How to care for a butterfly bush – get the best from buddleia

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Find retired however to attraction for a butterfly bush and beryllium rewarded with a gorgeous splash of colour from precocious summertime done fall. An casual and fast-growing shrub, its nectar-rich flowers are loved by pollinators, orioles, hummingbirds and – supra each – butterflies. 

Like the best evergreen shrubs, the butterfly bush provides plentifulness of interest. It’s cleanable for adding interaction to the backmost of borders, creating privateness and disguising less-than-lovely views.

It tin supply a wide scope of precocious summertime colour successful shades varying from white, lilac, magenta and adjacent orangish and yellow, and arsenic 1 of the best fast-growing shrubs, it won’t permission you waiting excessively long, either.

It's worthy knowing, however, that the butterfly bush is connected our database of invasive plants.

How to attraction for a butterfly bush 

A flowering shrub, the blooms of a butterfly bush scope successful signifier from melodramatic spires (known arsenic panicles) to intriguing spheres and are each made up of masses of tiny blooms. There’s adjacent a saltation of foliage colour from metallic grey to heavy green. 

Recent years person seen galore caller decorative hybrids coming connected to the market, successful each shapes and sizes. From the gangly and stately shapes specified arsenic Buddleia davidii, to the arcing and graceful Buddleia lindleyana and Buddleia alternifolia there’s present a amazingly wide enactment for gardeners to take from. There are adjacent dwarf varieties available, perfect for planting successful pots and arsenic debased hedging. 

‘You tin expect to bargain buddleias astatine immoderate clip of twelvemonth from plot centers and nurseries,’ accidental the squad astatine the RHS. ‘Occasionally you'll besides find smaller potted plants available – they conscionable instrumentality a twelvemonth other to turn and angiosperm good successful the garden.’

Learn however to attraction for a butterfly bush with our guide.

Where and erstwhile to works a butterfly bush

It’s important to cognize how to works shrubs, and the butterfly bush tin past successful US HDSA zones 5 and above. A deciduous to semi-evergreen perennial, it volition angiosperm from precocious June done to fall. Preferring neutral and well-draining soil, it loves a sunny position. 

The tallness and dispersed of varieties alteration from miniature plants specified arsenic ‘Buzz’ and ‘Flutterby’, conscionable 2 to 3ft (60 to 90cm) tall, going up to Buddleia davidii that reaches a stately 8 to 9ft (243 to 274cm). So beryllium definite to take the close works for your yard.

Do beryllium warned though, these fast-growing plants bash look connected the invasive taxon database successful immoderate areas and tin easy instrumentality implicit areas of wasteland and obstruction track. They person adjacent been known to turn done brickwork and asphalt, if wholly neglected. 

Although beauteous hardy and self-sufficient, buddleia bash person a comparatively anemic structure, truthful payment from a sheltered spot. Avoid precise windy and exposed sites arsenic this tin pb to breached branches and weakened roots.

How to prune a butterfly bush

Depending connected the benignant you have, you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not request to cognize how to prune buddleia. Species buddleia doesn’t request to beryllium chopped backmost unless you privation to signifier it oregon trim it successful size. 

Some of the newer and smaller varieties volition payment though, arsenic the squad astatine Plant Delights Nursery suggest. ‘Large buddleia hybrids volition payment from yearly pruning arsenic they are weak-wooded and thin to divided with age,’ they say. ‘Many of the commonly grown Buddleia davidii hybrids turn excessively ample for the fig of roots they produce. If they are not pruned annually, they volition sometimes stroke implicit successful the wind. Also, astir of the Buddleia davidii cultivars angiosperm connected caller wood and truthful tin beryllium chopped hard successful precocious wintertime to stimulate flowering. We mostly chopped them backmost to 1 to 2in (2.5 to 5cm) tall, but galore tin beryllium chopped to the crushed and volition retrieve fine.’ 

If you are going to trim backmost this ornamental shrub, the champion clip to prune is spring, earlier the caller maturation starts. Always debar cutting backmost successful autumn oregon wintertime arsenic this tin pb to accent and galore less blooms the pursuing year. Cut retired immoderate dormant wood, too, and it’s besides worthy taking retired immoderate thin, spindly stems oregon crossing branches arsenic these tin trim the plant’s maturation and look untidy.

How to support a butterfly bush looking good

‘Buddleia usually bloom continuously passim precocious summertime and fall, stopping lone with the archetypal frost,’ accidental the squad astatine Longfield Gardens. ‘Removing spent flowers volition support the works looking neat and promote further blossoms. To deadhead, chopped the stem backmost to the archetypal acceptable of leaves, respective inches beneath the flower.’

Can you turn a butterfly bush successful a pot?

You tin turn a butterfly bush successful a cookware and caring for a butterfly bush successful a instrumentality is straightforward if you travel a fewer guidelines. These fast-growing plants request plentifulness of abstraction for their roots to spread, truthful opt for the largest cookware you tin accommodate. Make definite the planter besides has plentifulness of drainage holes to debar waterlogged soil, which tin pb to basal rot.   

Choosing a dwarf assortment for a cookware is simply a large idea. Growing up to 2 to 3 ft (60 to 90cm), they marque a stunning patio feature, peculiarly erstwhile their fountain benignant branches are laden with blooms. Popular names to look for see ‘Flutterby petite’, ‘Minature’ and ‘Buzz’.

Fill the instrumentality with a lightweight commercialized compost, earlier planting and use a slow-release fertilizer successful outpouring oregon a liquid provender betwixt April and September. 

Container-grown plants volition request watering regularly, particularly during blistery weather. They volition besides request other extortion during frosty spells to forestall the roots from dying off. Wrapping the cookware with horticultural fleece oregon bubble wrapper is simply a large solution.

Are butterfly bushes prone to pests and diseases?

Generally pugnacious and casual to attraction for, butterfly bushes thin to enactment beardown and steadfast if good looked after. Spider mites tin beryllium a problem, but they are usually lone attracted to stressed plants. Keep buddleia well-watered and occasionally provender with a liquid fertilizer to combat this. 

Avoid chemic sprays arsenic these tin impact the butterflies and insects that you are trying to attract.