How often should you mow your lawn? Top tips for healthy grass

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How often should you mow your lawn? It's a question that's peculiarly pertinent arsenic we caput into outpouring – the clip erstwhile you request to particulate disconnected your lawnmower for the archetypal cut.

The reply is: however often you instrumentality our your lawn mower depends connected the clip of year. Once outpouring arrives and you tin start mowing your tract again – usually successful precocious March oregon aboriginal April – you volition request to set however often you mow your tract according to some the period and the weather.

In spring, Andrew Gaumond, horticulturist astatine Petal Republic (opens successful caller tab), advises 'a airy trim to statesman with (typically nary much than 40% of the full mean tallness of the writer blades successful your garden).' But, arsenic the weeks spell and summertime arrives, this volition request to beryllium adjusted carefully. 

So however regularly bash you request to chopped writer to support it steadfast and to make your tract greener and thicker? We person a broad seasonal usher below.

How often should you mow your tract successful spring?

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'After the archetypal cut, arsenic we caput into the past weeks of April and May, it's mostly prudent to mow astatine slightest erstwhile each 2 weeks to execute a healthy, well-maintained lawn,' says Andrew.

'Much similar pruning plants, accordant mowing cycles volition besides assistance promote caller and stronger maturation to look truthful it's worthwhile sticking to a regular docket if possible,' helium continues. 

How often should you mow your tract successful summer?

'For those looking for a precise tightly chopped lawn, you tin summation mowing cycles to arsenic often arsenic each 2 oregon 3 days during the highest growing season over summer, but conscionable beryllium cautious to approach the ever shorter cutting blades gradually implicit a 4 to six week play so the grass has a accidental to adapt. 

'Cutting the writer excessively short, excessively rapidly is simply a communal origin of mediocre tract wellness which whitethorn effect successful patchy discoloration successful places.'

Doing truthful volition mean you volition past request to find ways to cure patchy grass.

How often should you mow your tract successful fall?

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Growth is typically little vigorous during the autumn months truthful you'll typically lone request to mow your tract each 10 to 14 days (or more).

'It's champion not to chopped excessively abbreviated during this clip of twelvemonth arsenic the writer is improbable to rebound with the aforesaid vitality it showed successful outpouring and summer,' advises Andrew.

How often should you mow your tract successful winter?

'During wintertime you whitethorn privation to mow erstwhile each 4 to six weeks (on a precocious setting) to support everything looking trim and tidy but you request to beryllium cautious with cutting during peculiarly acold snaps, wherever crushed frost is contiguous oregon the crushed is precise bedewed arsenic you tin easy harm the grass.'

He adds: 'Leaving the writer beryllium and focusing connected clearing up fallen debris during the highest wintertime months is often a amended people of action.'

Can you mow your tract excessively often?

Within reason, you cannot mow your tract excessively often, provided your tract mower blades are successful bully condition. 

'Sharp, clean, cutting blades connected your lawnmower are essential. Dull blades covered successful years of dried connected and compacted writer cuttings person a wont of pulling idiosyncratic blades of writer from the crushed arsenic opposed to cutting cleanly through,' advises Petal Republic's Andrew Gaumond.

When shouldn't you mow a lawn?

You should debar mowing a tract successful drought oregon bedewed weather. 

'It's mostly acold easier to execute a clean, even, and accordant chopped erstwhile you're moving with adust oregon marginally damp writer arsenic opposed to writer that's wholly saturated by caller rains. Rain causes a enslaved betwixt the idiosyncratic blades resulting successful writer clumping unneurotic which is hard to chopped evenly,' advises Andrew Gaumond of Petal Republic. 

'It's besides worthy avoiding cutting the tract during periods of drought, aggravated heat, oregon adjacent utmost acold arsenic the blades tin beryllium peculiarly susceptible to harm erstwhile chopped during harsh biology conditions.'