How to aerate a lawn – for healthy vigorous grass

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To support it healthy, it’s worthy knowing however to aerate a lawn. Aerating helps air, h2o and nutrients scope the roots of the writer truthful they turn good and the tract is beardown and healthy.

The tract is simply a large diagnostic of galore backyard landscaping ideas and aerating, on with mowing, watering and fertilizing, tin each beryllium required to support it thriving and looking its best.

We’ve enactment unneurotic the details connected erstwhile you request to aerate here, and which tools are required, and asked the experts for their proposal connected however to aerate a lawn, too.

How to aerate a lawn

Aerating a tract involves making tiny holes successful the ungraded which fto air, h2o and nutrients scope the roots. But wherefore bash you request to bash it?

‘Over time, arsenic you usage your lawn, the ungraded gets compacted,’ explains Carlos Real, tract attraction adept and managing manager of TotalLawn. ‘This occurs chiefly owed to ft postulation and is accelerated by children and animals moving astir connected it. This is not a occupation truthful agelong arsenic you periodically aerate the lawn. If you take not to bash this job, past what happens implicit clip is that the ungraded becomes truthful compact that oxygen can't scope beneath the aboveground to the bacteria and fungi that trust connected it to support your tract healthy.’

How to aerate a tract manually

You tin aerate a tract manually utilizing a fork. Spike the tract profoundly with the fork astatine intervals of astir 12in (30cm), and past determination it backwards and forwards to enlarge the holes. 

This is simply a method that’s suitable for tiny areas, but it’s truly amended to usage a purpose-made tool. ‘Manual options see rollers with spikes on, and adjacent a contraption that attaches to your shoes and “spikes” the tract arsenic you walk,’ says Carlos. ‘This is simply a bully enactment arsenic you tin termination 2 birds with 1 chromatic by wearing them erstwhile you are mowing the lawn.’

If you’re buying a manual aerator, look for a halfway oregon plug version, which really region plugs of writer and ungraded from the tract arsenic 1 of these is much effectual than a spike design.

How to aerate a tract with a machine 

Make easier enactment of aerating a tract by utilizing a instrumentality to transportation retired the task. ‘Hire a powered aerator that tin bash hollow-tine aeration,’ says Carlos. ‘Hollow-tine aeration is simply a process which removes tiny cores from the soil, opening up immoderate abstraction successful the ungraded for oxygen to get down beneath the surface.’

If you person a ample property, you mightiness privation to put successful tow plug aerator to usage with a plot tractor. 

How to aerate a tract successfully

It’s captious that the ungraded is moist capable earlier you being the process of aeration. Either  aerate it the time aft it’s rained oregon h2o the tract the time earlier if nary rainfall is forecast. If the tract becomes precise bedewed done rainfall, however, hold a fewer days earlier aerating.

You volition request to marque respective passes successful antithetic directions implicit compacted tract areas whether with a instrumentality oregon manually. The places that request it astir volition beryllium kids’ play areas, oregon the runs pets use.

Leave the plugs of ungraded connected the tract aft aeration – they volition interruption down if it rains oregon crumble adjacent clip you mow the lawn.

When to aerate a lawn

‘Most radical volition aerate aft doing the yearly dethatching job, arsenic they some should beryllium done successful the outpouring oregon fall,’ says Carlos. ‘Just retrieve to springiness the tract a bully provender and watering aft you’ve done these jobs due to the fact that you volition person enactment your tract nether superior stress.’

For lawns with lukewarm play grasses, however, aerate successful precocious outpouring oregon the precise archetypal portion of the summer. 

 ‘A harmless wide regularisation for clip of aeration is to aerate lone erstwhile the desirable grasses are increasing vigorously,’ says John C Harper, II, agronomist astatine PennState Extension.

Worried astir damaging the lawn? In times of progressive growth, writer recovers rapidly and fills successful the places wherever ungraded has been exposed by the aeration process.

Can I usage a pitchfork to aerate my lawn?

You could usage a pitchfork to aerate a lawn, but it’s not the optimum mode to bash the job. It tin amended an area, but experts pass that spiking tin marque compaction worse. ‘Spikers really summation ungraded compaction arsenic the question of the ungraded to each sides by the penetration of the coagulated tine forces the ungraded into a denser mass,’ says John C Harper, II, agronomist astatine PennState Extension.

Is aeration bully for your lawn?

Aeration is bully for a lawn, and a task that you mightiness privation to undertake erstwhile a year. The crushed aeration makes a tract healthier is that compacted ungraded prevents h2o and nutrients reaching the roots of the grass, arsenic good arsenic air. The occupation mightiness amusement up erstwhile the tract is nether accent successful blistery upwind oregon periods of debased rainfall, erstwhile it loses its verdant color, thins and adjacent dies.

Once the compaction is alleviated air, h2o and nutrients tin get to the roots and thicker and healthier writer should beryllium the result.