How to build a raised garden bed – materials to use and planting ideas

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It is worthy the effort learning however to physique a raised plot furniture arsenic they connection endless possibilities for increasing crops and flowers, and they are truthful casual to see successful your backyard.

Whether you privation to turn your ain effect and veg, make much planting spaces for flowers, oregon amended your soil, raised plot beds are the perfect solution, and determination are galore raised plot furniture ideas you could incorporated into your plot plans.

How to physique a raised plot bed 

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Timber beds are straightforward to physique connected a DIY ground utilizing scaffolding boards. To bash so, travel this step-by-step:

1. Prepare the soil

First, excavation implicit the ungraded to level the aboveground and wide retired weeds and debris. 'In the main, raised beds are constructed connected existing ground, truthful the recently introduced ungraded sits connected apical of the existing allowing for bully drainage and little ungraded compaction. Bury immoderate removed turf profoundly wrong the caller furniture which volition enrich the ungraded arsenic it decays,' explains Claudia de Yong.

2. Stake retired the corners

You tin bash this with woody posts; these should beryllium astir 2x2 inches. If you privation to adhd netting to support crops, past marque the posts taller than the planks’ width.

3. Position the boards

Position the scaffolding boards successful place, and furniture the edges astir an inch into the ground, earlier screwing oregon nailing them to the planks.

4. Fill the raised beds with soil

Fill with a ungraded premix tailored to what you privation to grow. A bully wide premix is 2 thirds’ multi-purpose compost to 1 3rd plot ungraded oregon John Innes. Enrich this with immoderate integrated matter, specified arsenic well-rotted manure oregon homemade compost. The summation of crisp soil volition assistance drainage.

5. Keep raised beds low-maintenance

Consider utilizing no excavation gardening methods successful your raised plot beds to assistance support weeds astatine bay and enrich the wellness of the soil.

Choosing the determination for a raised bed

The archetypal happening to see erstwhile deciding however to physique a raised plot furniture is to take the close site. 

Many fruits and vegetables volition payment from a sunny spot, truthful raised plot beds tin beryllium added to your vegetable plot ideas.

'The presumption of a raised furniture is important arsenic having vulnerability to the prima helps to lukewarm the ungraded much quickly, which successful crook helps plants to germinate and extends the increasing season,' explains awarding-winning plot decorator Claudia de Yong. 

'In addition, the vantage of raised beds means you tin present a antithetic ungraded benignant to your plot wrong them, truthful you tin turn plants specified arsenic blueberries, which request ericaceous compost. It besides means if you person ‘problem soil’, specified dense clay, you tin amend the ungraded to supply amended increasing conditions for your plants,' Claudia adds. 

You tin adhd to your flower furniture ideas by creating increasing spaces with the perfect conditions for peculiar varieties of flowers.

Consider entree to your h2o proviso and drainage – avoiding low, waterlogged areas. Don’t presumption a raised furniture close adjacent to a partition oregon fence, arsenic it volition structure the plants from rain.

If you're considering gathering a raised plot furniture connected an country of gravel oregon hardscape, specified arsenic concrete, see the drainage. Water needs to beryllium capable to travel retired of the bottommost of your raised furniture onto the factual oregon gravel, but it mightiness impede drainage. The deeper you physique your beds, the little apt this volition beryllium a problem,' explains TV gardening guru, Joe Gardener.

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What benignant of wood should beryllium utilized for raised beds?

'The bulk of raised beds are created utilizing timber, however, adjacent the toughest wood, specified arsenic oak oregon cedar, volition rot implicit clip unless treated,' explains Claudia de Yong.

All types of untreated wood volition request to beryllium replaced astatine immoderate point. 'The lifespan of your wood volition beryllium connected the benignant of wood and your environment. If you unrecorded successful an arid climate, untreated wood tin past for respective years, but lone a mates of years successful a a blistery and muggy area,' explains Joe Gardener.

For this reason, immoderate caller timber is champion treated, anterior to installation, and re-treated astatine slightest erstwhile a twelvemonth to support the rot astatine bay. 'Most timber volition slice naturally, truthful a colored preservative, stain oregon overgarment could beryllium used, if truthful desired,' Claudia adds.

It is important, peculiarly if you are funny successful sustainable plot ideas, to cheque that the wood is FSC certified and comes from a sustainable source.

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Other raised plot furniture worldly options

As an alternate to wood, determination are galore different materials that tin beryllium utilized erstwhile you're considering however to physique a raised plot bed.

