition

Before you determine to reupholster your sofa, marque definite that it's worthy saving. 'The astir important question to get answered is does it marque consciousness to reupholster and put successful this piece,' says DiSanto. 'Make definite that you person a beardown sofa framework oregon 1 that tin beryllium reinforced.'

If your sofa isn't successful bully condition, you could beryllium successful for a messy, and expensive, job. Many times, high-quality antique pieces person the bones to warrant reupholstery, but volition request to beryllium re-stuffed oregon volition necessitate caller foam successful the cushions oregon back. Repairs to the existent sofa framework and springs are common, too. The much repairs your sofa needs, the much costly it volition beryllium to reupholster.

Signs of a sofa worthy redeeming include:

A solid, kiln-dried wood frame, particularly successful prime woods similar oak, maple, walnut, etc.Mortise & tenon joinery, oregon mortise & tenon paired with different joining methods similar staples and country blocksSinuous springs oregon Eight-way hand-tied springs. Sinuous springs are S-shaped and agelong horizontally crossed the basal of the sofa. They're not considered arsenic high-quality arsenic eight-way hand-tied springs, but they are inactive durable and utilized by galore prime manufacturers. Eight-way hand-ties springs are a motion of the highest prime sofa, and apt to beryllium recovered successful galore antique sofas, but are harder and much costly to repair. 

'Questions that you tin inquire yourself are does the sofa request caller foam, outpouring replacement, and/or framework reinforcement,' says DiSanto. If the reply is 'yes' to immoderate of the above, you tin expect your reupholster occupation to beryllium connected the higher extremity of the terms spectrum. If your sofa needs each of the above, connected the different hand, it's astir apt not the best couch for you.

The outgo to reupholster a sofa: Fabric choice

Once you've decided your sofa is worthy of caller life, you'll request to determine connected a caller cloth for it. Just similar if you were buying online for a caller sofa, you'll announcement that the cloth you prime has a large interaction connected price. The aforesaid sofa successful a coagulated colour fabric canvas volition outgo a little than leather oregon linen fabric, for example.

'Wool, linen, and silk are typically costly due to the fact that of the root of these fabrics arsenic good arsenic the required maintenance,' says Sarah Jameson, of Green Building Elements. 

When choosing the adjacent cloth for your sofa, it's important to see some the upfront outgo of the fabric, but besides its beingness value. If you spell with a little quality, less-expensive option, you whitethorn upwind up reupholstering your sofa again successful 5 oregon 10 years (or adjacent getting escaped of it). 

That's not to accidental each inexpensive fabrics are low-quality.

'High-quality fabrics tin besides beryllium recovered successful communal ones including cotton, leather, polyester, olefin, nylon, and rayon,' says Jameson. 'A extremity erstwhile choosing the close cloth is factoring successful however the cloth volition property implicit clip successful your location and if your existent surviving concern would beryllium suited for it. Some fabrics volition request much upkeep than accustomed including leather, wool, and silk.'

Another cloth item that volition up the outgo of your reupholstery is pattern. Pattern repeats request to beryllium matched precisely truthful that the signifier flows seamlessly crossed the sofa, which takes other clip and skill. Even a simply pattern, similar a stripe, tin airs challenges, since the people tin look warped connected curved surfaces if it's not arranged correctly. 

The outgo to reupholster a sofa: Style and detail

When it comes to the outgo to reupholster a sofa, not each couches are created equally. Generally speaking, the much elaborate the sofa is, the much costly it'll beryllium to reupholster.  'A elemental sofa with nary spot oregon backmost cushions volition beryllium little costly to upholster than a sofa with escaped cushions, tufting, and nail caput details,' says DiSanto.

That's due to the fact that a much elaborate sofa volition instrumentality longer to recover, and requires much attraction to detail.

Other finishing touches that'll up the outgo see welting, piping, and fringe, explains Jameson. 

Overall, DiSanto says the champion mode to estimation the outgo to reupholster a sofa is to inquire a pro, due to the fact that each occupation is truthful bespoke. 'We urge grabbing a fewer quotes oregon talking to a trusted upholstery professional.'