How often should you water indoor plants?

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How often should you h2o indoor plants to supply the champion conditions? Not giving them capable h2o is thing you don’t privation to do, of course, but overwatering tin beryllium arsenic bad.

Different factors power however often you should h2o houseplants, but determination are immoderate wide rules that volition marque the task of caring for the best indoor plants a full batch easier. 

Our usher has what you request to cognize astir however often you should h2o indoor plants, on with circumstantial guidelines for immoderate of the astir fashionable houseplant options.

How often should you h2o indoor plants?

There’s nary azygous reply to the question however often should you h2o indoor plants. ‘Watering indoor plants is an art, conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic it is simply a science,’ explains horticulturist Charlotte Bailey of Oh So Garden. ‘How often you request to h2o your plants depends connected a fewer important factors, including the benignant of plant, the clime you’re in, arsenic good arsenic airy and somesthesia levels.’

However, that doesn’t mean you request beryllium successful the acheronian astir the task. ‘For indoor plants, the wide regularisation of thumb is to h2o them thoroughly erstwhile a week,’ says Charlotte.

This is what you request to cognize to debar implicit and underwatering air purifying indoor plants and the remainder of your choices.

How to cheque if indoor plants request watering

Taking a look tin assistance you determine whether an indoor works needs watering. ‘For astir plants, the worst happening you tin bash is overwater them,’ says Toby Schulz, CEO of, which provides proposal for indoor arsenic good arsenic outdoor plants. ‘Most of the time, a elemental ocular cheque of however acheronian the ungraded looks tin archer you whether your works needs its play watering, oregon if it tin hold different week.’

Feeling the ungraded volition besides supply the accusation you need. ‘If the apical 1 to 2in (2.5 to 5cm) of ungraded are adust to the touch, it’s clip to water,’ says Charlotte Bailey. ‘If it’s inactive moist, hold different time oregon 2 earlier checking again. If the leaves are drooping oregon turning yellow, that’s different immense telltale motion that the works is stressed and needs much water.’

Which factors power however often indoor plants request watering?

Different types of plants person antithetic requirements erstwhile it comes to watering. ‘Set yourself up for occurrence with your caller houseplant by looking up the attraction instructions,’ says Toby Schulz. ‘Some plants are rather precocious attraction erstwhile it comes to watering (peace lilies) whereas others are highly debased attraction (Zanzibar gems).’ 

But determination are different factors that volition power however often you should h2o indoor plants, including the soil, the light, and somesthesia and humidity.

‘If your plants are bedded successful a well-draining premix that incorporate elements specified arsenic perlite oregon pumice, you’ll request to cheque your soil’s moisture levels much often than if your plants are housed successful a plain, but denser, all-purpose compost,’ explains Charlotte Bailey. ‘As the sanction suggests, well-draining mixes thin to speedy drying soil.’

The conditions are each important. ‘Is your works successful a agleam determination with precocious temperatures?’ asks Charlotte. ‘Thanks to higher levels of transpiration, it volition request watering much often than a works placed successful a low-light location.’

How often should you h2o antithetic types of indoor plants?

Whether you’re reasoning of investing successful the best wintertime location plants, pet-friendly location plants, oregon person different criteria, it’s ever important to recognize the circumstantial requirements of the plant. These are immoderate favourite indoor plants and their needs.


Because they are 1 of the astir drought-resistant plants, caring for succulents means watering little often than with galore different types of plant, possibly each 10 days oregon fortnightly.

Peace lilies

Peace lily care involves waiting until the apical inch oregon truthful of ungraded is adust oregon erstwhile their leaves commencement to visibly droop earlier watering – a play watering mightiness beryllium right.


Wait until the ungraded has dried retired to h2o to follow bully pothos works care habits. Check weekly.


If you’re a newbie to orchid care, beryllium alert that these are often overwatered. If grown successful bark they should beryllium watered erstwhile a week astatine most, and Phalaenopsis grown successful sphagnum moss request h2o little frequently.

What is the champion mode to h2o indoor plants?

The champion mode to h2o indoor plants is to h2o the ungraded and not the leaves, and to h2o evenly. 

‘It’s important to debar splashing the leaves,’ says Tiffany Payne of Orangeries UK. ‘Make definite the nozzle of your spraying tin is pointing astatine the ungraded and not the leaves.’

And h2o evenly, she advises, watering astir the cookware alternatively than conscionable connected 1 side.

How galore times a time should you h2o your indoor plants?

Watering of indoor plants should beryllium thought of connected much of a play docket than a regular one. However, that isn’t the lawsuit for each benignant of works truthful ever get acquainted with the circumstantial requirements of the works you have.

Rather than deliberation strictly of a timetable, cheque the ungraded of the works and fto that beryllium your usher successful conjunction with your cognition of what the works prefers.