Railroad ties – 'Using railway sleepers – oregon railroad ties – to physique raised plot beds is precise popular, and they tin beryllium purchased caller untreated, green, oregon “tanalised”, which makes them harmless for usage astir the garden,' explains Claudia. 'Old creosote treated railway sleepers should not beryllium considered, however, owed to the quality of the harmful chemicals used,' she adds.Hard landscaping materials – including ceramic and chromatic tin beryllium recycled for gathering a raised plot bed, conscionable beryllium definite to see drainage.Woven willow oregon hazel – 'this is simply a favourite successful the accepted oregon country garden to borderline raised beds for a much rustic look,' says Claudia.Scaffolding planks – These are heavy, heavy and you conscionable request a station astatine each country to enactment them due to the fact that of their strength. If you can’t get clasp of scaffolding planks, you tin inquire a section sawmill to chopped pieces of wood to the aforesaid proportions.Pre-made raised plot furniture kits – successful summation to gathering a raised plot furniture from scratch, determination are galore pre-made kits available, including some imperishable features and moveable, modular options successful a assortment of shapes – which tin beryllium flexible and utile for small rootlike plot ideas. These tin beryllium made from a assortment of materials, including alloy and recycled plastic, and are casual to assemble.

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Should you enactment the bottommost of a raised plot bed?

You tin enactment the bottommost of a raised plot furniture to assistance trim immoderate writer oregon weeds ‘popping’ up done the caller ungraded and taking implicit your bed.

'The usage of aged cardboard oregon landscaping cloth tin beryllium utilized to enactment the basal of the caller raised bed, with holes for drainage, and you tin besides enactment the wrong of the upstands with achromatic integrative liner to support the moist ungraded away,' explains Claudia De Yong.

'When gathering a raised furniture connected a hard surface, specified arsenic concrete, marque definite you person capable drainage holes successful the structure, and capable it with a escaped draining ungraded premix to a extent of nary little than 23 successful (60cm),' she adds.

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How heavy should a raised plot furniture be?

When you're deciding however to physique a raised plot bed, determination is nary regularisation arsenic to however heavy the furniture should be, and it volition beryllium to immoderate grade connected what you mean to turn and wherever the furniture volition beryllium positioned. 

'It is important to admit your scope without stepping onto the soil. Make definite you tin get to the middle. Don’t marque it hard for yourself stretching crossed the bed, which volition inevitably wounded your arms and back,' Claudia de Yong advises.

'Aim for making the beds astir 4 ft (1.2m) wide, which is sensible for entree from the sides. If you are gathering much than 1 raised bed, guarantee the way betwixt is wide capable to propulsion a wheelbarrow through.' 

Always instrumentality successful to information the tallness you would similar your beds built. '12-18” (30-45cm) is ideal, but gathering raised beds adjacent arsenic debased arsenic 6” (15cm) tin enactment and inactive beryllium productive,' says Joe Gardener.

If you are gathering a furniture that is shallower, past look to see crops that bash not person heavy roots, specified arsenic those that are suitable for vegetable plot containers.

'The higher the bed, the much ungraded volition beryllium utilized which volition make "heave" against the retaining wall. By adding transverse bars to support the walls from bowing whitethorn beryllium necessary,' adds Claudia.

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What to works successful a raised plot bed

You tin turn astir thing successful a raised plot bed, but definite plants volition payment much than others:

Evergreen shrubs marque striking architectural features twelvemonth circular erstwhile planted successful raised beds.

A cut angiosperm garden is perfect to turn successful raised beds, arsenic you tin works much densely. A dahlia furniture would look stunning travel precocious summer, portion sweetpeas request plentifulness of support.

Salads, such arsenic lettuce and leafy greens are perfectly suited to raised beds, arsenic they similar well-drained soil. Cut-and-come-again varieties volition besides beryllium easier to access.

Herbs planted unneurotic successful a raised furniture adjacent the room volition beryllium a utile and aromatic addition.

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Crops with agelong increasing seasons, specified arsenic onions, are bully choices for raised beds, arsenic the ungraded warms much rapidly than successful the ground, extending the increasing season.

Root vegetables enactment good arsenic they request rock-free soil. If you physique your raised beds with taller posts, you tin besides much easy nett your crops to support them from pests.

Plants with circumstantial ungraded needs are ideally suited to raised beds. For example, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries similar acidic soil, truthful you tin capable the furniture with ericaceous compost.